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Asking You: Filtering Past Comment Spam in WordPress?

Well, I have finally come to a problem that I don’t have an immediate response for. I am looking for your help to fix. I have a blog where I moved it from Movable Type to WordPress, and it has tons of comment spam on its posts. I was wondering if anyone knew of an updated tool that will work with WordPress 2.1.2 to go through into the past and either flag or remove all that old comment spam?

The blog has Akismet on it, but that doesn’t deal with the past, unless there is a setting I am missing, and thus will look fairly silly. So let me know what plugins I can use to filter past comment spam.

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MooseCamp Overview: Part One

Mashups for Non-Programmers

The big topic of interest was Yahoo! Pipes, a new service from Yahoo! that allows you to manage RSS feeds and do some interesting things.

You can clone pipes and modify them, and you can merge feeds together and filter them based on content.

While it was an interesting session one of the most important things is that if you depend on a hosted service, you might have outages and that is exactly what we got to see mid-way through the Pipes demo.

In the first session they also make mention of the fact that you have to remember that not all RSS feeds are created equal and so content filtering via Yahoo! Pipes doesn’t always work.

Identity and Security

We currently have too many identities online, and that was the main point of the Identity and Security session. They talked about the number of online identities that people hold, and a quick poll showed that around fifty percent of session attendants had around 100 accounts, profiles and identities online through various services and sites. And everyone agreed that we are tired of entering the same information over and over on each and every site.

There is a growing trend though towards a single sign on service. An identity provider that has some form of relationship with other sites to process your logins easily. You can log in once, and be signed onto and accepted to many sites.

It seems like a great idea, but if it is controlled by any single corporation, it can take away control from the citizens it is supposed to provide a service for.

If Microsoft made a deal with Nike and Microsoft had colour preferences and whatnot they could give that info to Nike who could then be able to market you better. But if you didn’t want to give that information to Nike it is too late as you don’t have control over that information anymore.

The most interesting technologies to come out include OpenID and Microsoft CardSpace. The good thing is that CardSpace is going to work with OpenID. I will be interested to see how that all pans out, but with sites like Magnolia and soon Digg supporting OpenID logins, I think I’d place my support in that camp.

Getting Your Podcast Levels Right

Bruce Sharpe, co-author of The Levelator, a piece of easy to use Windows, Mac, and Linux software that magically levels out audio levels held a session to talk about podcasting and how you can easily improve how your podcast sounds.

He gives some quick tips that podcasters should follow including using a bandpass filter at 80-10kHz, removing snap, crackles and pops, a little tweaking of the EQ if needed, and some gentle noise reduction, as more is not better.

Another great tip that came out of the session is making sure you have a decent sound card because the included notebook soundcard in certain lower end machines will make even the best microphones record horrible audio.

The piece of free software mentioned most during the session was Audacity, so that seems like a must have for podcasting.

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Create Us A Plugin

That’s right, we here at Bloggy Network are looking for the creme of the crop in WordPress plugin makers to come and help us out with a plugin we need. It is a paid gig, and requires knowledge of Yahoo!’s search API.

If you are interested in the project, please leave a comment here with the e-mail address you can be contacted at. We know there is a guru out there with the skills we need. Go WordPress Plugin Power!

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Recent Spam on Blogging Pro

Well, as great as Akismet is, it doesn’t seem to be saving Blogging Pro from the recent spam attacks, and so now I have the fun job of adding more plugins to the mix, and hoping they don’t fight with each other.

I will be dealing with the spam the best I can, and I hope you can all understand how hard it is to keep a blog spam free.

Thank you for your patience.

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Blog Herald Owners Revealed: Copycatting and Other Thievery

Well, over on the Blog Herald, the new owners have revealed themselves, and its the Bloggy-Network that bought the site. No…I don’t mean us. I mean the UK Bloggy-Network. See the dash…that makes them different and should quell any confusion.

This post, as much as any other tone it has, should serve as a warning. Just because you are the Internet and are blogging, does not mean you can forget about the “real world” issues that come with making money or building a company like accounting, legalities and whatnot.

This blog, Blogging Pro, has been around for some time, and in July of 2005, Jacob Gower puchased it and formed Bloggy Network LLC, a blog network company.

