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Squarespace Mimicking Tumblr?

Squarespace (a premium CMS service used by thousands of bloggers) is preparing to launch their long awaited revolutionary platform which they’ve dubbed as V6 (which is short for Version 6).

While the company did reveal that Squarespace’s new features that will “power tomorrow’s web,” their CEO did hint V6 will embrace the Tumblog craze (which has already infected Typepad, LiveJournal and Read More

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Blogging Pitfalls: Why No Blog is an Island Unto Itself

IslandOn the Internet, nothing happens in a vacuum. Your site, your traffic and your readers are being constantly impacted and affected by things that are going on elsewhere. If Google makes a change to their algorithm, for example, this can have a drastic impact on your traffic and the type of readers you get.

Likewise, what your readers are looking for and talking about will, inevitably, be affected by what other sites are discussing and what they’re seeing elsewhere.

The simple truth is that you don’t have a single reader who only views your site and nothing else on the Web. Everyone on the Web is reading other sites, emailing, IMing, using social networking and participating in the Web in countless other ways.

Because of this, you can’t try to make your site stand alone or treat it as if it’s the only place your readers need to be. Your readers’ interests are both varied and deep and, short of having the entire Library of Congress on your site, there’s no way you can be all things to them.

As such, the best thing you can do is not try and, instead, try to take advantage of this natural ebb and flow of the Web by using it as a means to both make your site more useful to your readers and, perhaps more importantly, gain even more traffic.

No site is an island unto itself and, even if it could be, it’s unlikely that you’d even want it that way. Read More

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Tumblr’s Share Button (And Why Your Blog Needs It)

Taking a cue from Facebook and Twitter, Tumblr recently launched their official share button to the world, which may appeal to bloggers who prefer not to partake of the Tumblr frenzy.

The Tumblr Button can give you complete control over how your content appears when shared on Tumblr. Not only does this mean specifying an excerpt or summary, but also deciding whether it appears as a Link, Quote, Photo, or Video Embed.

Even better: This can be deeply integrated with just about any publishing platform to add contextual buttons next to things like paragraphs or photos. (Tumblr Staff Blog)

The ability for Tumblr’s to control how they share content upon their sites is huge, especially when dealing with the limited sharing options presented by Twitter or even Facebook (the latter which at least provides thumbnails).

While the button might be a huge win for the micro blogging site as well as the Tumblr tribe, bloggers upon other platforms should consider adding the button for the following reasons. Read More

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Disqus Makes Blog Comments Cool Again Via @Mentions

Taking a cue from Facebook, Disqus has rolled out @Mentions which may not only help increase the number of quality comments upon one’s blog, but help bloggers reach new users as well.

Before @mentions, commenting threads were an island. There wasn’t a way to reach out to people who weren’t already participating. Now with @mentions, you can call out your friends or friendly social media gurus, and get them involved in the conversation.

To begin using @mentions, just type the @ symbol and then continue typing the name of the person you’d like to mention. As you type you will see a drop down list of suggested users to choose from. The drop down is smart; it will update with increasingly accurate suggestions the further you type. (Official Disqus Blog) Read More

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How To Tell Your Friends And Family About Your Blogging Job

“Go get a job!” This is a very common expression and also a pathetic one, traditional people have said to internet pioneers in the past, in order to “wake them up from their insane illusions”. It’s a very annoying phrase that can demolish the ambitious dreams of young entrepreneurs today, too.

Nevertheless, even in the middle of serious economic meltdown, financial responsibility is still on the increase. Many people are therefore searching for either a supplementary means of making extra income or a way of curing their financial slavery. One of the major places that people turn unto to face this unfavorable condition is the internet; by starting an online business and creating active online presence.

You may have gone through the initial stages of establishing your online business and now it seems that everything is under control or you may be one of those who are new to internet and strive hard to make it work. But you still have one thing bothering you; how to tell your friends or more importantly your mom/spouse (I ‘m not joking) or other family members about your new found business. I understand that saying those words can be hard, especially when there is no physical office or tangible products you can show them; everything is virtual so you don’t want your business to sound too good to be true. It is even more difficult for people like me who quit their job completely and delved into the online entrepreneurship passionately. People have related your job to a specific place you should be every morning perhaps with a particular dress code. Moms, especially, even boast that their child is hired by a big company without knowing how it feels to work for one. Instead, when they see you in your pajamas sitting for hours in front of your PC then something is definitely going wrong. They just can’t get it. So, here is what I do… Read More

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Disqus Laughs At Facebook Comments, Releases Impressive Stats

Disqus apparently has nothing to fear from Facebook comments, as the tiny startup revealed some interesting stats regarding the popularity of their commenting system.

The Disqus network of communities reaches nearly 500 million unique visitors every month. This is across the 750,000 websites using Disqus, with about 35 million users participating on these communities. […]

According to a recent study by Lijit, Disqus is used by 75% of websites who use a third party commenting or discussion system. (Official Disqus Blog)

Note: Emphasis theirs.

It’s no coincidence that Disqus is currently winning the third party commenting wars as the startup makes installing Disqus as simple as possible upon popular platforms like Blogger and Tumblr (via widgets and short codes, respectively).

Rival services (especially Facebook comments) usually require much more tinkering with the code, which can make installing them more intimidating for users unfamiliar with HTML .

Disqus currently supports every major blogging platform and service available save (the latter who only allows IntenseDebate which is similar to Disqus).

For those of you who have installed Disqus, what features do you enjoy the most about the service? Also what features would you add that you find are currently missing?

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Tumblr Domination Continues (Now 18 Million Strong)

Tumblr has just passed the 18 million blog marker, which is phenomenal seeing as the company only boasted 15 million sites in March.

For comparison’s sake (the most popular blogging service after Google’s Blogger) passed the 18 million mark in March, and currently boasts 19.7 million blogs as of this post.

According to Quantcast, Tumblr’s ranking is officially at 34 (out of the top 1 million sites), having climbed up 6 spots in just two weeks!

Despite Tumblr’s limitations (i.e. one image, video or audio per post) people, businesses and even government agencies are flocking towards the platform who seems to have perfected the “art of blogging” (or at the very least micro blogging).

Although several notable platforms have mimicked Tumblr’s post format features over the years, very few blogging services (if any) have witnessed Tumblr’s incredible growth.

For those of you who use Tumblr to power their personal or professional sites (or who have at the very least tried out Tumblr), why do you think users are flocking upon the micro blogging service?

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Blogging Pitfalls: How Blogging Can Ruin Friendships

Lonely DogFor most bloggers, blogging and friendship go hand in hand very well. I know many of the people I consider friends, including both online and off, I would not have met without my blog and some of them have become involved in my sites in various ways, either as business partners, guest authors or just general supporters.

That being said, making friends through blogging is great and having the support of existing ones is just as good, there is a big difference between being friends with someone and working with them, especially over a long period of time.

The problem is that blogging, as fun and as exciting as it can be, is also a lot of work. Work, unfortunately, can divide friends all too easily. Failing that, the business side of blogging can also easily come between two people who, otherwise, would have been great friends.

This is why it’s important to think twice before starting any collaborative blogging effort with your friends. Simply put, you could sink a lot more than your site into the endeavor, you could also lose your friendship.

Read More

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Video Hosting Services: 3 Questions Bloggers Should Ask

When it comes to video hosting, which option is the best for your blog? Should you stick with an in house solution, pay for a premium service (like VideoPress) or choose YouTube instead?

While everyone has their own preference for which video service is the best, here are a few questions bloggers should ask before selecting one for their site. Read More

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