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WordPress Theme: Industrial

Industrial WordPress ThemeOver at Jeriko One, two themes were released, and the first one I am going to mention is Industrial, a two column, graphically simple theme that was not going to be released, but after doing some work on it, he decided to release it to the WordPress world to be worked on.

Industrial is a theme I’ve put together in about two days, mainly to get some routine in WordPress theming. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to fix all errors or add new functionality. But, before it goes to /dev/null, I thought that some of you might like the looks of it and use it as a base or something like this.

So if you are looking for a project, maybe getting Industrial to 100% would be a good way to get into WordPress theming.

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WordPress Theme: Striped

Striped WordPress ThemeStriped is a one column theme that uses AJAX to show pages and categories at the top of the page in a slider, while putting everything else at the bottom. This allows content to be key. I find the design a little busy, but still very interesting.

The theme is XHTML 1.1 valid and is released under GPL.

Check out striped at the

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WordPress Theme: Dapit Hapon

Dapit Hapon WordPress ThemeHe highlights Dapit Hapon as a truly Filipino theme in that it is classy and romantic, and I must admit, the two column theme in its dark colors and nice header and footer graphics looks really good.

In the Readme.txt file that comes with the theme:

And just in case you’re wondering… “Dapit Hapon” is actually the Filipino term for “sunset.” So yeah, this theme was inspired by none other than the beautiful Philippine sunset. You should see our Manila Bay at this time, such a breath-taking scene.

Check out Dapit Hapon at The Filipino Web Designer.

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WordPress Theme: Durable

Durable WordPress ThemeSome AJAX’y goodness and some personal theme control with Durable.

Durable puts site users in control of page colors, allowing them to create their own personal themes for the site. Each element of the page is editable in real time; the user can select the colors for backgrounds, text and links.

Administrators of the site can go a little further. Their color choices can either be saved as a personal theme, or saved as the site’s new theme so that all users will see their color selections.

Find out more details, as well as trying out the demo, and of course downloading the theme at CssDev.

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WordPress Plugin: Subscribers-Only 1.01

A new WordPress plugins to make sure you have control over your posts. Feel like telling only your site members or other admins something, use the the Subscribers-Only plugin.

No template modifications are required. You define which roles are allowed to read subscriber-only posts.

In order to read posts marked for subscribers-only a person much register at your site and login.

When a post is marked as “subscriber-only” and your home page displays excerpts then the excerpt will be shown along with an optional “Subscribers-only” banner that you define. When a reader clicks on the link to go to the individual post page they must be logged in to read the post. If a person is not logged in then they will be presented a link to login or register.

If your home page doesn’t display excerpts then no post body content will be displayed for a post marked as “subscribers-only”. Instead the reader will see a link to login or register.

Head on over to to grab it today.

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WordPress Shuttle Project

For the past year the Shuttle team has been working on the beautification of the WordPress administration panel, and they have finally released a quick peak at where they are heading.

As of today we’ve officially completed Wave One of the Shuttle project. I effectively took all the work we’d done so far, all the things we’d talked about and tried to come up with a cohesive solution. Just hammering page after page. I’m not really sure were it all came from, but I guess it was mainly due to the fact that we’d sat on this for so long that is was time we just dealt with it all.

Shuttle Dashboard

View more images and the full details at Broken Kode.

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WordPress Theme: Parker

Parker WordPress ThemeFrom the creator of Channing and Emerson WordPress themes comes Parker, a two column theme with an almost graphicless design.

“Parker” is the third and final flavor of my “Prophets of Religious Liberalism Theme Series.” This theme, like the other two, “Channing” and “Emerson,” is both XHTML and CSS valid. “Parker,” while a flavor derived from the original “Channing,” as is “Emerson” by the way, is usable right out of the box. There are no plugin features or requirements included with “Parker.” Simply upload this theme, activate it, and you’re ready to go!

Check it out over at Lo-Fi Tribe.

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WordPress Theme: Prozac

Prozac WordPress ThemeA two column theme from Kaushal Sheth, the 15th theme by him is another open source conversion to WordPress.

This Friday I release my 15th Theme named as Prozac. Open Source Design are great and here is yet another perfect example of it. Originally developed by pogy366 this theme is really good.

I am not really a fan of the default look of the theme, but I think it could easily be converted to other looks and for other uses. You can grab it now over at Kaushal Sheth’s Blog.

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WordPress Theme: NewZen

NewZen WordPress ThemeA simple looking theme, NewZen has a fair bit going on under the hood, as a two column theme, it might not look like much, but once you realize all the features and code running it, you might like it more than you originally thought you would.

This is another theme that I have created. It started from my idea of Kubrijax, but I started from the ground up and it includes AJAX Sidebar, and also AJAX Commenting.

Grab it at

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WordPress Theme: Emerson

Emerson WordPress ThemeFor a more grunge looking site, there is now Emerson, released by Lo-Fi Tribe.

I whipped up another WordPress theme which I have tagged with the moniker “Emerson,” named after the very familiar 19th century author, intellectual, and Unitarian minister Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson left the Unitarian ministry to pursue a full-time career in writing and speaking. I think he made a pretty good career choice, if his standing in the world of classic American literature is any indication. He also established Transcendentalism as major American religious and/or philosophical expression with the publication of an essay titled “Nature.” Emerson was an unique and artistic thinker, to say the least. This theme is an attempted reflection of that sort of approach toward life.

Grab it over at Lo-Fi Tribe.

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