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WordPress Plugin: Subscribe to Comments 2.1

Mark Jaquith is updating his Subscribe to Comments, which for good reason is his most popular plugin and he has put up a post explaining what he has already done, and asking the community what else they would like to see put into the plugin.

Here’s what’s already done for the upcoming Subscribe to Comments 2.1:

  • Single-file install — Everything in one file. Drop it into your plugins directory, activate, DONE.
  • Show list of subscribers on the back end — I’ve probably had this requested 50 to 100 times. People really want to know who’s subscribed in a big list. I’ve completed preliminary work on this. It’s a list of e-mail addresses with the number of subscribed entries in parenthesis (sorted from most-subscriptions to least). If you click on an e-mail address it takes you to the screen for them, with a list of their subscriptions.

Check out his blog, and leave a comment if you know of something Subscribe to Comments really needs.

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Top Blog Trends

Over at Modern Life is Rubbish, they take a look at blog trends in the Top 100 blogs on Technorati and have some sweet graphs to display the information in a way that anyone can understand it.

The best blogs all have a quite few things in common – regular, well written content and a large number of subscribers are base requisites for a Technorati Top 100 Blog. But what other traits do these select few blogs share?

It is interesting to note that the top blogs mostly use Movable Type, making money from Adsense, are English, talk about Technology, have a white background, and use Verdana as their main typeface.

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How to Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines

Darren Rowse went all out in a recent post on optimizing your blog for search engines. His post is around four of five times the length of most of his posts and looks at every angle as in depth as possible without being overly technical. If you are gearing up for the holiday season and want to give your blog the best chance as possible, this article is definitely required reading.

Why SEO?

When you are looking online for information on a topic where do you go first?

While I’m sure there will be a variety of answers given to that question – the majority of average web users would answer with one word – ‘Google’.

Every day Search Engines like Google send many millions of web users to websites in their index. While there are plenty of Web 2.0 web indexing services around that are increasing in popularity – the fact is that search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN are still the biggest source of traffic to websites on the web.

As a result – learning how to be indexed and ranked well by them seems like a no brainer.

Read all the tips at

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OriginalSignal Relaunches

Looking to aggregate all the coolest sites online, OriginalSignal relaunches with a new look, and some new features.

A great tool for niche bloggers that are part of the echo of online publishing, OriginalSignal also makes a great starting page for those interested in technology, movies, or geek stuff.

Currently, my favourite page is the world events area, which allows me to give a quick glance at Yahoo, BBC, Google, CNN, and others. This is a great way to find out what the “important” world news is at any given time.

The new design works well, though I find the site a little slow moving. If you don’t like OriginalSignal for whatever reason, there is always Popurls. Between the two sites, I can find out what’s going on around the world from the most important social media and social news sites out there and find stories to cover that I never would have found otherwise.

(Note: I know you can create your own start pages thanks to a variety of services, or clutter up your RSS subscriptions by adding all these sites, that’s not the point.)

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Meeting Other Bloggers

Recently, I moved from a city where technology and new media like blogging was prevalent. I attended a monthly Blogger Meetup, and enjoyed it greatly. The city I moved to is not so technology focused, but I had hoped that when I came here, I could slowly build up a meetup group only to find that it would cost around $150 for the year to use, if I paid in advance for two six-month terms.

I wrote about the frustration on my new blog:

How ridiculous is it that I’d need to pay $150 for a year of being able to organize a meetup group? That money could go to securing a venue (though I know its not much, $12.50 each month for reserving the group a section of tables is something), or promoting the group.

I could create a website using WordPress and some forum software that would be equally good at organizing the events, allowing communication, and posting images of the monthly meetings.

I would really love to find some more people in London interested in blogging, podcasting and video casting, so if you live in London, Ontario Canada and are interested, please let me know as I would love to organize something. Also, if anyone has any tips on organizing a meetup style group, please let me know. I really want to do this, and need all the help I can get.

I was hoping BloggingPro could be of more help in dealing with this issue. Do you know any other services that are out there to help organize meetups? Are you a blogger living in London, Ontario Canada? Does anyone have any tips on promoting groups like this?

