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JobMob Guest Blogging Contest

The third guest blogging contest coming from is open, and the prizes this time around are pretty cool, in that they are cold, hard cash.

I’ll let them give you all the details on the contest page, but here’s a little taste to get you intrigued (hopefully)…

1) The grand prize winner will win:

* US$150, sponsored by Jacob Share and JobMob.

2) The second grand prize winner will win:

* US$50, sponsored by Jacob Share and JobMob.

The grand prizes will go to the author(s) of the 2 guest posts that attracted the most visitors during the contest. Details below on how to do just that.

3) An early-bird winner will win:

* US$50, sponsored by Jacob Share and JobMob.

Anyone who submits a guest post before 1 pm on July 21st 2009 will be eligible for the early-bird prize. The winner will be chosen at random from among those people and announced on August 3rd when the first guest post appears on JobMob.

Read more:

This time around the theme of the contest is “job search”, so at the very least, there will likely be some great job hunting related content coming out of this, and that’s always a good thing.

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WordPress for iPhone Version 1.3

For all you WordPress for iPhone users out there, version 1.3 of the app is live. Seems like it pretty much just fixes some compatibility issues, but it should help with stability if nothing else.

Also, just fyi, there’s a strange version numbering problem with this release. Here’s how the WordPress for iPhone blog explains it…

Please note: Due to a strange glitch when submitting the app, the About page of the “1.3″ version will say version “1.21.1″. If you see that, you are running the correct version. We are working with Apple to understand why it would not accept “1.3″ as a valid version, yet displays that version in the iTunes store just fine.

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WordPress Themes ARE GPL…Kinda.

According to a post on the WordPress Development blog today, there are finally some concrete GPL related answers regarding some fuzziness in the communities (and WordPress’s) understanding of exactly how themes fit into the GPL framework.

Long story short, the php (or at least the parts related to hooking into WordPress) of themes ARE required to be GPL compliant. The tricky bit is, the images and css are NOT. Meaning a theme could be partially GPL and still retain copyright of the artwork/design to some degree.

Here’s a snippet for you…

The PHP elements, taken together, are clearly derivative of WordPress code. The template is loaded via the include() function. Its contents are combined with the WordPress code in memory to be processed by PHP along with (and completely indistinguishable from) the rest of WordPress. The PHP code consists largely of calls to WordPress functions and sparse, minimal logic to control which WordPress functions are accessed and how many times they will be called. They are derivative of WordPress because every part of them is determined by the content of the WordPress functions they call. As works of authorship, they are designed only to be combined with WordPress into a larger work.

If you want more details, head over to the post on the Dev blog for the full situation, including some more fun legalese type stuff.

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