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WordPress Patch: Spam Words Bug

Kitten points out a bug in WordPress 1.2 that will give you unexpected results if you leave a line space at the bottom of the Spam Words list under Options — Discussion — Comment Moderation. Be sure to either implement this hack, download the latest copy of WordPress from the nightly builds or be sure there are no line spaces after the last word in your list.

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New Weblog About RSS

Everything a non-tech user needs to know about RSS 2.0. “A place for developers of publishing and aggregation tools to communicate with users about their offerings.”

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If your blogging software doesn’t support Trackbacks, no need to worry. Simpletracks will send Trackback pings for you. Just enter the Trackback URI, your blog name, entry title, entry URI, and an excerpt of your entry. Click ‘Send Ping’. Your done.

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Combining Traditional News With Commentary

Memeorandum combines a synopsis of the latest headline news and combines it with relevant blog entries, combining weblog commentary with traditional news reports. It’s a pretty unique idea. How does Memeorandum decide which weblog entries to include in its news reports? First by relevancy, then by timeliness. The only thing I couldn’t find was how they locate relevant weblog commentary?

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Tips for New Bloggers

Alex King has 10 suggestions for new bloggers.

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What Are Webfeeds (RSS), and Why Should You Care?

What Are Webfeeds (RSS), and Why Should You Care?

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Blogger Reloaded: The Way It Should Have Been

A nice
on Blogger, Google’s blogging system. If you’re searching for a blog home this is a good article to acquant yourself with Blogger.

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The Road Ahead

State of the union address by WP developer Matt Mullenweg. Several bug fix and new feature releases may come before multi-blog capabilities are released. This from the WordPress Development Blog.

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Blogs of The Screen Savers

Here’s a list of blog links for all your favorite Screen Saver crew members including Leo Laporte, Sarah Lane, Dan Huard, and Kevin Rose.

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An Introduction To Weblog Terms

A little confused about what RSS or Permalink means? Freshen up on weblog terminology with this introductory article.

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