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Adding TinyMCE Editor to the Prologue Theme

Love the Prologue theme, but not the minimalist post box it includes? Raj Dash on Performancing has heard your cries and gone ahead and created a tutorial on adding the TinyMCE editor to the theme.

Twitter-like microbloggging functionality. But out of the box, the theme has a very plain edit area (see image below), and adding links, images, etc., is tedious.

Fortunately, there’s a really easy fix to this problem: TinyMCE editor. TinyMCE is a Javascript-based freeware editor. If you have a recent version of WordPress, it’s the default “visual” editor that you get in the admin panel. Thanks to its easy integration features, we can use this as a replacement to the default HTML message editor in the Prologue theme. And you won’t believe how incredibly easy it is to hack it. I think it took me about 2 minutes, not including download and installation. I’m actually surprised that Automattic didn’t do it themselves.

Definitely worth checking out if you want to add features and functions for users that aren’t familiar with HTML.

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Podcast Roundup for March 7th, 2008

So our two WordPress related shows have released another episode with the WordPress Podcast pushing out episode 37 and the WordPress Weekly Podcast on episode 9.

A fair bit of the WordPress podcast was devoted to what is going on with Charles and Jonathan as well as WordPress 2.5, which hasn’t come out yet. This week thought they do cover some plugins and answer some e-mails. The episode runs in at 42 minutes.

Over on WordPress Weekly, there was a lot more WordPress related news covered from BuddyPress being taken in by Automattic, to eBay using WordPress to power their blog. With a panel of five people, they have many different opinions on their topics, and it was an interesting episode as Patricia Mayo joined them in adding a female slant to what is usually a very male heavy show.

Definitely check out both shows if you are interested in WordPress.

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Will WordPress 2.5 Release Today?

WordPress 2.5 is supposed to come out today, at least that is when it was scheduled to come out, and that is what Trac still lists as the due date. With a little over twelve hours remaining before the tenth of March is over, will the team push out the release?

My current bet would be that they won’t. Matt said about four days ago that there is still lots of work to do, and with 415 active tickets still in Trac, I am unsure of how close they really are. Many of the tickets are already being moved to the next release so that everything can be cleaned up and pushed out the door.

I have tried the WordPress 2.5 Beta 1, but it was never really formally announced, nor have I heard too much on the release front.

When will it release if not today? Well, I guess when they are good and ready. I would rather a stable, secure, and complete release over a rush job, but after skipping a major release, and delaying the current release, I am ready for the WordPress 2.5 goodies.

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Viral Videos and Advertising

As you can see, we have added a video from Dell that highlights how big corporations aren’t always forward thinking enough to make the right choices and that young people know best when it comes to new technology. Okay, maybe they didn’t mean that last part, but being only twenty-five, I’d like to think that they were saying that I know best.

The point is that they have created a video I have seen all over the web, and while it is an advertisement for Dell, it is also a funny and interesting video that people want to show their friends.

I have seen many videos go viral over the last few years, and interestingly enough, a fair number of them are promotional for one corporation or another, even if you didn’t realize it.

Check out the vide at the bottom of the sidebar, and let me know what you think. Also, if you have any other professional level viral videos, I would love to see them. I would say bloggers should harness the viral video fever that the world seems to have, but I know many of you already do.

For the rest of you, why haven’t you recorded video?

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Live Ustream Video Session

Read how it turned out on eXtra for Every Publisher.

I am planning on using tomorrow for a live video questions and answers section. I am hoping to talk about WordPress, my blogging career, advertising, marketing and all of those fun things. If you have some questions you would love answered, and I might know the correct response, check out my Ustream channel at 8pm EST Saturday, March 8th.

I have previously mentioned this on the Blog Herald as part of my questions about advertising post.

I hope to do more of these if the need is there, so let me know if you plan on stopping by, or if other days and times would work better for you.

Update: Didn’t work out as Ustream wouldn’t transmit audio from either of my computers. More on that soon.

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What are You Doing to Optimize WordPress?

As I continue to use WordPress as a publishing platform, I find myself wondering if there are better workflow systems when writing content on WordPress, or ways to make WordPress run faster in the eyes of my readers.

I know a little about caching, and various different administration themes, and things like Windows Live Writer, but what other things do you do to optimize your interactions with WordPress? Any fancy plugins? Any fancy software? Let me know in the comments below.

