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WordPress 1.5 Header Replacement For Default Kubrick Theme

Lots and lots and lots of header replacements for the default Kubrick theme.

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WordPress Plugin: Filters Manager

Stewart’s Filters Manager allows you to turn on and off filter calls made by WordPress plugins on an individual basis without editing plugin or source code. Activating this plugin will add a “Filters” option to your Options menu. (Was formerly WP Filters Manager.) Requires WP 1.5.1+

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WordPress Plugin: Trackping Separator

Trackping Separator is a plugin for counting trackbacks and pingbacks separately, like MT and other blogs. It provides functions for your template to use to show counts, and list out all of pingbacks/trackbacks in the article page.

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WordPress Plugin: Intouch

Intouch is a plugin for WordPress which allows you to insert a custom build contact form, which on submission will send the information via email.


  1. Customizable contact form with variable number of fields.
  2. Ability to specify mandatory fields.
  3. Can forwarded to any email address.
  4. Instant insertion using the Quicktag.
  5. Complete customization from admin panel.
  6. Instant submission using AJAX (for JavaScript supported browsers), and minimum overhead.
  7. Fall-back to standard HTML form submission, if JavaScript is not supported.
  8. Conforms to XHTML 1.0 Strict / XHTML 1.1
  9. Compatible to be served as application/xhtml xml

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WordPress Plugin: Mymime

This is a plugin which allows you to serve your WordPress content in different content types with fall-back option for backward compatibility. You can specify the MIME content-type, the character-set and XML declaration as you prefer.

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WordPress Plugin: JÄÅ Preview

JÄÅ Preview allows you to see a preview of your post exactly as it will look like on your page (with all formating etc.) before you publish it.

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WordPress Plugin: AdRotator

AdRotator is an ad rotating solution for your ads including AdSense. The plugin displays an advertisement (which is randomly selected from a group of advertisements specified in a text file) at your chosen location. Tested only on WordPress 1.5.

Found via Weblog Tools Collection

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WordPress Plugin: Popularity Contest

Popularity Contest is a WordPress plugin that uses page views and feedback (comments, trackbacks, etc.) to determine how popular each of your posts are (in relation to each other). The values given to each type of view and feedback are configurable1 and popularity for all posts is recalculated whenever they are changed.

There are optional template tags that can be used to show sidebar lists of popular posts.

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WordPress Plugin: Petry Dish

Petry Dish Plugin adds a shoutbox to your WordPress page. Features include:

  • Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • Icons for users who enter a URL, no icon for users who do not
  • Hovering names/user icons will display a tooltip with date and time
  • iFramed so when a new message is sent, the whole page doesn’t reload
  • Compatible with almost every browser
  • Easy to customize via stylesheet
  • iFrame settings are done via editing plugin file
  • Info stored via flat files

This plugin is still in alpha stage.

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WordPress Plugin: Blank Target Comments

Blank Target Comments converts link references in comments. It adds to links posted by comment authors and to the comment author (comment by:) link. This plugin also removes rel=”nofollow” in the comment authors link.

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