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Fighting Blogging Addiction

No longer neatly confined to psychoactive substances, addiction ranges from everything from sex to blogging. That’s right, blogging.

Feeling guilty for missing a blog post? Losing sleep over that comment someone left about a typo you made? You could have a problem. We’re not going to make you stand up, say your name, and admit that you are addicted to blogging. But we are going to encourage you to take a long, hard look in the mirror, because it’s going to be up to you to help yourself. Bloggers won’t be getting their own reality show helmed by Dr. Drew anytime soon.

A few tell-tale signs you might have a problem:

– You’re choosing to blog instead of having sex.
– You cancel/avoid plans or stay indoors on a gorgeous day.
– You never feel satisfied. Not in the quality of your posts or the amount of traffic your blog receives.

Here are three action items to help get the problem under control… Read More

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4 Things Today’s Bloggers Can Learn From American Idol!

Okay, after much deliberation, I’ve decided to go public with a personal confession.

As they say, confession is good for the soul. Right?

So, here it goes…

Other than Keanu Reeves, Jazz music, herbal tea, and your “garden variety” 50% off sale, there are few things that I’m fonder of than American Idol.

Now that may seem trivial to some of you, nonetheless, I’ve said it.

So who the heck cares, and why am I sharing this with you?

To adequately prepare you.

With a few weeks left before the end of this season, I’m totally geeked!

Which loosely translated means; you’re almost sure to find sporadic references here and there hidden amidst future blog posts. You’ve been forewarned. :-)

But, before you dismiss this chick with a mouse button click, allow me to make a relevant point. Read on… Read More

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A Blogger’s Money Balancing Act

I don’t like working for other people.  There I said it.  And if future employers want to judge me by that statement it’ll be their loss.  Because I am a loyal, hard-working, dependable dude who is damn good at what he does.  But that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy taking orders from people who muck up my creatively sound ideas (and are often not fit to manage).  I just have to tolerate it.

With the economy lingering in the toilet like a black ring hugging porcelain, many of us are faced will fewer opportunities to change or land jobs. Read More

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4 Dumb Ways To Fight Comment Spam (Use Them At Your Own Risk)

In the never ending war against spam, many bloggers across the internet are utilizing tools (both free and premium) to thwart aggressive marketers attempting to sell everyone useless “enhancement products” or adult rated toys.

Unfortunately many bloggers (both seasoned and newbie’s) are choosing methods that are turning potential commenters into lurkers, killing off what could be a thriving community.

So unless you enjoy massive collateral damage while you battle against comment spam, here are four dumb (yet popular) ways to fight comment spam–as well as alternatives for those of you adopting these methods. Read More

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Gravity Forms Review

Gravity FormsBefore I started using Gravity Forms I used a whole array of plugins to provide me with different kinds of functionality surrounding forms. So when Gravity Forms was introduced I naturally was curious Read More

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3 Ways to Attract “Trophy Bloggers”

No doubt you’ve discovered – either by exposure or experience, that guest bloggers can make your spot hot, and increase your visibility exponentially in the blogosphere.

Done correctly, their words of wisdom and timely tips can do wonders for your “wow” factor.

And let’s not forget that these blog-buddy arrangements provide a win-win situation for all parties, which adds to the overall appeal.

Featured guests get to tap into your fan base and potentially gain new followers, and you get the benefit of their “groupies”, a different voice and style for your readership, a day off from posting your stuff, and everybody goes home happy.


What you haven’t figured out is how to draw top talent. Read More

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7 Steps to Build A Better Blog

This is a guest post by Onibalusi Bamidele, a 16 year old young entrepreneur.

Building a better blog is not that easy, it requires dedication and sometimes it requires parting with your money. Why build a better blog you ask? Building a better blog is critical to your online success and all the elements listed below will help you have a better blogging experience.

Nice Design

So many people think this is not a criterion but so many people tend to leave some blogs if it does not have a good design. You need to have a nice and good looking blog, that has a
better design and that easily draws people attention. They all want information and there are several places to get the same information you provide on the internet so you have to give them a good reason to even read your blog, a good design comes in in this place because so many people believe people with good designs have good content while
those with a poor design have poor content. It might not be easy to get a free wordpress theme that will help your blog look more unique, you might need to buy a premium theme which makes your blog look even more better. The Thesis wordpress theme is a good example to use, you can get a custom designer to help you customize it to the look of your
blog. You are parting with your money but having the right theme will pay off later. Read More

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Sunday Morning SEO: Top Rankings Provide More Than Just Traffic

Many bloggers are concerned about branding, credibility, and being perceived as an expert over getting a lot of raw traffic. Of course, they don’t mind getting traffic but for various reasons, they choose to focus on those other elements. As such, they don’t do a lot of SEO because they think that SEO is a traffic-generating technique. Instead, they do other activities designed to build their brand like creating high quality content and social media marketing.

However, I think they misunderstand SEO. SEO is not just a strategy to get more traffic. It can also build your brand and credibility and make your site a top site in the eyes of many people.
Read More

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How to be the “Emily Post” of Blog Hosts

Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt of a guest post Jennifer wrote for Nicholas Cardot’s excellent Site Sketch 101.

If you want guest bloggers to gather at your “virtual doorstep,” it’s important that you follow a certain “netiquette.”

Basically, as a good blog host, you’ll want their experience to be quick, painless and pleasurable. It’s a no-brainer.

And if you want to attract the “cream of the crop” courtesy and care should be added in for good measure.

Besides the fact that guest bloggers provide free, quality content and allow you to “play hooky” from your blog for the day, heck, it’s just good old fashioned business sense and promotes good karma.

All we have to do now is let Nicholas Cardot post a guest entry on BloggingPro, if he has time for us of course.
Read Jennifer’s entry at Nicholas’ Site Sketch 101: How to be the “Emily Post” of Blog Hosts.

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New: BloggingPro Job Board, Free Blogger Jobs Listings

After many years of existence BloggingPro has become one of the major blogs in the blogging and blog software scene. Of course we plan to continue expanding our horizons and deliver you more blogging news and tips, but that is not all and we here at BP want to deliver our users even more.

In our continuing effort to offer more to our readers, I am happy to announce the addition of the BloggingPro Job Board to the site.

Free Blogger Job Listings

Jobs can be added in three different categories: blogger jobs, blog designers needed and developers needed. Read More

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