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BlogSearchEngine: Win A Platinum Listing Package

Promote Your Blog - is a PR 6 blog directory that was founded in June 2003, the property allows website owners the chance to have their blog listed with a fully reviewed description and back link to the website of their choice. It’s a great place to promote your blog.

The site features dozens of categories which means your website will always be placed in the most relevant section such as “blog tools and hacks,” “gardening and plants,” “financial blogs” and everything in between.

Currently the site has expanded to offer four types of listing packages from a standard Blog Search Engine Review and Listing for $14.99 all the way to a Platinum Package which includes a full listing with blog review and the following additional high PR listings:

  • Bloggy Award Review (PR5)
  • Link on for 3 Months
  • Featured link on Eatonweb blog portal (PR6)
  • ‘Featured Blog’ display banner for 15 days ( Read More

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What You Can Learn About Viral Marketing From Design Blogs

Happy PillAny niche blog has a good chance of generating a fair amount of buzz. Because it is specified to a single category, it focuses the traffic it brings in and is able to reach a targeted audience much better than more general websites. One great example of this principle in action is the design blog, which is a highly relevant topic in today’s web-centric world.

Over the years a pattern has emerged from successful design blogs when it comes to subject, content and the process of running them. Through these patterns we can learn a lot about how to successfully market on a viral scale, especially with web sharing being a near-constant source of attention in a time when word of mouth has been adapted to provide an incredible source for marketing.

These are some of the best tips that can be learned from design blogs, which you can then take with you to begin your viral marketing campaign. Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (October 31-November 1)

Blogging Pro Job BoardHow has this week been in terms of job hunting? Have you found any interesting gigs that pay well? Here’s to hoping that this week’s Job Board highlights can help you in that regard. Have a great weekend!

Long Term Law Article Writer

A marketing firm is looking for a long term law article writer to join their team. This job is cool because they accept anyone from around the world – it’s the English writing skills that matter. Read More

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Amazon S3 Plugin Review For WordPress

Wordpress PluginThe Amazon Simple Storage Service is one of the best ways a website owner can choose to store their websites images, not only is the service simple to use it also provides faster website load times by serving a websites images from Amazon controlled servers.

If you’re using a WordPress and you don’t mind paying a very small fee (approximately $10 per 150,000 pageviews) you should definitely be using this plugin.

Installing the plugin is a simple process, simply download the file from the WordPress repository by either visiting HERE or by searching under “Amazon S3 for WordPress” in your WordPress plugins administrator section.

Once installed navigated to the plugin and you will see the following display options: Read More

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3 Potent Blogging Tools to Build Your Rank

I don’t know if you ever thought about it but the most potent factor in any business is time.  No matter what your field of endeavor, it takes time to do the tasks associated with making it a success. Since time comes in the same quantity to everyone, how you utilize your time is of the utmost importance in growing a business or building a satisfying life.

In blogging or any other business, productive time equals success whereas wasted time equals lost revenue.  But you must find a balance between doing the work necessary to build a business and still have time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  If you spend all your time building your business so you will have the resources to enjoy life, what have you accomplished if you don’t have time left to enjoy it?  

So with that in mind, this article is written to share some tools of the trade which will help you be a more successful blogger by organizing your work time so you achieve more in less time. Read More

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The One Crucial Step Almost Every Blog is Missing

Megaphone ImageYour blog can have the best design imaginable, great content, good inbound links and even great traffic but still do almost no good whatsoever. No matter how great your site is, all of your work can go to waste if you don’t have a way to convert those visitors into something that is useful to you and your goals, whatever they may be.

Whether you want them to come back later, tell their friends about your site or even become a customer, a visitor that reads your content and leaves does little more than move your hit counter. While that can be somewhat useful if you’re selling ad space, an engaged visitor is much more valuable in every way, no matter how trivial that interaction is.

That’s why your site needs a good call to action, something to tell your visitors what you want them do to help you and your site. This is a crucial step that haunted attraction websites, generally, do very well but blogs do not .

If your site is missing a clear, concise call to action it’s time to review what you want from your visitors and, more importantly, how you can ask for it. Failure to do so is not only limiting your site’s growth, but likely costing new fans, customers or subscribers every single day. Read More

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Creating Consistency On Your Blog With Persistent “Focused Content”

Content Is KingWhile a blogger should always provide new and exciting types of content to keep their returning and new visitors entertained and informed there is something to be said about create certain “types” of content that can be revisited in new and exciting ways.

One of the easiest ways to quickly develop content with a common unifying theme is through persistent “focused content.”

Defining Persistent Focused Content

So what exactly is persistent focus content, in it’s most basic of terms it refers to repeating post types used at consistent times. For example a blogger might run a website where “hot topics” are sometimes discussed, such as a parenting website, in that case “Hot Topic Tuesday” would be a persistent focused content option in which the blogger consistently creates a hot topic post on Tuesdays. Read More

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