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WordPress 1.5 Ampersand Escaping Bug

Priyadi found a bug in WordPress 1.5: ampersands in blogroll URLs don’t get properly escaped. Thus, blogrolls that contains a URL with an ampersand in it don’t validate. He’s got the fix if not validating keeps you up at night.

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WordPress Plugin: FOAF Output

FOAF Output creates a personal profile page with friends (XFN) and interests, FOAF RDF/XML profile, and extended RSS (1.0) output.


1. A FOAF profile document
2. Extended author profile page
3. Enhanced RSS feed with author, topic, spatial and link information
4. List of friends based on supplied XFN information, optionally with trust ratings for the Trust and Reputation project
5. List of interests based on post category descriptions
6. Automatic auto-discovery on pages with posts by a single author

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WordPress Theme: NoLimits

From Weblog Tools Collection:

WPThemes.Info has released their latest theme called NoLimits for WordPress 1.5. As with all of Sadish’s themes it’s clean and great to look at.

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WordPress Theme: Persian

Persian is the open source version of the former layout
of Chris J. Davis’s blog, Sillyness Spelled Wrong Intentionally. It is an attractive, easily customizable open source layout, or theme for WordPress 1.2 or 1.5.

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False Referrer Spamming

I’ve received quite a few comments from visitors who came to Blogging Pro from the WordPress Dashboard and received a message that they were spamming. I’m sorry about that. I’m using Referrer Karma to control referral spammers but apparently it’s not quite ready for prime time. I have disabled it until I can get it worked out.

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WordPress Theme: MinimaPlus

Here’s a new WordPress 1.5 theme called MinimaPlus by Thought.Mechanics. This theme contains:

1. Nice titles by Stuart Langridge, Peter Janes, Dunstan Orchard and Ethan Marcotte (with a small modification to make the CSS WC3 compliant).
2. An implementation of Matt’s Asides for WordPress 1.5.

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WordPress Plugin: DoFollow

Finally, a plugin to turn off the NoFollow attribute in WordPress 1.5.

DoFollow is a plugin for WordPress that disables the automatic rel=”nofollow” attributes added to external links. Optionally you can also set a comment age limit for adding the attributes.

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WordPress Plugin: IP to Country

WordPress IP to Country Plugin is adapted from IP-to-Nation plugin for WordPress. The only difference is that IP to Country plugin uses the IP to Country database instead of IP to Nation database which seems to be a little more accurate.

This plugin determines your visitor’s Country from his IP address.

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WordPress Plugin: Deep Thoughts Daily

From MacFeeling:

This plugin displays one Deep Thought with Jack Handy from SNL on your WordPress blog a day.

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Advanced Search for WordPress 1.5

From Weblog Tools Collection comes Contextual Search now as a plugin and has the following features.

  • Text based “fuzzy” searches within WordPress
  • A nice Google like interface which is very customizeable
  • Search results with decreasing relevance to search topic
  • Trap for words which are less than four letters long, the search then gets routed through the default WP search
  • “Next results” button which shows the next 10 (or less) results in relevance

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