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WordPress 2.5 Countdown

With WordPress 2.5 scheduled for release on March 10th, some people have been wondering if they are going to be able to make that date, with still half of the tickets assigned to the release still open.

Matt Mullenweg chimed in to let everyone know what’s going on:

There is still a fair amount of testing going on, to the extent you could help it would be appreciated, especially with the new gallery, widgets, and the upgrader.

The number of tickets has nothing to do with how close we are to release.

If you have some testing talent, I suggest you go ahead and lend a hand as I’d love to see the full stable WordPress 2.5 release out sooner than later. While I have been enjoying not having to upgrade WordPress every time I turn around, I am hungry for the newer, bigger, better.

As for getting the latest release before it is out, Alex Günsche has a cool little page that grabs the files from Automattic’s SVN and packages it up into an easy to download release on his site, Zirona. Do not use this as an upgrade, but set up a test blog and start messing around so you are prepared when the final release comes out in four days.

It is a great way to figure out if you are going to have any plugin issues, theme issues, or just plain old workflow issues with regards to the new version and its new administration panel.

If you are a plugin author, please test your plugin with WordPress 2.5 and get it listed on the WordPress Codex’s Plugin Compatibility list.

Theme authors, please go back to your themes, and give them a once over. Add in the native WordPress tagging theme code, and test them on WordPress 2.5 to make sure nothing strange happens.

If you don’t start getting organized for the new version now, you might find yourself fixing things in a hurry on release day.

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Podcast Roundup for March 2nd, 2008

As things continue to progress, and we get closer to the next major release of WordPress, the podcasting scene continues to grow, and increase in pace. With two weekly shows about WordPress, I feel like we are getting all of our news, but now Performancing, a sister blog to Blogging Pro is getting their podcasting groove on talking about blogging in a more general sense. Called Perfcast, their first episode has them talking about building a powerful blog.

WordPress Weekly continues with their weekly episodes, pushing the show to Saturday instead of their usual Friday night recording time. This meant that I wasn’t able to participate, but the show turned out great anyways. If you want to learn more about WordPress Mu, Episode 8 is the one you want to listen to.

The WordPress Podcast also has a new episode up with Charles and Jonathan Bailey chatting a little about the lack of new news and plugins for them to discuss before talking about plagiarism and theft of copyrighted material. They slipped a little from their weekly recording schedule, but hopefully they can stay on track going forward.

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48 Unique Ways To Use WordPress

Over on Performancing there is a great post which discusses the many ways in which WordPress can be used as a starting platform for all sorts of different web based applications. This was also talked about at Northern Voice while I was there in a session called More than Cat Blogs.

It seems that there are many people looking to extend and manipulate WordPress in wild and wonderful ways.

Why Use WordPress?

Not everyone is for the idea of WordPress as a CMS. Some bloggers point out a variety of technical issues (which I’m not getting into here). True, WP is not a high-end CMS, but it can get the job done, especially for low-volume use. The point is that with WP, you don’t always need to pay $50,000+ for a proprietary, difficult to learn CMS. And that’s for starters. Many of high-end CMSes require “seat” licenses. That is, a fee for each person that MIGHT use the software. Add maintenances/ upgrade fees, support licenses, training, etc., and most small businesses or online publishers are spending more than they have/ is necessary.

WordPress can do the job, and as has been discussed here and elsewhere many times, has a lot of community support, free themes and plugins, and is relatively easy to customize or to find someone who can for a fair price. Below are some ways that WP can be used.

I’ve done many of the listed items, but I am always looking to extend it in new and interesting ways, in hopes of streamlining my workflow. I love the idea of changing WordPress into a contact manager, but will I be vigilant in adding people’s information to it? Definitely an article worth checking out on

Categories: WordPress Hacks February 2008 Wrap-up

It feels like it has been a long time since I have looked at a wrap-up, but every time I do, I am blown away by the hugeness of the numbers Matt lays down.

  • 245,329 blogs were created.
  • 432,478 new users joined.
  • 1,920,593 file uploads.
  • 2,814,893 posts and 996 thousand new pages.

At Northern Voice, Matt mention that they get two times more content added to than Wikipedia does.

For more stats on the increasingly popular

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