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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (July 2-6)

Blogging Pro Job BoardHi, everyone! If you’re not taking a long break because of the Fourth of July, here are some jobs you might want to take a look at. Good luck!

Freelance Textbook Editor/Writer

This job is being offered by a well known name in the educational realm, Jones & Bartlett Learning. They need remote editors and writers who can work on the topics of Emergency Medical Services, Electrical Training, Firefighting, Automotive Training. If you have the necessary knowledge and experience, it might be you they want!
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How to Grow Your Blog When the Money Starts Trickling in

For most bloggers out there, making even a few dollars seems like an elusive dream. But nothing really beats the feeling of seeing that first cheque from Adsense or getting your first commission payment from Amazon, not matter how small. And small is how most blogs will start, unless you’ve invested heavily in full time staff and a huge marketing campaign from the start then you are going to need to build your audience slowly and surely by delivering a regular flow of high quality and engaging content.

But what do you do when your blog, whether you started it with aspirations to quit your day job or simply as a hobby or passion project, does start to pay you a few pence here and there? It could be paying its own way by covering your hosting costs, or bringing in a bit more pocket money. Read More

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Take a Cue from The Amazing Spider-Man in Rebooting Your Blog

The Amazing Spider-ManThe Amazing Spider-Man has swung into theaters across the world and so far, the general consensus is that it’s a good movie. Everyone and their children know that this movie is a reboot of the Spider-Man franchise previously led by director Sam Raimi and starred Tobey Maguire as the wall-crawler.

Some people think that it’s too soon for a Spider-Man reboot but we can all agree that director Marc Webb and star Andrew Garfield, the new Spider-Man, has done a tremendous job at re-introducing Marvel’s flagship superhero to the world. As bloggers, we can take a hint from how they went about this reboot, especially if we’re struggling to find our second blogging wind.

There will always come a time in your blog’s life when it will look and feel old, uncool, and maybe even irrelevant. That’s the time when you should consider giving your blog a shot in the arm by doing a reboot. It could be a simple redesign or a total restructuring of your writing style or vision. Doing a reboot simply means you are starting over without really starting form scratch. Here are some lessons in rebooting a blog from The Amazing Spider-Man.

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10 Habits of a Highly Effective Blogger

This post is a little lengthy… so I won’t waste your time with a lousy intro.

1. Checks Facebook only once per day.

The average person spends way too much time on Facebook. It is true; Facebook can be a valuable tool for a blogger. It helps bloggers find new readers, and keep the conversation going with their current following. It helps them find other bloggers in their industry.

But, when not used correctly, Facebook can also be an insane time eater. Reading your friends’ every status update, browsing through photos, etc can take up much more time than you should be willing to spend on that one social media platform.

Part of being an effective blogger is using time efficiently. So, to make better use of their time, most effective bloggers will check Facebook only once a day. This allows them to access the necessary updates and spend a little bit of time updating and conversing… but not so much time that they waste an entire day liking their cousin’s photos of their dog.

*Tip to Becoming a Highly Effective Blogger: Don’t view Facebook as a fun way to take a break. As a blogger, Facebook is a marketing platform. Looking at friends’ photos is not going to make you money, or get you traffic. Limit your Facebook time to once per day. While on Facebook, concentrate on activities that will help grow your blog and readership. Read More

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Corporate Workers Escape the Cubicle and Work from Home

Working from home, day 1With the advent of personal computers, the internet, and webcams, working from home is easier than ever before. Employees enjoy the non-existent commute and the relaxing environment. Employers appreciate the low cost of a smaller office space and the happier, more productive employees. If you are interested in leaving your current corporate environment and working from home, take a look at some of the opportunities that are currently available in the job market. Read More

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