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Blogging Pitfalls: How to Avoid Blogging Overload

Stressful DeskNearly every blogger has had this experience. You fall ill, go on vacation or otherwise miss a day or two of posting and then come back to a serious mess. With so much to catch up on, only 24 hours in the day and a workload that could crush any mortal, many either just give up or cut corners.

The problem is that, as bloggers, we tend to expect too much of ourselves, we anticipate being able to run at 100% all of the time and, when we can’t for whatever reason, we put ourselves in a position where we have to do more than is physically possible to get caught back up.

This leads to a case of blogging overload, trying to do too much with too little time and too little resources. It’s one of the most avoidable crises in a blogger’s experience but one of the more deadly. After all, when one finds themselves in a situation where they have to do more than is physically possible, they have to make sacrifices that will negatively impact their writing in one way or another.

And these are sacrifices no blogger should ever have to make. Read More

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Which WordPress Host Is Right For You?

If you were to survey the vast majority of WordPress compatible hosting companies, you would find that most (if not all) of them could be classified into one of four different categories.

While each category has its own advantages and disadvantages, users should careful to choose the host that best fits their needs (whether those be financial, security, freedom, etc.) before launching your blog to the world.

Although everyone has their own bias (including yours truly!) over which option is the best, here is a “brief” guide to help those of you new to the world of WordPress, as well as for the many considering adopting it as your preferred platform. Read More

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Blogging Traits Blog Editors Look For

Trait: A distinguishing feature of your personal nature

As someone who hires bloggers on a regular basis, there are certain traits that I look for. Of course there are the obvious skills: good writing, command on the English language, proper grammar. But there are other traits that come in handy

What I look for in a blogger…

CREATIVE THINKING. Coming up with unique angles and ideas for blog posts is an important trait for a blogger to have. With so many bloggers flooding the Internet, I find myself drawn to the folks who are able to breathe new life into old subjects. As a blog manager, this eliminates the pressure of having to come up with hundreds of blog post ideas a month.

A NATURAL RE-WRITER. Since there are only so many new ideas, a good blog writer should have a knack for identifying interesting posts on other blogs and be able to to re-write the content in their now unique style and tone. Read More

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