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WP To Twitter Plugin For WordPress. Twitter Post Management With Customized Settings

WP TO TWITTER LogoWhen adding recent posts to your Twitter account there are many WordPress plugins that can get the job done, however I rarely stray away from the WP to Twitter plugin because it’s use of custom fields and Twitter OAuth access have guaranteed that my posts will reach my Twitter account with the type of output I desire. I currently run WP to Twitter on 6 different websites and in each case the plugin has delivered as promised from it’s use of shortcodes to full URL shortening access and more.

Once you have uploaded the programs plugin to your WordPress install you will find a screen explaining the different post update shortcodes that can be used by the program. As you’ll notice you have the option with each tweet to add such output as post titles, blog name, a short excerpt from your content, category information, date timestamps, the posts URL and even the post author name. These options are all great ways to brand your content in a unique fashion that isn’t your standard “Post Title – Link – Blog Name” format. Read More

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Guest Posting on a Low PR Site : Yay or Nay?

Many times guest bloggers get caught up on the PageRank (PR) of a website. For those who are unfamiliar, Google uses a tool called PageRank to do just that: rank webpages. Oddly enough, the tool was named after Google co-founder Larry Page and not after the action of ranking pages, but I digress. A website’s PR has to do with the overall quality of the website, which includes a variety of factors including unique content, how often your site is referenced, the authority of the site that references you, etc. Google created an algorithm to measure all of these qualities, and the website is then assigned a PR number from 1-10 based on the algorithm findings. The higher the number, the better the website for users and guest posting.

Whether or not you find this to be true, websites with a higher PR tend to be on the first few pages of a Google search engine page. According to an Optify study, the top three spots on a Google search engine page receive 58.4 percent of all clicks from users. This therefore means that these webpages get the most visibility, so it makes sense to want to guest post on one of these websites. After all, you’re likely guest posting on a blog because you want to improve the visibility of your own blog. This is why guest posting is so important.

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A-List Article Creation That Can Improve SERP Rankings

Blog Linking Articles

Simply explained an “A-List” article is a post that features information from various articles you have posted on your website.

Some websites exhibit these lists on a daily basis, for example Engadget loves to write “what you missed today” posts. Other websites like to offer weekly and even monthly A-List type posts.

Regardless of what A-List time schedule you choose to keep a properly organized A-List article can help increase SERP on your past articles and allow your readers to better engage with your sites offerings.

Here are a few simple tips that can help you create a quick and effective A-List type post.

1. Title – It’s All About The Keywords and Linking

When writing a short summary of each article you would like to highlight It’s highly recommended that you place your targeted keyword directly by the start of the linked article. If you’re original title already uses the keyword close to the start of the title (you should be doing this anyways then you can simply link the title to your article.

As an example if I was focusing on “Bounce Rate” for a post on I might use the following link: Read More

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