The reason I mention this is because there has been some problems that the company now needs to deal with as the new owners of the Blog Herald are also named Bloggy Network.

In its word from the previously anonymous owners, a few readers raised the issue as to why the new owners had a name very similar to ours and really, we’d like to know as well.

The whole issue stinks of an attempt at getting some publicity. was registered on July 20th, 2005 while (the other guys), was registered April 18th, 2006. With the non-hyphenated version taken, you’d think that would be enough to dissuade anyone from building a company, but alas almost a year later, they decided to proceed anyways.

Even other well known bloggers like Darren Rowse have chimed in about the rather odd name.

Of course, this isn’t a one shot deal. As exhibit B we have: Pingoat, the popular pinging service, and Bloggy Ping, a “copyright 2006″ service of This blatant rip was confirmed by Kailash, the original creator of Pingoat.

While we understand that there are many companies and technologies based upon the works of others, especially online in the forms of mashups and whatnot, I think that ripping off names, ideas and efforts of others is still frowned upon.

I guess all us here at the non-hyphenated Bloggy Network should be proud. After all, imitation is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery.

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A Call For New Bloggers: Life, TV, Cars, Golf and AJAX!

Some great news today for all of you out there looking to get into blogging, Bloggy Network is on the hunt for some new blood, and so if you are interested in blogging about lifestyle hacks, a fan of the best televisions shows out there, a gearhead that can tell the difference between a 2001 and 2002 Porsche 911, a fan of teeing off and getting to the green, and a coder that knows what DHTML has basically evolved into, you should send us an e-mail with your details, a sample of your writing and some details on your passion.

These are paid positions within the Bloggy Network, so if you love lifestyle tips, television shows, cars, golf or AJAX, contact us today. If you are interested in a position we are not currently advertising, please feel free to send in your resume as we are always on the look out for great writers with a passion to succeed.

E-mail: Jumpbug[at] with your details.

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Bloggy Network Looking for Passionate Bloggers

The time has come though to add a few more great bloggers to the mix. I have been working for the Bloggy Network for over a year now, and I really enjoy it.

So, if you are passionate about AJAX, TV Shows, Automobiles, or Finance/Money Management, Bloggy Network is looking for you. We have positions open in each of these subjects currently, and are looking for some great writers.

We don’t pay per post (but at minimum 1 post every weekday will be required).

We pay for quality. We are not looking for someone to just post the news (although posting the latest news is okay), we are looking for someone that has original thoughts and ideas. We want high quality, original content whether it’s writing an in-depth guide to something or posting original thoughts and commentary on the latest breaking news.

Contact jumpbug{at} to apply with links to your previous work or include a sample or two in the body of the e-mail.

Don’t forget to specify which of the topics you are interested in blogging on. If you are passionate about a topic not already covered in the Bloggy Network, feel free to drop us a line to let us know your interests, and maybe we could work something out.

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BloggingPro Redesign: Who Did It?

I have had a few people ask me how we came up with such an ambitious re-design. Well, the Bloggy Network could not have done it without Elena from Design Disease. You might have seen other sites in the Bloggy Network with just as slick designs, all Design Disease. We are happy to have them helping us look a little better as we rummage through the web finding text that you all might like.

So while we won’t be releasing this design, or any of our current designs as community themes, feel free to contact DesignDisease to get something just as nice.

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Welcome to the New BloggingPro

As you can see, we have finally moved away from what amounts to a hacked up stock theme for WordPress. We are really excited about the new design, and think it better fits the content we are producing as well as the subject we are talking about here each day.

A few things might still be in flux, so let us know if any bricks fall from the heavens ruining your experiences here.

-BloggingPro Staff

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Blogging Pro Redesign Tease

We over at the Bloggy Network have been very fortunate to have Elena of DesignDisease working up some great designs for all of our blogs and service sites, and as you all know, Blogging Pro has been well overdue for a redesign for some time, and so I am sure you will all be excited to know that soon, Blogging Pro will be sporting some fancy new graphics.

This post though, would be useless without the drool worthy teaser image, and so I leave you with this:
Blogging Pro Redesign Teaser

Let me know what you think of the bits and pieces you can make out from the little sample graphic.

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