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WordPress Theme: Elvgren 1.0

Here’s a good looking theme for WordPress 1.5 called Elvgren by Secret Weapon Labs.

It features a random image rotator script that changes the masthead image on the upper left. If there’s enough interest, future plans include PHP code factoring and breaking the theme down to even more components such as a 404 page, a special page made for single posts, and special comment handling.

Elvgren template for 1.5

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The Tagged Web And Using Technorati

If you’re still not sure how to use [[Technorati]] or would like to learn more there is a tutorial, including screen shots over at betterdays. Technorati is the authority on what’s going on in the world of weblogs and is a real-time search engine that keeps track of what is going on in the blogosphere – the world of weblogs.

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SpamKarma and WP Performance

If you have used Spam Karma in the past but are not using it any longer Weblog Tools Collection has some tips for increasing WordPress performance after deleting Spam Karma.

I used Spam Karma since it first came out and was really pleased with the results but after reading Tom Raftery’s article on preventing comment spam using WP 1.5, htaccess and Referrer Karma, I dropped Spam Karma. I’m happy to say that I have gone almost a week with no comment or trackback spam. Admittedly, this technique is not for those that are uncomfortable with htaccess but all false positives are gone.

We’ll see how it goes.

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WordPress Theme: Notebook has a new theme available for download called Notebook.

Notebook Theme

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WordPress Theme: Orange Sky

Here’s the Orange Sky theme for version 1.5 of WordPress.

Orange Shy template

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WordPress Plugin: Picasa Gallery

WP Picasa Gallery is a small WordPress plugin that allows you to include a gallery that has been exported from Picasa 2 using the [[XML]] template and uploaded to your site, in any post. You can add as many galleries to each post as you like, with as much text in front of, between, or after them as you like. You can also style the thumbnail images.

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WordPress Plugin: RHODP

RHODP is a WordPress plugin that dynamically provides live [[Open Directory]] data from in a remotely hosted fashion based on JODPIE Bar.

RHODP is based on filtering WordPress action wp_meta. It provides a partial and modified presentation of Open Directory Project data using an on the fly randomizer. Links are displayed using thumbshots provided by

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WordPress Theme Browser

Check out Alex King’s WordPress Theme Browser. A very cool and easy way to view the different themes that have been entered into his theme contest, which by the way is coming to a rapid conclusion.

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How To Avoid Blog Burnout

Blog Brandz talks about how to avoid blog burnout and mentions that Robert Scoble has stopped his daily frenzy of posting to his linkblog which was taking anywhere from three to eights hours a day. I think for most bloggers, burnout is not an issue but for some, burnout can hit pretty rapidly.

I average about four to six posts a day by spending 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening researching resources to blog about. During these 60 minutes I find the material for the posts and spread them out by future dating them. If I find quite a few resources I will even future date into the next day and take that day off, but still publishing content to keep the traffic flowing.

As with everything, blogging should be done in moderation. :)

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WordPress Plugin: Miniblog

Miniblog for WordPress 1.5 is a plugin that manages Asides or lists that a blogger wants to manage in their sidebar or on a WordPress Page from within the admin panel.

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