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Hundreds of US Bloggers Have Wikipedia Pages

Steve Rubel has a post on Micro Persuasion that points out a list of American bloggers on Wikipedia. People like Jason Calacanis, Matt Mullenweg and Chris Pirillo are all listed, including some celebrities from radio, television and newspapers who have taken up blogging, and some unknowns that I did not recognize at all.

He points this out because of the PR advantage it could give companies.

If you’re a PR professional and you want to succeed in influencing bloggers, you really need to get to know what makes them tick as people.

Many of these write-ups include rich data that can help you create smarter PR programs and break bread with bloggers.

A very interesting thought indeed, but one I am not sure many companies are taking advantage of. A while back I posted about being approached to write about products by a company, and the comments I received seemed rather split on if it should be done or not, and if it is done, how it should be approached. Interesting that PR companies have so many directories where they could tap into the top niche of bloggers, and yet, this is not being talked about more.

Incase for some reason you did not know, I currently live in Canada. That’s the big country right north of the USA. There is a page for us Canadian Bloggers on Wikipedia, but I am not in it. So if anyone has an account, and feels like adding me…I would appreciate it. It would just be wrong to add my own page.

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How a Bistro can be a Bloggers Haven

Today, I went to the Mooney’s Bay Bistro in Ottawa, and I was treated to a really nice breakfast, drink, and calming atmosphere. The best thing about it though was the lack of WiFi.

That’s right, I said the lack of WiFi was the best thing about the small restaurant. It allowed me to disconnect and concentrate on some real writing rather than reading news, blogs, feeds, responding to instant messages, dealing with phone calls, and a myriad of other distractions that constantly slow me down or lead to work that I consider to be a little sub-par of what it should be.

Laptop users that are writers might understand what I mean, as they have already tried it, but I really recommend, if you have a laptop, to just take it somewhere quiet, where you don’t have to worry about anything, and don’t feel pressured to leave, and then just write. Think about things going on in your life, world, work or whatever subject you want to write about, and just start putting words down. Not only is it a relaxing experience, but you might just find that you get more work done disconnected from the world wide web.

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Getting into the Swing of Blogging

Sometimes the words just flow from you lips onto the pages of your blog, and other times, it dries up, and can be hard to keep going. After more than two years of blogging, I get asked how I was able to keep it going for all that time. Lately, I have stopped posting on my blog, and realized how I was able to blog for so long: make it part of your routine. Even if you have nothing amazing to say, adding blogging to your routine will make it easier to blog when you do have something to say.

Some people might disagree with me, saying that it is better to post nothing than post something sub-standard, but if you get off course with blogging, it can sometimes be too easy to just stop writing all together.

Another tip on getting back into the swing of blogging is to read other blogs known for inspiring you to write, have an opinion or answer a question. Sometimes a simple scenario or question can inspire a whole series of blog posts.

The last thing that I do to keep myself blogging is trying to keep a list of things I have done or seen that I think might be blog worthy. I have a good ten or twenty folders of tabs in Firefox with stories I want to go back to and write about. I may never get to them, but it is always nice to have “water in the well” to go back to.

Enjoy writing, make it part of who you are, and your blog will flourish.

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5 Simple Ways to Open Your Blog Post With a Bang

Copyblogger has an article up explaining five simple and effective ways to open your blog post with a bang. I highly recommend trying atleast one of these on most of your blog posts, as I have read far too many lately where it takes almost five or ten minutes for me to get to the meat and potatoes of what the writer is trying to say, and that was after pushing through to read it without any sort of hook at the start.

1. Ask a Question.
2. Share an Anecdote or Quote
3. Invoke the Mind’s Eye
4. Use an Analogy, Metaphor or Simile
5. Cite a Shocking Statistic

Even I need to use more of them. Remember though, everything in moderation. If you ask a question at the start of every post, I think some people might get frustrated…

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Cure your Blogging Addiction in 7 Easy Steps

While there is nothing that could ever cure my blogging addiction, The Blog Columnist has a great article up that might help some of you.