It seems like in this day and age, getting a few bloggers together would be interesting, but it doesn’t feel like there is a searchable index where I can find local bloggers. Anyone else dealt with similar frustrations?

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Chinese Restaurants and Blogging

Marco looks at comparing blogging to Chinese restaurants this time, looking at their formula for success and how it can translate over into blogs and blogging.

In the ScrivsTyme podcast a few days ago, Scrivs mentioned how he disliked not understanding what the Chinese employees speak when he goes there. Some people find that rude, and I can understand why, but what can we learn from this for blogging?

Well, first of all, we can learn that it’s important that you know how to communicate with your readers. It doesn’t matter if it’s your mother language or not (English isn’t my main language), what matters is that you are understandable. So I guess that the only thing we can learn from here is that you should always proofread what you’re about to say, but there’s still something important we can learn from this.

Not something I would compare blogging to, and it is a little subjective, as Chinese restaurants where I currently live are all horrible, but an interesting article none-the-less, and we can all use more tips on creating a better blog. Throughout the post though, you will notice one key tip: keep everything consistent. Consistent quality and post intervals can create a great blog over time.

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World’s Oldest Blogger?

Donald CrowdisWhen I am 92, I hope I can still blog. My hopes where raised when Boing Boing reported that 92 year-old Donald Crowdis, the former host of a Canadian television show The Nature of Things,continues to blog at Don to Earth.

[T]he best food, or at least the best protein, is that which is most like our own. Of course, eating others of our kind gives rise to social problems, and is rare as a result, but it happens. In times past, among some of the Pacific Islands peoples, since a butchered human very much resembled a butchered pig, it was referred to as “long pig”. I presume these cannibals ate only their enemies, not their family members, no matter how tasty they may have looked. Most of us have accepted that humans are precious in the sight of God, while ordinary pig, or “short pig”, is OK nutrition.

It looks like his blog is well received with comments under a variety of his posts, despite the wide range of topics from lung cancer, tuberculosis, books, and basically what it is like to be old. My favourite thing, he’s Canadian…like me.

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10 Effective Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers

Copyblogger, now a b5media blog by the way, has a great post up on how to get more blog subscribers and with over six thousand people subscribed just in the last ten months, I think we should all take heed and listen.

Here are my favourites:

1. Make it easy and obvious
3. Offer a bribe
6. Become a guest blogger
7. Start a podcast
9. Networking

Check out the full list and details behind each of them at Copyblogger.

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Backup Your WordPress Blog

Lorelle puts up a friendly reminder that you should be looking at backing up your blog. Far too many of us end up with nothing thanks to our own forgetfulness or inexperience when it comes to backing up our blogs.

In order to backup your WordPress blog, you must do two types of backups. The first one is to backup your WordPress Theme and all files on your blog’s server, such as your WordPress installation files, WordPress Plugins, and any static files and graphic files you use to create your site.

The second part of your backup is to backup the database which holds all the data and content for your blog.

Make sure you do research on this before you lose your blog and all its posts, comments and theme customizations.

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WordPress Plugin: Upcoming Events v0.1

Having a list of upcoming events in your sidebar can be great to remind others, promote an event or just remind yourself, and Jacob Steenhagen has taken it upon himself to create a new events plugin for WordPress using iCal feeds.

So what does this plugin do? Pretty much what you see in my sidebar. I have a feed from my Google Calendar, a feed for Bugzilla Development, a feed for my Army Drills, and a feed for the Detroit Lions schedule. It takes all of those iCal feeds and comes up with what the next, in my case, 7 events are. This is configurable in that you can choose how many events, days, or weeks to display.

So how do you get your hands on it? Easy, simply download it. Once you’ve done that, extract the archive into your Word Press plugins directory (by default, wp-content/plugins) and activate it using the normal Plugin Activation screen inside the Word Press administrative interface.

That’s pretty cool that it can track multiple iCal feeds. Hopefully, we will see further developments on this over at Jake’s Weblog.

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