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WordPress Plugin: tinyMCE 2.0.1

tinyMCE has been updated to version 2.0.1 final, which means it is mature enough for most people looking for a new text editor plugin for WordPress.

TinyMCE ( Tiny Moxiecode Content Editor) is a wonderful platform independent web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor. In this September, Joe Schmoe has released a WYSIWYG plugin for wordpress based on TinyMCE, but it seems too simple compared with the original TinyMCE, and can’t work with comment text areas. So I decided to transplant the newest TinyMCE directly to wordpress plugin. After some tense hours,I suceeded do it.

Read more about it at

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WordPress Theme: Tiga

Very similar in structure to Gila, the theme currently used here, Tiga is a 3 column theme with more subdued tones.

Tiga is a simple three column theme that I did as a learning exercise in order to understand the WordPress theme system.

Check it out at

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WordPress Plugin: WordPress Version Check

This should be a core feature, not a plugin, but alas, here it is.

The aim of the plugin is to help people keep up to date with new wordpress version releases.

The plugin takes a simple approach to get the users attention. Once activated it checks an XML-RPC webservice for update news displaying a message at the top of every page in the wordpress admin user-interface. It will check for an update to the message every 15 mins with an additional check being kicked off if the installed wordpress version changes so as to give instant feedback on upgrades.

Grab it from Peter Westwood’s Site:

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WordPress Theme: Eclectic v1.2

Eclectic has been updated and in the update 5 color schemes have been added making it easier to impliment for people, or to make it more under the control of the user that comes to your site.

I have released version 1.2 of the Eclectic theme. Major changes include 5 color schemes (stylesheets) and the implementation of a dynamic stylesheet switcher.

For those who prefer not to use this feature I have also included simple instructions on how to convert any one of the stylesheets into the main stylesheet and remove the switcher.

In addition I have added blank header graphics for each scheme and upgraded the FAlbum plugin to 0.5.6, which should fix issues regarding Flickr’s new URL structure.

Check it out at

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WordPress Plugins Explained With Screenshots

For the most part, WordPress plugins are pretty much transfer it where it is supposed to go and activate it, but a visual guide for WordPress plugins might be useful for the extreme novice, and especially for the more involved plugins.

Someone on the WordPress Support forums asked if there was such a repository, which basically means either he is thinking of creating one, or is interested in someone else creating one, so it looks like the market might be there for someone willing to put a wordpress plugin tutorial site together, especially now that the 2.0 Beta is out.

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WordPress Themes: WordPress Christmas

Over at, there are already 5 Holiday themes up, and that list seems to be still growing as there has been some pretty high demand for some Holiday themes as the season nears.

My favourite thus far is the WordPress Christmas #1 as it has Superman with a Santa hat and suit on.

So check them out over at:

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WordPress Themes: Sleek Theme 2.5

You might have seen it around as it was an entry in the theme competition a while back, but it has been updated and is looking pretty good.

I’ve developed this very sleek theme for WordPress with help from Jeston Tigchon and Amy Malzahn. Your feedback is appreciated.

This theme has been tested in Mozilla Firefox 1.5, Apple Safari 2.0.1 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0. If you find rendering problems or can confirm other browsers, please post a comment!

Check out this black and red theme at

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WordPress Plugin: Spoiler Tags

Ever want to hide things, but you know people are too lazy to click on read more or put in a password? Well you can hide things by making the text and the background the same color, and use a mouse hover code to make it change when someone puts their mouse over the content, and that is exactly what has been created in plugin form.

This plugin gives the readers a chance not to accidentally read any spoiler information until they are prepared to do so. The tag is only legible once the user mouse’s over the content. It would be most useful for author’s who write movie reviews and would like to guard their reader’s from sensitive information such as plot twists or endings. Moreover, the colors are easily customizable using CSS.

How It Works

Once the plugin has been uploaded and activated, in any post or page, you simply can encapsulate your text with your text here. Neat, huh?

Head over to for information, examples and of course to download it.

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WordPress Plugin: Google Analytics Plugin

Semiologic is well known for his contributions to WordPress in the form of some great plugins. I have read a few people on the WordPress support forums having problems with getting Google’s Analytics to track their blog, and so a second later, a plugin was made.

The Google analytics plugin lets you easily add Google analytics to your blog.

It will be useful to anyone who is looking for a decent stats tool for his blog.

Grab it over at Semiologic’s site.

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WordPress Plugin: WeatherIcon with WP-Dash Widget

Looks like weather is the thing of the day, as WeatherIcon gets updated to version 2.3.1, and with WP-Dash, you can have the weather in your admin rather than on your website.

WeatherIcon is a WordPress plugin that will display the current weather for a specified location.

  • An icon like the one to the right that changes to match the weather and for daylight / nighttime
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind
  • Dew Point
  • Visibility
  • Clouds
  • Barometer
  • Wind Chill
  • Heat Index
  • Sunrise
  • Sunset

Check out for more info.

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