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WordPress Theme: Soft White

A very nice two column theme from

Soft White is a sweet white theme for WordPress blogging system.Though it can be very well used as a corporate theme too.

Features & Notes:

  • Has and technorati (cosmos) tags after posts.
  • Use class=”articleimg” tag for images to appear on right , and class=”articleimgleft” tag for images to appear on left.
  • For Top Navigation bar links, edit navlinks.php

Check it out at

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WordPress Plugin: AIM Online Status Indicator

Recently updated to version 1.1, AIM Online Status Indicator is ready for the world.

If you blog, have an AIM account and want all your blog readers (Blog-sta-teers?) to know when you are available for chatting, this is the plugin you’ve been waiting for. Pop over to the project page and get your copy today. There’s no better way to signal to total strangers that you are willing to have your day interrupted.

Grab it from its project page at Cal Evans . com

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WordPress Plugin: Battlefield 2 Stats

My cousin is a big fan of Battlefield 2, and will probably end up using this plugin.

This plugin creates a function which outputs your Battlefield 2 profile statistics. The data is fetched via a XML feed from It’s intended for your sidebar, but can also be used on a WordPress page.

It’s fully configurable via an options page in the WordPress admin area and only requires that you add the plugin’s output function to your theme’s sidebar to get it working.

Grab it at

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WordPress Theme: K2 Reloaded

One of the best things about WordPress is how open everything is to change. It makes WordPress able to become things that it was not originally intended, and allows splits off the original project. K2 is not even out in its final form yet, and already people are changing things, and that is where K2 Reloaded comes in.

K2 is a WordPress modification—an advanced template—created by myself and Chris J Davis, created as an improved Kubrick of sorts. Some of the features in K2 Reloaded include:

  • Easy header image uploader
  • Sidebarless design.
  • Main Menu tweaks.
  • Livesearch bar in the header.
  • ALERT icon within the class.
  • A crap load of cool icons.
  • Easily customizable width. Default 640px
  • Easily spotted Author’s comments
  • Social Bookmark
  • Flickritis

Head on over to Eric Taylor’s Site to grab it.

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WordPress Theme: Thin Green Line

A new theme has been created from an open source web design, Thin Green Line, has been released from Negative99 (I was going to work on this one, so he beat me to it, good stuff). It is a very nice two column theme, with an interesting top navigation that uses a blinking animated gif.

This is a clean, snappy theme that is a conversion of the public domain template by the same name designed by the folks at SixShooterMedia. I really liked the style and class of this template so I converted it just for fun. I hope that whoever this falls on will like it.

Grab it at Negative99.

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WordPress Plugin: hide/show

Vaam Yob has created a plugin where users can see different things based on if they are looking at the exerpt or full view of a post, and even mentions that logged in users can see different things as well.

Check out the plugin on his site:

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WordPress Theme: Sweet Blossoms 1.0

A two column theme, that is thin, and wildly colored coming from Corey over at A very girly theme in pink and purple and whatnot, but professionaly designed.

A small note though, since it is not available anywhere else as of yet, you have to register on the forum to download it, but I was able to do it easily, and once you see the theme, you’ll probably want to as well. They are also looking at releasing more themes in the next little while, and seem willing to support the themes as they release them.

Head on over to to grab Sweet Blossoms 1.0.

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WordPress Plugin: Lightstats

A really neat new plugin just came out, and I am about to go try it on my personal site. It is called Lightstats and it shows information in images, which for me makes it easier to understand and compare things.

This plugin generates a few bar and pie graph images showing statistics about posts, comments and categories.

Compatibility with PHP 4 / PHP 5 and WordPress 2. No external dependency, need only PHP compiled with GD and FreeType.

Check it out at Laitsas Site

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WordPress Tip: 9rules style links page

Kristin Pishdadi created a cool tutorial on how to make your links page look like the 9rules communities page.

It looks like an easy to follow set of instructions, and she includes files on how to make it happen, and seems to be willing to help support those that attempt it.

So check it out, and see her end result.

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WordPress Theme: SoftRed

A two column theme, based around my favourite colour: Red. A little bit strong on the eyes, as it does not use the red sparringly, but it is still a really nice theme.

SoftRed 1.0, 2 Column Theme for wordpress blogging system. Tested on Firefox, IE, Opera, Camino, Safari.

Again, this one is from

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