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WordPress Plugin: Transform

A new plugin called Transform has been released. Straight from the author’s blog:

This plugin is arguably the lamest, least useful, most idiotic, extremely demented, and coolest plugin there is. You’ll either scratch your head and say “What the…”, or smile and say “That’s awesome…”. The Transform plugin is a filter that is used to transform your posts into hexadecimal, octal, decimal, binary, the wicked memory dump form, or using an external application (i.e. jive, swedish chef, h@x0r, etc).

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WordPress Plugin: bStat

bStat Beta 3 has been released. It looks like this WordPress plugin keeps track of how many views each page on your blog gets and creates a graph based on the amount of views. It even has a blacklist system as well as a system to block by IP address.

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New Design?

I don’t want to start changing everything that John has worked so hard to create here or anything, but I thought I’d get a feel for whether people would like to see a new design here. If you would, I’ll try and get a very purdy one made. On top of that, I’ll make it available as a public theme. Anyway, so what does everyone think? New look or stick with this one?

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WordPress Plugin: iPodCatter

iPodCatter is a new WordPress plugin that will help WP users that are podcasting to create a valid feed for iTunes podcast directory. For everybody that is obsessed with podcasting this is a neat little plugin.

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WordPress Impressions

I just wanted to write a quick post about how impressed I am with WordPress. It’s been a while since I’ve used it. Since I last used it, it’s either gotten a lot easier to use, or I just wasn’t aware of the full capabilities. Three things in particular stood out to me. First of all, the installation. I had to go in, change some database information and a file name, visit one of the files in my browser, and then voila! It was installed. Next, I had to import the theme. I thought this would’ve been a little more complicated than uploading the theme files and then selecting it in the WP administration. The theme gets automatically recognized, and then I have to click ‘Select’… cool is that. Same thing for plugins. Upload, activate and done.

Anyway, I’ll be spending the next few days getting very familiar with the software. Probably the best thing about my new obsession with this software is that reporting on it is going to be a lot more fun now that I actually am a true fan. Great software Matt!

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Good Bye Readers

The domain name transfer should be effective anytime and so this will be my last post on Blogging Pro for awhile. Jacob Gower purchased Blogging Pro from me and he’ll take over tomorrow. There may be some bumps in the road as we get all of the files and the database transferred over so hang in there over the next few days.

Jacob invited me to guest blog on Blogging Pro and so I may drop in from time to time if I find something really cool for WordPress that he didn’t catch.

My personal blog is located at and my feed is located here if you’re interested. I blog mostly about my radio station, Google, Mozilla, and cool stuff I find on the Internet. Not much brain food but an occasional gem appears.

See you around.

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WordPress Plugin: Page Restriction

Page Restriction adds an Administration panel under the Options section, entitled Page Restriction. There you can pick and choose whatever pages you want restricted to logged-in users.

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WordPress Theme: Summer Sun

Summer Sun is a WordPress 1.5 theme featuring a centered page with 680px width, tabbed navigation, XHTML 1.0 Strict Doctype, pixel icons for article lists, skiplinks for accessible page navigation, and styled comments and form elements.

Summer Sun theme for WordPress 1.5

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WordPress Plugin: Another Random Quote

Another Random Quote allows you to store the quotes in the database, and adds a separate option page in the administration panel so you can manage the quotes and modify the default output.

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WordPress Plugin: Get Random Links from Link Manager

Get Random Links from Link Manager is a WordPress 1.5 plugin which provides a function to pull any number of links you like at random from the Link Manager database.

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