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WordPress 2.5 or WordPress 2.5.1?

I have to admit, I haven’t upgraded to WordPress 2.5 yet on most of my blogs, and that is mostly because I am waiting for plugins to catch up and work correctly with WordPress 2.5, but I also have this nagging feeling that the first major release of any version needs some extra time to settle in and get pried apart by the millions of users who will no doubt find interesting errors that will lead to a new point release.

Currently, the Trac for WordPress says that we can expect WordPress 2.5.1 in around three weeks barring any major security flaws that require an immediate update.

Are you waiting for WordPress 2.5.1 as well, or have you had no problems with the 2.5 release? Let me know in the comments below.

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10 Security and Protection Plugins for WordPress

Speckyboy has released a great list of the top ten security and protection plugins for WordPress.

With every site you build there are going to be security risks and issues, there is no way around this, it is going to happen. All we can do is minimize the damage, be ready for it and take action. WordPress is now the most popular Blogging Engine, this will not mean an increase attacks, but it will have the highest potential of attacks.
I haven’t included Akismet, because I am sure everyone has heard about it.
Antway, here are my Top 10 Security Plugins for WordPress.

Some great plugins are mentioned, and especially interesting to me is the great fact that it mentions plugins I’ve never heard of before that interests me.

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The WordPress Content Bug

Once you start to get interested in the growth, development and changes in WordPress, it can be hard to think about anything else. At least that is what Jeff of Jeffro2pt0 is realizing as he realizes almost all of his blogging has become WordPress focused.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been thinking about how great it was when this blog covered everything of interest to me. Sure, WordPress is fun to write about but when I considered the fact that I get paid to write about WordPress for and I have guest blog accounts on,, and on top of all that, I have tried to turn this blog into a WordPress only domain, I am starting to run out of steam.

I think he’s making a smart move trying to get back into talking about things other than WordPress.

His WordPress Weekly podcast will be getting its own domain at and he will be bringing us the latest information on the things he runs into.

I have watched as many bloggers have got caught up in the excitement that is WordPress. From plugin developments, new themes, podcasts, blogs, releases, and personalities, WordPress is growing into a culture, and with that comes a large group of people keeping tabs on everything happening.

I have to admit to having caught, lost, and catching the WordPress content bug more than once, and I always love seeing people figure out that their time is mostly being spent documenting the community that is WordPress.

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WordPress Not Good for SEO?

Mark from has added a new video about his neverending dislike for the WordPress software. This time he complains about WordPress’ out of the box search engine optimization.

He complains about duplicate content, URL structures, and likens it to a 1994 Ford Tempo that needs to be modified to become a race car.

I think WordPress has done a lot of work regarding search engine optimization over the years, and while I do agree with him that it sometimes needs a little work, with each subsequent version the number of steps to make it suitably optimized are less and less.

I also think that the ease in which WordPress can be optimized is a testament to how great the software is. Unlike other publishing platforms I have tried, changing old versions of WordPress into creating content in a way that search engines are happy with is quick, and easy. More like inflating semi-flat tires to improve your gas mileage than changing all the major components to make a race car.

While I doubt Mark will ever be one of the many “converted”, I do think that his frustration with the platform is misplaced. I know Mark is able to code rather well, and if he helped the team as much as complained about its shortcomings, the core software would be better optimized for search engines by now.

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WordPress Theme: Pro Profile 1.0

Over on eXtra For Every Publisher, I have released a new WordPress theme called Pro Profile.

Pro Profile

Here are some details on it:

It is a three column, widget ready theme with a really nice and simple look to it. One nice feature is the ability to allow users to select the colour set they feel comfortable with, and hopefully this will be something that all of you will take full advantage of in making new styles for the theme to be added to the set.

The theme is released under the Creative Commons Attribution license, as it is the licensing system I trust the most. Hopefully, the theme will be well received by the community. Let me know what you think of it, and if you have any problems.

Sidenote: I will be looking at all the other themes released on Blogging Pro over the last two years to make sure they comply with WordPress 2.5 as soon as I have a chance. Sorry about any wait.

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WordPress Podcast Roundup

So both the WordPress Podcast and WordPress Weekly have put out new episodes this week.

Both talk about WordCamp Dallas, and WordPress 2.5, but in different ways as Charles was one of the key organizers of the event, and Jeff was an attendee.

From the WordPress Podcast episode 39:

I’d intended to release this episode during the week of March 30th, days after it was recorded live at WordCamp Dallas, but problems with the recorded audio prevented doing so. The audio you’ll hear was actually ripped from the video John Pozadzides released, so thanks, John!
Joining me on the dais were Jonathan Bailey of Plagiarism Today, Mark Jaquith of b5media, later Mark Ghosh of Weblog Tools Collection, and later still, Matt Mullenweg of Automattic. Lorelle Van Fossen was nice enough to run around handing the wireless mic around so people could comment and ask questions.

From the WordPress Weekly podcast, episode 12:

Episode 12 of WordPress Weekly went into detail in regards to WordCamp Dallas. Near the end of the show, we delve into WordPress 2.5. We ended up sharing our favorite sessions at the WordCamp event as well as giving our 2.5 upgrade experience.

If you are a WordPress fan, and you aren’t listening to both, you are doing yourself a great disservice.

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Comment Design Inspiration

Comment areas on blogs don’t have to be uninspired, and to that effect, Blog Design Blog has posted a great article that showcases thirty different comment designs that will hopefully get you from using a boring default comment setup.

Comment design is an art. Comment design is often overlooked by a lot of web designers when they are designing their blog. It tends to be one of the last things a web designer works on and because of that it suffers. This list shows 30 blogs where the web designer didn’t just throw together the same old comment design and put extra effort into their comment design to make it fit with their blog design.

Some of my favourites include, Larissa Meek, and Ordered List.

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bbPress 0.9 Released

With WordPress jumping to version 2.5, bbPress needed an update, and getting ever closer to its version 1 release, it has finally hit version 0.9.

The bbPress team is happy to release bbPress 0.9 for download. This release is important for anyone who integrates bbPress with WordPress and wishes to update to WordPress 2.5.

Primarily this is a compatibility release so that we can continue to provide the same integration levels with WordPress as in the past, however quite a few other improvements have made their way into this version.

Some of the new improvements include the installer, more RSS feeds, built-in Gravatar support, and dozens of other both notable and behind the scenes improvements.

Check out their announcement post on the bbPress site.

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WordPress Podcasting Update

It looks like WordCamp Dallas destroyed the podcasting schedule of both the WordPress Podcast, as Charles was the organizer of the Dallas event, and Jeff’s WordPress Weekly, who seems to be backed up sorting through all the media that was recorded.

It looks like the event was great, now I just wish they’d record some audio reflecting on their time at the first WordCamp in Texas.

Here’s hoping that this week or next, we see some new WordPress related audio published, or I will have to start doing my own podcast on the subject.

If you were at WordCamp Dallas and recorded some audio or video and have posted it somewhere, let me know in the comments below.

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