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Even The Problogger Gets Lonely

One of the things that many non-probloggers don’t realize is that probloggers work in a rather secluded environment. We sit at our desks, with no one in the next “office”. Darren Rowse, of fame, is getting a little lonely and has decided to organize a little meetup.

Are there any Melbourne readers who would like to get together for a few hours one morning in the coming week or two to hang out and do some blogging over breakfast, a coffee and with other bloggers?

I’ve often sat here in a cafe blogging and wondered how many other bloggers around the city do a similar thing.

Blogging can be a reasonably isolating experience for some – perhaps we should get together every now and again and do it together.

I think more bloggers should set these up. Meeting each other is a great way to network with each other, and work together.

I applaud Darren for reaching his hand out there, and I hope it goes well for the Melbourne bloggers.

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Marshall Kirkpatrick Shares Work Flow after Leaving TechCrunch

The editor of TechCrunch for the last six months, many people have seen stories that Marshall has posted, and come to know his style, personality, and become jealous of how he is able to find the latest news. After leaving TechCrunch to pursue his own work once again, he decided to release some details on his work flow that helped double the RSS subscribers.

RSS feeds make it possible to consume far more information at a faster pace than would otherwise be possible for the human brain. That said, many people experience a new level of information overload once they begin reading feeds. Here’s an overview of how I read thousands of RSS feeds without breaking a sweat.

He then talks about finding a good start page like Original Signal, PageFlakes or one of my favourites, Popurls, organizing a feed reader program, and making sure the high priority stories are able to find you through RSS to SMS or other such services.

It is the simple tips and reminders that can sometimes be the most helpful, so check out the article on Marshall Kirkpatrick’s site.

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Blogger Beta: Feature Complete!

If you are a fan of Blogger and all that they offer, prepare to get excited. Their new Blogger Beta is now feature complete. I have tried it out, and it definetly seems like a remarkable improvement over what they had.

From Blogger Buzz:

Most importantly, the addition of FTP to the beta means that account migration will soon (like Really Really Soon) be available to all Blogger users — it’s currently just enabled for blogspot users. Thank you all for your patience with the recent outages and networking problems – they’ll soon be a thing of the past!

So expect some great changes in the near future. Blogger is coming back as a competitor in the hosted blogging platform. Who knew?

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Blogging For Dollar$

I just wanted to do a little “yippee for me” moment here on BloggingPro, as today an article came out in the local newspaper called Blogging For Dollar$. While they did not focus heavily enough on the fact that blogging is NOT a get rich quick project, they did profile some great people, as well as mentioning me.

Not so long ago, blogs were mere hobbies for the tech-savvy or for conspiracy theorists who had finally found soapboxes from which they could address the world. Today, there are an estimated 50 million blogs on the Internet, so it’s hardly surprising that some have become profit-making ventures.

The so-called A-list bloggers have achieved both fame and fortune by posting news, gossip, opinions — or cheeky combinations of all three — online. Last October, Jason Calacanis reportedly sold Weblogs Inc.’s 85 blogs to AOL for $25-million U.S. Earlier this year, Michael Arrington quit his job as president of a startup to run one of the hottest technology blogs on the Internet,, for $60,000 U.S. in advertising revenue each month, he told Business 2.0 in September.

About two-thirds of Canadian adults surfed the Internet in 2005, according to Statistics Canada, and cyberspace is now a key target for marketing campaigns. With millions of readers, top-rated blogs have easily convinced companies to take out banner ads on their websites. Bloggers typically charge advertisers based on the number of “impressions,” or page views, their blogs receive. The bigger a site’s readership, the more advertising dollars it can command.

Check out the full article at the Ottawa Citizen, and let me know what you think. Did the reporter understand blogging well enough? Do you think the traditional press shows blogging in the proper light?

Up until this article was published, I had not seen much positive press on blogging, and so I am interested in what you think.

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Blogger Tool: AvantBlog

Blogger users can post entries from their Palm or WinCE device via AvantGo using AvantBlog.

AvantBlog works directly from the Dented Reality server, communicating with the server to authenticate you (log you in) and then get a list of your available blogs. When you post, it checks to make sure you are logged in properly, then posts what you have written to the blog you want it on.

Screenshots located here.

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Blogger Reloaded: The Way It Should Have Been

A nice
on Blogger, Google’s blogging system. If you’re searching for a blog home this is a good article to acquant yourself with Blogger.

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