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Stat Geeks Take Note: 4 iPhone Apps To Analyze Blog Health

Have you ever tried to cook a steak without checking the time, temperature and (most importantly) the steak itself?

As silly as that sounds, the same is true when it comes to analyzing your blogs traffic and stats, which can provide invaluable feedback on the health of your blog.

For those fortunate enough to have an iPhone, here are four apps you should consider owning. Read More

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Movable Type Monday: MT-Notifier, ShortCodes, and Movable Tips

Happy Monday, folks! A couple of weeks ago, Chad Everett released a new version of MT-Notifier, the advanced notifications plugin for Movable Type and Melody. Since then, he’s released a minor update with these changes:

  • Corrected category code for sending all comment notifications.
  • Corrected ordering of permissions for widget installation.
  • Fixed template tag name in widget.

Licensed users can download that update now.

Over at Code Monkey Ramblings, Mike has written a tutorial on generating shortcodes in MT or Melody. Besides showing you how to create shortcodes — reusable text replacement tags — Mike’s tutorial is also a great entry-level lesson on writing MT plugins. Read More

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