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WordPress Plugin: Spread Firefox

Spread Firefox allows you to promote Firefox and Thunderbird with the least amount of trouble. You can choose between different types of promotional methods and select the one best suited for your needs. Currently there’s support for:

  • Banners – This mode displays random banner ads that you select. Design a banner campaign that gets your message across.
  • Popups – Similar to the banners but now displayed in an annoying popup.
  • Internet Explorer Alert bar – Similar to the one used in Firefox when a popup is blocked. Show a subtle message at the top of each page.
  • Download counter – Displays a custom message with the official Firefox download counter.

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WordPress Hack amd Tutorial: Creating A Dynamic Sticky

Have you ever needed to have certain articles stay at the top of your blog longer than others? Sometimes the good stuff you write gets bogged down and indistinguishable from the other stuff. This WordPress hack and tutorial shows you how to focus your front page to feature the good stuff, but not loose all the other stuff too.

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WordPress Plugin: Content Negotiator

Content Negotiator is a plugin for WordPress that changes the MIME type the page is sent as. WordPress sends all pages as text/html. This plugin serves xhtml as application/xhtml+xml to browsers that can handle that type.

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WordPress Plugin: Top 10 Posts/Views

Weblog Tools Collection has a Top 10 Posts/Views plugin available. This plugin will show your top 10 most popular posts along with counting each view for each post. There are many options in how to use this plugin.

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WordPress Plugin: Batch Categories

The Batch Categories plugin adds an extra screen which allows listing of all posts belonging to a given category. The posts listed can then be added to another category or removed from a category. Very useful when cleaning up categories or importing from another blogging tool.

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WordPress Plugin: Search and Replace

This plugin allows you to search all your posts and replace text. It uses [[SQL]] UPDATE command so it is fast but not very flexible.

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Dissection Of A WordPress Theme: Part 2

Here’s part 2 of a Dissection of a WordPress Theme.

Web design is a notoriously tricky subject. Often we give up any thoughts of innovation when the process of realizing them is such hard work. Part two of this WordPress dissection continues to try and explain the basic workings of the software, how this relates to the layout, and how anyone can personalize their blog.

The focus will be on finalizing the basic layout from part one, and then finishing the header and footer sections. Both of these are important as they stylistically define a blog and act as visual focal points – do it well and people will want to read your blog, do it badly and they may not even bother.

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WordPress Plugin: Flash Filter Plus and AsySound

Flash Filter Plus and AsySound is a small plugin that makes it easy to insert single MP3 files directly into your posts via a little Flash player. Just activate the plugin and put the URL of the MP3 file inside of brackets in your post.

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WordPress Plugin: External Link Icons

External Link Icons uses javascript to alter all external links to include the wikipedia external link icon.

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WordPress Plugin: CA-Weton

CA-Weton will display the [[Javanese]] Weton day for a specific date. You can use it for current date, post date, and custom date.

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