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Blogs Growing Into The Ultimate Focus Group

U.S. Cellular wants to implement a new calling plan directed towards college-age consumers. Instead of creating focus groups or surveys, they’re reading blogs.

We find Web logs are a very rich source [of market intelligence], because people don’t just go to talk about a recent movie, they go to talk about their lives

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WordPress Plugin: Link Truncator

This is exactly what I needed for Blogging Pro. Long links in my sidebar comments section causes overflow problems. Hopefully Link Truncator will do the job. Link Truncator will truncate long links in comments that would normally break the site’s layout to a user-specified number of characters.

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WordPress Plugin: – Bookmark this!

With – Bookmark this! WordPress plugin you can add a “Bookmark this page on” link to your posts or sidebar. This will allow your visitors to add your page directly into their profile.

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WordPress Plugin: Notify Authors

Notify Authors is a WordPress plugin will send email notifications to all blog authors when posts are published or updated. A notification will not be sent to the author of the published post.

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WordPress Plugin: wpLicense

wpLicense is a plugin for WordPress which allows users to select a Creative Commons license for their blog and content. In addition to the administration interface, wpLicense provides three template functions which may be used to insert the license information into templates.

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Blogging Pro For Sale

I have another project that will soon be taking up most of my time and unfortunately I will not be able to continue managing Blogging Pro. I’ve had a lot of fun and have met a lot of people from around the world while reporting on blogging resources.

If you’re interested in purchasing Blogging Pro please use the contact form linked under Resources and include your bid, a brief history of your blogging experience, a list of the current websites you operate, and a summary of what you would do with Blogging Pro.

Highest bidder will not necessarily win the bid to purchase Blogging Pro. I will also consider the prospective owners intentions and experience with blogging and WordPress.

The following is pertinent information to help prospective owners with determining their bids. Information is current as of June 15, 2005.

Founded: May 2004 by John Hesch
Alexa Traffic Rank for 26,552

Web Site Traffic:

Jun 2005 Unique Daily – 4532
May 2005 Unique Daily – 4164 Unique Monthly – 129091
Apr 2005 Unique Daily – 4530 Unique Monthly – 135919
Mar 2005 Unique Daily – 4500 Unique Monthly – 139529
Feb 2005 No data
Jan 2005 Unique Daily – 1744 Unique Monthly – 54071
Dec 2004 Unique Daily – 1344 Unique Monthly – 41671
Nov 2004 Unique Daily – 1079 Unique Monthly – 32374
Oct 2004 Unique Daily – 936 Unique Monthly – 29040
Sep 2004 Unique Daily – 850 Unique Monthly – 25522
Aug 2004 Unique Daily – 697 Unique Monthly – 21616
Jul 2004 Unique Daily – 676 Unique Monthly – 20958

The above came from the servers Webalizer stats.

The drop in unique daily visitors in May was due to the loss of my Internet connection for seven days during the reporting period.

Blogging Pro posts are listed in the Dashboard of every standard WordPress installation. I cannot guarantee that Blogging Pro will continue to be included.

FeedBurner reports that there are 665 RSS feed subscribers to Blogging Pro. Peak circulation for the past seven days was 679.

Blogging Pro has a Google PageRank of 6 and is listed in the top 10 Google search results for the following keywords:

wordpress themes
wordpress theme
wordpress 1.5 theme
wordpress 1.5 template

and 13th for the term blogging.

Adsense Revenue:

June 2005 – $5.22/day | Projected $156.60/month
May 2005 – $3.45/day | $103.50/month
April 2005 – $3.38/day | $101.50/month

Other advertising revenue:

June 2005 – $50.00
May 2005 – $50.00
April 2005 – $0.00

The minimum bid accepted is $2,000 US.

I am willing to continue hosting the site on my dedicated server for $10/month.

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WordPress Plugin: CJD Notepad

CJD Notepad allows you to create, edit and delete notes, you can also create drafts from your notes. Notes can hold any information that you are collecting to use in a post later, instead of creating a draft or private post for these snippets you can now just create a note.

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WordPress Plugin: Blogshares Stuff

Display your Blogshares balance with the WordPress 1.5 Blogshares Stuff plugin.

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WordPress Plugin: Unavailable

Unavailable allows you to make your blog temporarily unavailable to your users with a custom message. Your site will still be accessible by administrators.

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WordPress Plugin: wbExam

wbExam allows you to add test, exams and quizzes to your site.

Features include:

  • multiple question types
  • any number of questions
  • any number of possible answers

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