The one that scares me the most of course, as I get ready to move to another city is:

Step #7 – Dump your Broadband
Finally, if all else fails switch back to dial-up. Dump your broadband connection and you’ll soon get so annoyed with how slow it used to be that you’ll just want to get away from that damn, slow, annoying computer.

Thankfully I know the city I am moving to has broadband where I will be living, but I won’t be able to get the same high speed connection that I get where I live now. Thankfully it won’t be dial-up. I’d have to quit my current job… Check out the great article from The Blog Columnist.

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How to install iBox in WordPress

The Javascript on page pop-ups are great for showing images full size and whatnot, and one of the lightweight options for that is iBox. Over on MacStansbury, there is a quick tutorial on how to integrate iBox with WordPress.

First, you get the files from the iBox site, then upload the ibox.js and ibox.css files to your template folder. Get the indicator.gif file and put it in the images folder in your root folder (NOT the images inside your template folder, capiche?). If your template doesn’t have an image fold, you’ll need to create one.

No, that is not it. There is more to it than what I have quoted here, that way you actually have to go and check out the article on MacStansbury.

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Talk Like a Pirate Day

Looks like we have made it to another Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Aye, today be Talk Like a Pirate Day! On this fine day, everyone can talk like a pirate all day long. ‘Tis a fine way t’be speakin’, and if ye’ disagree I may make ye’ walk the ol’ plank and send ye’ ta’ ol’ Davy Jones’ Locker!

That’s right. The day where blog posts barely make any sense. If you are looking to join in on the fun, try out Dougal Campbell’s Text Filter Suite which includes a pirate filter.

Please comment if you have gone ahead and talked like a pirate. I would love to see some serious articles done up all pirate style for the day.

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Blogs About Business Travel Begin to Feel the Power

Over on The New York Times, you can start to understand how bloggers are slowly shifting corporate opinions and actions with their article on business travel bloggers starting to change the way companies treat travellers.

He had reserved a room at the Muse Hotel near Times Square, with the understanding that the rate would include free Internet access. But when he plugged into the high-speed data network, Mr. Broback, a conference organizer from Woodinville, Wash., was asked to pay $9.95 to connect.

“I asked about it at the front desk, and was told that the box to connect to the Internet was included in my stay,” he said. “Getting it to work would cost $9.95 a day.”

Frustrated, Mr. Broback posted an entry on his Web journal about the experience. Less than two weeks later, a hotel manager sent an e-mail to apologize, refunded his Internet connection fee and pledged to change how the hotel discloses its surcharges.

A great article, and I hope to see more shifts in how consumers are treated by companies thanks to bloggers of many niches speaking out.

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ProBlogger Group Writing Project – ‘How To…’

If you want a shot at winning a one week complimentary stay (for up to 4 people) at a beach front apartment in Estepona on the Costa del Sol Spain, you should check out Darren Rowse’s He has a new group writing project up that is sure to receive many responses as the topic is “how to”.

Your task is to write a new ‘how to…. post’ (please don’t submit old posts you’ve written before today).

By ‘How To….’ I mean some sort of a post that gives advice, tips or a tutorial on how to do something. What it’s about is totally up to you. I’ve chosen this topic because it’s adaptable to most topics and should be something you could do on almost any blog. It need not be titled as a ‘how to…’ post but in content it should be this type of post. I’m looking forward to seeing the wide array of topics that you all choose to cover.

Good luck to all those that enter.

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Blogging Pro Redesign Tease

We over at the Bloggy Network have been very fortunate to have Elena of DesignDisease working up some great designs for all of our blogs and service sites, and as you all know, Blogging Pro has been well overdue for a redesign for some time, and so I am sure you will all be excited to know that soon, Blogging Pro will be sporting some fancy new graphics.

This post though, would be useless without the drool worthy teaser image, and so I leave you with this:
Blogging Pro Redesign Teaser

Let me know what you think of the bits and pieces you can make out from the little sample graphic.

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