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Bloggers, Do You Suffer From “Performance Anxiety”?

It happens to the best of us. We start our blogs with childlike enthusiasm, super geeked to have our own online “space” that is totally ours and where we can finally be heard and uncensored.

Let’s face it, in real life our words of wisdom often fall upon deaf ears. Our mates have us on “mute” buttons, our kids think we’re from a different world, and our families know too much about us to care.

But on line we can strut our stuff, be the divas we dare to be. We can even take on a whole new personality if we choose.

So you start this blog thing, and actually find that some folks are digging what you have to say. Okay, so maybe it’s just the creepy guy with stalker tendencies that lives in your building, and your Avon rep, but still, it’s somebody.
Because practice often makes perfect, you find that the more you blog the better you become. Then 2 “fans” become 5, 5 become 10, and 10 become 20. You hit your stride and then people start talking. Before you know it, you’ve actually built a little “following” along the way.

Then comes the pressure… Read More

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Tumblr Launches Blackberry App (But None For Android Lovers?)

It looks as if my Blackberry friends can finally stop drooling over my iPhone now that Tumblr has launched an official app for Blackberry smartphones.

The app was built by Mobelux, the same company who created the official Tumblr iPhone app (which was previously known as Tumblrette).

Just like its iSibling, the Blackberry Tumblr app can upload images, text and audio, as well as video too (which might explain why Tumblr increased the video size for Tumblr fans everywhere).

Tumblr has yet to be listed upon Blackberry App World (as a quick search reveals), although “BB fans” can download the app over here.

While it’s great to see Tumblr embracing both the iPhone and Blackberry platforms, hopefully they will consider launching an Android app soon (as the only decent app available is Tumblroid, which will leave one $1.55 poorer).

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Facebook Pages for Your Blog, What Are You Waiting For? RSS Graffiti Is Your Friend

We all know it now, Facebook’s the new Myspace and Google all in one. There’s no way to escape it anymore. I have been sceptical about Facebook for years, especially because of privacy issues and occasionally strange changes to the ToS, but there’s no way round anymore. If you have a blog, your blog should be on Facebook.

No matter whether you like the platform or not. It’s a major traffic boost and recently even became the first social network users will check to discover breaking news.

I will continue to argue that not all content does as well on Facebook but you should at least have a Facebook page for your blog. The proof’s in the pudding.


Facebook often can drive more traffic to your site, on the awesome ForeverGeek Facebook has replaced Twitter as second traffic referrer after StumbleUpon (and Google of course).


SEO benefits of Facebook pages are rather minimal because outgoing links are nofollow. But a quick Google search for bloggingpro explains why you should get your Facebook fan page. Similar results are seen for all our main blogs.

RSS Graffiti: Automated Smart Feed Import To Your Facebook Page

For a long time the main issue when deciding whether to use Facebook, and how to use your page, turned around what’s the best way to automate the import of my content to my page?. The Facebook RSS importer is a national disaster, Networked Blogs was an option, albeit a poor one. Read More

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How To Resurrect Your Blogging Career

We’ve all made mistakes when it comes to our blogging careers. No one is perfect. Mistakes are natural. Some of us leave our blogs to rot on the vine, after inspiring so much greatness. It’s tantamount to meeting an amazing girl at the bar only to find out she’s a prude. It’s a terrible heartache. Others of us have Post Blog Sale Depression Disorder.

Then there are some of us who just plain fall off the face of the planet. No worries, it happens to the best of us. There is hope however. A few years ago I fell off the face of the planet ended up in a podunk town in Mexico, with a cervecia in one hand, and a cuban cigar in another. Picking up the ashes of a cumulative stretch of poor decisions. There is a path to get back into the swing of things. There is a path to redemption. It takes hard work. Just like any bad habit can be beat so can beating your bad habits around your blogging career. The relationships might never be able to be restored, but new relationships can be kindled, and consistency and trust can be earned again. Read More

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Tumblr Ups The Ante With 100 MB Video Uploads (No Trans-coding Needed)

Tumblr, a service that blurs the line between microblogging and a full featured weblog has just raised the video uploading limit to 100 MB.

While this might not seem like anything spectacular (after all YouTube is 20 time larger with 2 GB), Tumblr fans will be able to broadcast their videos immediately without dealing with the hassles of transcoding.

(Tumblr Staff) Over the next few hours, we’ll be rolling out crazy simple native video uploading to all accounts. This is designed to be an easy alternative to full-blown video sites when all you want to do is post a quick video to your blog. […]

Tumblr will immediately post most H.264-MP4-AAC videos without transcoding! That means no waiting and no quality loss. Photo Booth videos and iMovie’s “Export to iPod/iPhone” work great.

Tumblr still limits users to the “5 minuet rule” when it comes to video uploading, although hopefully that will change once they unleash the rumored premium features.

