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Top Ten WordPress Contact Form Plugins

A great list of all available contact forms for WordPress.

Functional, attractive and working, these designs have it all – very important if you’re using a page for your business, or after a lot of feedback for an article or conversational piece. So instead of spending forever looking around at countless sites, I’m sure there’s something here for you!

There’s actually twelve plug-ins on this list, but since two are Premium, I’m sure that you don’t mind the difference. They’ll take usability and functionality to a whole other level.

Check out the list here.

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New WP Version for Android

WordPress have realeased the latest version (V1.3.8) of the blogging platform for the Android Market, which has addressed a wide range of issues that have been raised by users.

You can now choose what the post status (Draft, Pending Review, Private or Publish) whilst editing or writing

They’ve also addressed a wide range of bugs:
* Fixed crash when adding media on Dell Streak
* Fixed crash when attempting to add a self-hosted site with an invalid blog URL
* Fixed local db problem when upgrading from a 1.0.x or 1.1.x version
* Updated Polish translation strings
* Fixed crash when trying to add a second blog from a account or WordPress multi-user install
* Fixed no-name blogs from showing as blank in the multi-user blog selection screen
* Comments Loading progress bar no longer hang

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Landing Page Fixes to Improve Conversions

An interesting list of seven fixes to improve conversions of landing pages.

The entry written by Tim Ash of looks at the amount of text, affinity, anxiety and even ‘keep your promises’. A must read for anyone looking to improve the conversion rates of their landing pages and sales.

You should be very clear about your desired conversion action (whether it is a sale, download, form-fill, or simply a click-through to another page). All other clickable links or choices on the page should be eliminated or visually de-emphasized.

Read the entire entry at mThink.

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154 Free Monochrome Developer Icons

WPZoom released a free set of icons for designers and developers. The icons are designed by David Ferreira and available in .PNG, .AI and .PSD format. The icon set features most common icons, also social media buttons, and is rather complete for most uses. A preview of the set posted below.

The set can be downloaded for free at WPZoom.

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Retrieve Your Twitter Followers Number Without API Issues

In this WPShout entry Angela Giese provides the code to use and retrieve the number of your Twitter followers without being hit by the Twitter API restrictions, which popular bloggers can suffer from. This work around is mainly aimed at popular sites not using the Twitter widget.

Once you have added the code to your functions.php you can easily implement the number of Twitter followers anywhere in your theme or design.

Read the tutorial, completely with copiable code, at WPShout.

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Headline Splitter WordPress Plugin

We just created a new plugin for WordPress that we thought you would like:

This plug-in allows you to enter an alternate headline for every post on your blog. The headlines are then randomly alternated on your website until a certain number of “headline views” has been reached. At that point, a “winning” headline (as determined by the number of people that have clicked on each headline to date) is determined and that headline is shown going forward.

And it’s free!

Please check it out! We would love your feedback/a great review.

View the plugin on WordPress Extend or read the announcement post.

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Better WordPress for Clients

A series of three free ebooks about using WordPress for your clients. The first deals with customising WordPress, removing branding and unnecessary fields, the second book looks at how you can pitch WordPress to your clients and the third books has an intensive look at the options to secure WordPress.

All three books are must haves for the WordPress fan and thinkerer.

Read the complete entry, inclusively an interview with Automattic employee Tammy White, here.

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Disqus Comments Hook Users In

An interesting story about the way how the Disqus Comments system hooks its WordPress users in, by not communicating with the WP database when a comment has been marked as spam.

Bug or voluntarily hooking the users in by holding the cleanliness of the comment stream hostage?

It will be interesting to see if the Disqus community will fix this spam issue or whether this is a form of locking users in.

Read the complete entry here.

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Correct Coding for WP Sidebars

Great entry by Justin Tadlock, of Hybrid Theme fame, on the correct way to integrate sidebar into WordPress themes. Also contains a very detailed explanation of the term sidebar and its possible uses in WordPress Themes.

A must read for anyone who want to develop themes for WordPress: Read Justin’s entry here.

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