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Blogging for Profit: 4 Successful Strategies

This is a guest post by Claudia Gonella, an active real estate blogger covering international real estate in Nicaragua, Belize, Costa Rica and Panama.

What’s the goal of business blogging? To trade your words for attention and sales. But the ‘selling’ must be done indirectly. A blog full of overly promotional posts, or a ‘catablog’’ with post after post featuring a product or service is not going to make the grade. Successful business blogs build credibility with their readers by providing them with value. Do this for long enough and you’ll cultivate such a strong relationship with your readers that when they’re ready to buy they won’t even think about contacting one of your competitors.

Here are some practical examples of how to use blogging to increase the profits in your business. Our sector is overseas property, but the insights hold true for other business categories. Five years ago we started a real estate blog and it has had a transformative effect on our business. Here are 4 changes we made, and how they added to our bottom line. Read More

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How to Create Blogging Business Cards

With several major networking opportunities in the near future, it’s time for me to replenish my stock of business cards.

The last time around, I purchased some awesome cards from Moo. My favorite thing about these is that you can customize every card. So if you order 100 cards, you can have 100 images on each. I found this very useful in order to target different demographics. The cards are also a unique size, which makes them stick out in a crowd.

This morning I had a colleague hand me his new biz cards, and they are impressive. A heavy card stock created by an eco-friendly green printer, boldly showing off his name and skills.

As a blogger, you need business cards. Now the question is, how – if at all – should these differ from generic businesscards? Read More

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Tumblr topples Typepad

Today is a sad day for Six Apart, who was unable to slow down Tumblr’s rise against Typepad, despite copying the former’s reblogging feature in 2009.

According to Quantcast, Tumblr is now receiving 10.7 million uniques when compared against Typepad’s 10.6 million stateside, although the gap between the two services expands once you include international users. Read More

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5 Ways to Drive Visitors Away from your Blog

Writing great content is essential to attracting visitors to your blog and keeping them on your blog for more than a few seconds.  The last thing you want to do is drive them away before they even have a chance to read that great content.

If you want to drive people away from your blog quickly, do the five things listed below.  If you want people to stay on your blog long enough to read what you painstakingly wrote, avoid the five things listed below at all costs.

1. Frighten them with sound.

Want to drive people away from your blog faster than you can say ‘boo’?  Add an audio element to your blog and scare their pants off when they arrive!

2. Test their patience with slow loading images.

Want to really annoy people who visit your blog?  Fill your blog with images and don’t bother to save them to web-friendly sizes, so they take forever to load on screen.

3. Stop them in their tracks with barriers and gateways.

Want to put on the brakes before visitors can read a word of your content?  Require visitors to register with their names and email addresses to view your content or access parts of your blog.

4. Block your content with ads.

Want to really irk your visitors?  Cover your content with pop-up ads, floating ads, or expanding ads.  Not ready for interactive ads yet?  No problem.  Put so many ads on your blog that it’s impossible to find the real content amid the clutter.

5. Ignore them by never updating your content.

Perhaps the easiest way to drive visitors away from your blog is to do nothing at all.  That’s right!  Don’t bother updating your blog.  Don’t respond to comments.  Forget it exists, and visitors will, too.

What drives you away from a blog before you even take the time to read the content?  Leave a comment and air your grievances.  We’re celebrating Festivus early this year.

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Blogging Pitfalls: Plugin Purgatory

Everyone loves WordPress plugins. They’re great and they can do a ton of great things from improve your commenting system to improving your site’s security.

While WordPress plugins are great, too much of any good thing is simply that, too much. Going overboard with WordPress plugins can have an adverse affect on your blog in many different ways, possibly resulting in a blog that barely functions.

So before you click “Install” and add yet another one of the latest and greatest WordPress plugins, it’s important to take a moment and make sure it is actually in the best interest of your site.

If you don’t, you could wind up paying for it dearly down the road.

Read More

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4 Reasons to Read Your Blog Aloud

I’ve watched my blog traffic grow from zero readers to thousands of daily readers. But I don’t need these numbers to tell me that I’m a good blogger.

I get daily offers from public relations firms and potential advertisers, but this “love” doesn’t tell me that I’m a good blogger.

And your comments. While they do make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, they are not a metric I use to gauge my blogging success.

How do I know I’m a good blogger?

Because every word I write sounds like I am saying it.

Seriously. If I read this post (or any that I write) aloud, it would sound natural rolling off my tongue. To me, this is blogging success – posts that capture my voice. I am a true believer that a blog is a conversation, and if I’m representing myself, I want the words I type to sound like, well, ME!

Aside from making sure that your blog post has captured your “voice,” a tone that is unique to you, there are several other benefits to stretching out those vocal cords to read blogs that you write. Before I ask you to read your last three blog posts aloud, allow me to present several other benefits to reading out loud. Read More

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4 WordPress Tools Every BlogSpot Lover Needs

You’re probably thinking “Why would a BlogSpot disciple even consider using tools from their nemesis? Isn’t Blogger already a professional service?”

While it’s true that one can easily pro blog upon Google’s favorite child, WordPress does offer BlogSpot devotees 4 incredible tools to aid their quest at becoming a blogging pro.

Although none of these tools require Blogger guru’s to embrace the WP brand, ignoring them could spell the difference between success and failure. Read More

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How To Create A Cool “Bubble Up” Effect For Your Blog’s Icons Using CSS

CSS Bubble EffectA few years ago, the bubble effect that I’m about to show you to create could only be executed using flash animation but thanks to some CSS innovation, the limitations and boundaries to simple yet elegant design are crumbling. For any blogger or website owner, its very important to learn a little HTML and CSS; you will find that you have more control over your blog’s design and will be able to implement simple changes that can make your blog’s design stand out.

Here is a short and simple tutorial to give your buttons a nice bubble up effect that is sure to catch your readers’ attention, using the image swap method in CSS. Read More

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Achieve Blogging Success – Tips To Fight The Deadly Disease Of Procrastination

Fighting Procrastination in BloggingThere are many habits and practices that affect our abilities to truly succeed in blogging. For many of our bad habits, we are not aware of them until someone points them out to us or we see others complain about them. Thus it is very important that we are aware of all that we are doing by conducting some critical self analysis.

Truly successful blogging requires the same effort as would any other goal or vision; and many of us are experiencing failure because we allow bad habits to creep in and take over. One of the deadliest habits we could ever allow and become complacent with is procrastination. Continuously putting off those great post, product or service  ideas for later will inevitably cripple your blogging efforts.

Here are some highly effective tips for defeating this deadly disease to help you experience ultimate blogging success. Read More

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Why Bloggers Shouldn’t Ignore Foursquare

Yes, I think it’s childish to want to earn a “virtual” award. And yes, I do worry that robbers are going to break into my house when I’m enjoying a steak in the city. But despite all this, I will risk it. Yup, I am now a Foursquare user. It’s not because I want my friends (I don’t have that many!) to track me down when I’m out on the town. Rather, it’s to help promote my blog – my brand – ME.

Foursquare and other hyper-local, mobile-connected services are evolving into the next big marketing wave, and if you’re not engaged yet, you will be soon. Close to two million people already are…and growing.

Here are the reasons why I decided to join, and why you should consider as well. Read More

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