Despite its simplistic approach to blogging, Tumblr is quickly turning into a full fledged blogging platform, whose previous additions of pages and comments could make it a strong contender against both Blogger and WordPress (especially for bloggers looking to save some money during this recession).

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Movable Type Monday: Google Maps, Custom Fields Search, Print Version, and More

Happy Monday, folks! This week, Six Apart released a handful of plugins under open source licenses. Here’s the list of plugins released, from the announcement:

  • GeoType allows you to associate GoogleMap data with an entry. Each map extends the MT Asset framework, so it’s managed similar to uploaded images or documents, and associated to an entry in the exact same way.
  • PostOffice enables blog posting via email. You may have been following along in MTOS earlier this week about this one, Brad Choate made a lot of handy fixes.
  • CentralAuthenticationService allows you to configure MT to delegate user authentication to a CAS server in place of the built-in native authentication scheme.
  • BuildTracer benchmarks statically-published templates and provides a visual display of how long it takes each tag to publish. It’s originally by Akira and available on his site, but we’ve been updating it in Github to match the latest builds of MT.

Other plugins released this past week:

Taku Amano released CustomFieldsSearch which, as you can guess, let’s you search against your custom fields data.

ExpandCategoryAreaCSS from Yujiro Araki makes the category list on entry editing expandable so it’s easier to use.

RandomFeed by Junnama Noda displays a random feed from a set you specify in your dashboard.

We’ve also got a couple of tutorials to tell you about. Mike shows us how to create print-friendly entries using the Readability service.

Also, Maarten Schenk explains how to list entries from multiple Movable Type blogs sorted by date. What Maarten is doing here goes beyond what the built-in multi-blog functionality can do.

What have you done with MT lately? Let us know in the comments.

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Cold Call Blogging Applications: How NOT To Apply For A Paid Blogging Gig

For months I have been receiving emails sent via the contact form of one site for Blogger Jobs. Dee covered the advantages of cold call guest posts in his SEO Sunday column and as can be read in the comments, although the cold call strategy can work, there certainly are disadvantages as well. Mainly for site editors and owners.

If I received a guest post from an unknown player in my niche, I would delete it almost as if it were spam.

My energy is better spent focusing on long-term relationship strategies as opposed to a few links.

As Barry Deutsch mentions in his comment, the yield of cold calls is very low and often it’s a bigger waste of time on our end, because of the poor quality submitted, than for the application/submitter. This brings me back to the daily emails of writers interested in a paid blogging gig that land in my inbox. Let’s start the week with a selection of how not to ‘cold call’ apply for a blogging gigs. The best of 8 months of email applications and yes it’s a list. It’s also Monday.

Words fail me. Maybe it would be a good start NOT TO SHOUT AT ME WHEN TRYING TO LAND A BLOGGING GIG!!!!!1!!!1 Read More

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Sunday Morning SEO: Link Building With the Cold Call Guest Post Method

I’ve argued before that writing guest posts is the best SEO strategy for bloggers. But how can you implement a guest posting campaign that’s both efficient and effective?

In this post, I’ll share my favorite method of guest posting that’s given me a lot of link building success. I call it the “Cold Call Guest Post Method”.

It’s probably not the best name since cold calling has bad connotations. But the method has worked very well for me and the bloggers I targeted have been very happy with my guest posts.
Read More

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Buzzie Adds Push Notification, Still Lacks Image Uploading (Google Buzz)

Buzzie, one of the two iPhone apps supporting Google Buzz (a micro blogging service that is slowly gaining popularity) has just launched push notification support for their app.

Similar to how other micro blogging apps like Echofon and SimplyTweet function, Buzzie will send a user an alert whenever they receive a new comment or “buzz” (the latter which I do not recommend if one has over a hundred followers).

While this addition makes the app much more useful than the Google Buzz web app, Buzzie is still lacking in image support, a feature its rival Buzzr has (thanks in part to TwitPic).

Hopefully Buzzie continues to launch new features for this app, as it has the potential of helping bloggers on Google Buzz reach a different type of audience than other types of micro blogging platforms (like Twitter and Tumblr).

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Blogger Embraces Change, Makes BlogSpot Beautiful Again (Themes And Design)

After offering users the same stale templates for months on end (if not years), it looks like Google has finally added some decent themes for blogspot fans, as well as making it easier for non-geeks to redesign the layout of their blogs.

(Blogger Buzz) We’re thrilled to announce that the Blogger Template Designer has launched toBlogger in Draft, our experimental playground where users can try out Blogger’s latest features. The Template Designer brings a new level of customization to your blog. […]

We worked with iStockphoto, the leading microstock image marketplace, to put together a great collection of beautiful images and patterns to use as backgrounds on your blogs. The photos are stunning, and are free to use on your Blogger blog.

Google is also teaming up with the Blogger theme designers in order to have their creations featured within the new theme store, which should help make BlogSpot blogs slightly more attractive (as not everyone is gifted in web design). Read More

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