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WordPress 2.2 Delayed

Well, it looks like a 120 day release cycle was just a tad too fast for the WordPress development team, and Matt has come out to let us all know it will be delayed.

The WP dev team has decided to hold back version 2.2 for at least a week or two from the original date of April 23 while we polish things up. I’ll post an updated release date as soon as we figure out how long everything is going to take. (Which is extra-hard in open source development.)

The 120 day cycle was a bit short, and so I am glad to see they didn’t feel like it was set in stone. I wonder if this will effect the next releases of WordPress as well. Honestly though, if it takes them another month, 150 days between decent releases is not horrible either.

Note: Matt informed me it has only been 90 days, but again, I think everyone is going to agree with me…Take your time Automattic team.

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5 Ways to Make Your Site Stickier

Randa Clay has put up a post on Performancing with the same title and gives some great tips to get people to stick around or visit your blog more than once.

Things like:

  • Use a Related Posts plugin
  • List your most popular posts in your sidebar.
  • Make your feed prominent and offer multiple options for subscription.
  • Build “Flagship Content”.
  • Install a subscribe to comments plugin.

Check out the full post at Performancing for links, and more details.

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Google and Control: Going too Far?

A long time ago, Google could do no wrong, and everyone on the web was pretty happy. Now, my colleague, Ahmed, has posted his thoughts on the current version of Google, which is much more pervasive than ever before, but is it also more controlling?

Over the years, I’ve been a ‘fan’ of Google. I say that with hesitation – I’m not an unbridled fan that runs around saying how Google is the bestest ever. I simply try to take a step back, see what they are trying to do, and think it through. I’ve made many a snide comments on Webmaster World to people who do nothing but bash Google non-stop. But I can see reasoning. As someone who has lived in highly oppressive countries, I believe that education is the single best way to help people. So I sorta understood why Google wanted to operate in China (the altruistic companion to their desire to make more money).

Check out his reasons behind some criticisms of Google on Tech Soapbox.

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WordPress Theme: ModernPaper

Performancing has released a new theme for WordPress called ModernPaper, a complete inversion of their previous theme’s colors, ModernPaper is a three column, mostly white theme. Very clean and very effective, I can see ModernPaper being tweaked in a variety of ways by the bloggers that will use it.

Check it out on

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Google Summer of Code: WordPress

I have found posts about two people that have been accepted into the Google Sumer of Code project specifically to work on WordPress. Ronald Heft, Jr., who will be working on adding more podcasting support, and Celeste Paul who hopes to find three things that can be improved in WordPress by comparing it to their competitors. I think this is a great program and project, and I can’t wait to see the results. I’d also like to hear from anyone else that has been accepted to the Summer of Code.

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901am Purchased by Splashpress Media

It seems that David Krug has sold his latest media venture, 901am, to Splashpress Media. There was a short post on the newly acquired site with closed comments, but they have since been opened. J. Angelo Racoma posted on the Blog Herald, about the sale, and also letting everyone know that David Krug has been under the weather, and they all wish him well.

All of us here at Bloggy Network also hope to see David Krug get back on his feet, and we look forward to seeing what he creates next.

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Have a WordPress or Blog Related Event Coming Up?

If you have a WordPress or Blog related event coming up in the next few months, please let me know, as I’d love to profile the connections people are making at these events. I ask that you please give me at least two weeks notice for the event, as last minute posts really don’t do anyone any good.

Now if only there were more details about WordCamp

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WordPress Theme: Salmon

Justin Shattuck, a friend of mine, has released a theme that looks a fair bit like his current blog, The theme, called Salmon, is a two column theme with a distinctive look. Designed by Elena of Design Disease as an earlier revision of his site, the theme has been released as a 1.0.

Check out Salmon.

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WordPress Podcast: Episode 22

Charles and I have come together to release another episode of the WordPress podcast. In the latest episode we cover things like WordPress 2.1.3, 2.0.10 and the upcoming WordPress 2.2.

We also get a little sidetracked with April Fools jokes, and mention the developer release of Habari.

Check out the latest episode, and let me know what you think.

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Text Link Ads: Single Post Advertising

The Text Link Ads service has added a new service that lets you sell single post advertising, which will allow you to easily monetize your WordPress blog.

Deep linking is excellent for advertisers as it usually gets more benefits and allows a more specific and/or concentrated approach to advertising. I have always found Text Link Ads to be less intrusive than Adsense, but remember, there are some Google Page Rank effects to your site as you add more and more outbound links.

Installation is easy as they have made it into a WordPress plugin which you upload and activate on your site.

It could be interesting but I look forward to seeing how people do with the new addition to their popular advertising system.

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