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WordPress Plugin: eMiniMalls in Post has a plugin that allows you to put Chikita eMiniMalls right in your blog posts, easily.

The plugin is very straightforward. Put it in your wp-content/plugins directory, then go to your Plugins configuration page and click Activate. Once you activate the plugin, you will see a new button on your Quicktags toolbar. The new button is eMiniMall. Click it to insert the eMiniMall tag.

Don’t forget you can use eMiniMalls and Google Adsense, as long as the eMiniMalls are not contextual.

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Bloglines Adds Hotkeys

I went into today, and saw they had added hotkeys for my browsing enjoyment.

I was able to continually click “s” to move to my next subscription and go through my feeds without moving my mouse off the slider to move down and up.

It saved me a pretty good amount of time.

Incase you are wondering, the hotkets are as follows:

  • j – next article
  • k – previous article
  • s – next sub
  • f – next folder
  • A – read all
  • r – refresh left pane

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WordPress Theme: 80.1

A simple grey theme coming at you today from

“80.1″ is my first release of a WordPress theme. It is based heavily on a theme I did for CarInsider.Net, but it is a little more generic and should work right off the bat. Feel free to download the theme and use it how you wish, though I wouldn’t mind a link back to this site.

Check it out

Thanks to actionBERG for pointing it out.

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WordPress Plugin: Adsense Earnings RSS Feed

Okay, this is a little different. And it just hit me that it probably does not really even have to be merged with WordPress, but it is still an interesting plugin.

This is a rather simple script that will create an RSS feed with your daily Adsense earnings, making it easy to track them via your regular feed reader.

And at the bottom of the post, don’t forget to read the disclaimer:

Adsense Terms of Use regarding disclosure of your earnings vary from time to time. As of today, you cannot publicly reveal your daily income, Click Through Ratios and eCPM. If anyone else ever discovers and reads your feed, it will be your fault. Not mine :)

From French Frag Factory.

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WordPress Plugin: widgEditor

David Gonz has released the widgEditor for WordPress. It is a WYSIWYG editor that holds a lot of promise.

I am still holding out for the 1.6 editor to see what it can do, but for now, this looks like it could be a favorite.

Note: He even uses it for comments. That’s pretty cool.

Thanks again to ch0de for the link.

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WordPress Plugin: WPBayes

I don’t know if I can call this a pure plugin because you have to modify core files to get it to work, but it still seems like a great idea.

From Priyadi comes his WPBayes plugin for comment spam.

As the name implies, this plugin implements spam filtering using Naive Bayesian classifier. This plugin will automatically classify new comments as legitimate or spam based on past decision done by you.

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WordPress Theme: Autumn Themes Released

Themes are a big part of what makes WordPress so great, and to mark the change of seasons two version of a nice autumn theme have been released. Autumn, is a one column theme with a brown and orange base. Autumn II is a two column, more traditional theme. Both of them are really great additions to the WordPress theme list.

Great themes thanks to geeksmakemehot. Thanks for making them and releasing them.

found thanks to ch0de.

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Fine Fools Community

A case study by the Scrivs of 9rules fame, comes the Fine Fools Community. An amazing series of content or topic specific blogs that have been quickly growing due to a great team of writers.

In in short amount of time, the blogs have grown quickly, and many people have taken notice.

In two weeks the sites have gone from almost unknown on Technorati, to pretty well ranked in comparison to many sites on the listing service.

Two Weeks Ago:
I Like Cameras – Rank 775,745 (0 links from 0 sites)
It’s Useless – Rank 775,745 (1 link from 1 site)

October 10th:
I Like Cameras: 72,535 (45 links from 27 sites)
It’s Useless: 151,2459 (27 link from 13 sites)

Again this is by no means close to perfect, but it does provide us with a picture of how well the sites are growing, if they are growing at all.

The main interest of these blogs for writers was that they provide 100% of the revenue on the writers own posts. This means that Paul Scrivens only earns revenue on the advertisements on the main area of the site.

It looks like the format is working out well for him. The sites are very innovative and interesting. Check them out through the community page at

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WordPress Plugin: WP-Flickr

A WP-Flickr plugin is out, as far as I know there are others and it is still a zero point release, but it looks like it has some real promise.

Once the plug-in is installed, if you were to write blue you would get a photostream with images that have “blue” in it.

Check it out the current release at

link from ch0de

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WordPress Theme: weeds

If you have some money, you can pick up a really nice WordPress ready theme that would be great for fall from Digery Studios.

Between client projects, I was able to complete this theme. After some perfecting, it will be available for purchase. I love browns and fall is upon us here, so I felt this theme coming. The wallpaper is from a photo I took one afternoon while driving around in the country. There are red accents with the links and headers to break up the dryness of the brown.

The weeds theme looks great, but to have it for your blog, you will be looking at shelling out $50.

thanks again to ch0de for the great links lately.

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