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Using “Shared Experiences” to Create More Valuable Content for Company Blogs

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 “Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.” – Viktor E. Frankl

Many people today are constantly searching for purpose in life. Discontentment transcends age, gender, economic status and race. Fortunately, we are interdependent as a species. We thrive on affirmation and never hesitate to give advice. Such interactions don’t always lead to knowledge of the “ultimate goal”; but they do yield meaningful, shared experiences.

Answering a friend’s question.

Making a suggestion to a colleague.

Following the advice of a family member.

These are all great examples of shared experiences. Since technology has made communication much more convenient, idea and opinion sharing effectively found its way online. Capitalising on the human tendency for semantics, search engines are rapidly moving away from keyword-prompted results towards meaning-based answers to user queries. Read More

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Putting Your Business on Auto Pilot


Putting your business on auto pilot doesn’t have to be scary. You already automate all time– like flying in a 747. You have paid your ticket. You are boarding the plane. You have found your seat. The plan takes off. It handles fine. You trust in the pilots to get you there safely. Then about an hour later, you see both the captain and the co-pilot taking a coffee break at the same time. Do you panic? No! Why not? You have come to the realization that the plane is now on “auto pilot.” But here’s the thing: You trust the airline, the pilot, the co-pilot, and the equipment to handle the plane fine on “auto pilot.” If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have flown with that airline. The same is true with automation with your business. Read More

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Blogging Tools For Keyword Research ~ Free Tips and Tricks for PC, Mobile, Blogging, SEO, etc.

Blogging Tools For Keyword Research ~ Free Tips and Tricks for PC, Mobile, Blogging, SEO, etc… (via

Thought this would be a good article to share with you bloggers out there. Click the link below to read the original article.. When it comes to SEO optimization, one of the most valuable and important elements is the so-called keyword research. Search…

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It is almost impossible to talk about marketing online today without mentioning guest blogging. Whether your aim is to improve brand exposure, get quality backlinks or attract traffic to your website, it is worth it to consider guest blogging. In this post, a review of guest blogging reveals the best practices you should familiarize yourself with.

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Rich Gorman’s Top 5 Tips for Boosting Online Sales


Rich Gorman is a sales expert, direct response marketer, and blogger. In today’s age, when there countless “experts” offering advice on what to do to get results, it can be difficult deciding on what advice to follow.

Rich has a proven track record and years of experience, and his advice has been featured on reputable sites like Search Engine Journal and MediaBistro; I have been studying him for awhile now and I would like to share some of his tips for increasing online sales. Read More

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BloggingPro Job Board Highlights (September 30 – October 4)

Job board highlightsHappy Friday, folks! What are you going to do tonight?

Before you kick off your shoes, here are the job board highlights this week.

Social Media and Photo/Video Blog Poster

Successful joke and comedy site with booming traffic and high social media engagement is looking for 3 individuals for full time monthly contract. Successful applicants must have excellent English language skills and familiarity with American culture.
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The Truth About SEO & Dedicated IP For Bloggers

dedicated IPThere is a great deal of confusion surrounding the issue of whether or not having a dedicated IP offers a significant boost in terms of SEO. For a long time many webmasters believed that having a dedicated IP address would improve the website’s page ranking and even although Google have dispelled this myth there are still many people who believe this to be true.

Getting To The Root of The Myth

The myth that a dedicated IP can improve SEO rankings has been around for a long time and it is difficult to trace where it actually came from. However, in 2006 Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team stated once and for all that there was no connection between the two. “There is no PageRank difference whatsoever between these two cases (virtual hosting vs. dedicated IP)”, said Matt Cutts.

Is There Any Value In A Dedicated IP?

So is a dedicated IP address a complete waste of money? In short, no it is not – there are still reasons to choose one. One particular situation in which a dedicated IP is not only a good idea, but something of a necessity is if your website is dealing in e-commerce. When you are operating a shopping cart on your website it is very likely that you require an SSL certificate in which case you will need to ask your hosting provider to allocate you a dedicated IP address for your website. This will make sure that all of your customers’ data is secure during transactions. Read More

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Link Building: Trust, Relevance, and Diversity

bloggingproIt’s no secret that link building is one of the most popular methods for small businesses looking to improve their online rankings.  For this reason, there have been tons of companies, experts, and new tools surfacing to try and help companies build a link portfolio and earn quality backlinks. Unfortunately, this also means that there are many SEO agencies and articles out there trying to cut corners and offer poor link building advice (which is easy to do when working in such a changing industry like SEO). The moral of the story: It’s important that small businesses understand what makes a great link portfolio in the eyes of Google.

Characteristics of a Great Link Building Campaign

What many are beginning to realize is that earning a backlink from a great website isn’t always going to be enough. This backlink has to be something readers can trust, it has to be relevant, and you have to have a variety of links. These are essentially the three things needed to move from a good link profile to a great link profile. Read More

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120 Blogging tips to promote your blog

120 Blogging tips to promote your blog (via

SOURCE 120 ways to promote your blog A blog is one of the most effective ways to promote your business and website. These 120 Blogging tips are divided into a 9 part series. A comprehensive list of tips to promote your blog and power up your Social…

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5 Creative Blog Design Strategies to Attract Viewers to Your Blog


Not only is blogging one of the most popular pastimes for young professionals, but it’s also a great way to earn a little extra income. Blogging is all about finding your voice and knowing how to identify and reach a niche audience by implementing smart, blogging strategies.

Building or increasing viewership to your blog involves more than just integrating marketing strategies onto your blog, it’s also about finding creative ways to design it in order to captivate viewers and coming back for more. In a society that’s all about visual stimulation, it’s necessary for bloggers to understand the fundamentals of blog design in order to be successful, popular bloggers.

If you’re new to the blogging game, and wish to find ways to build an on audience implementing creative visuals onto your page layout, here are five creative ways you can attract your viewers using simple design layout techniques. Read More

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