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WordPress Date Image Hack

Here’s a short tutorial on using dynamic images to replace the date entries in your WordPress 1.5 blog.

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WordPress Plugin: Multiply

Multiply is a plugin for WordPress 1.5.x which allows multiple blogs from within the one administration interface. Includes one-click creation of new blogs, with per-blog user permissions, plugins, themes etc.

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WordPress Navigation Bar Hack

This hack adds a top navigation bar to the default Kubrick theme.

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Simple Hit Counter

This is a very simple hit counter that counts unique IP addresses and displays the total count on your page somewhere. This process requires you to create your own MySQL table so be aware.

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WordPress Hack amd Tutorial: Creating A Dynamic Sticky

Have you ever needed to have certain articles stay at the top of your blog longer than others? Sometimes the good stuff you write gets bogged down and indistinguishable from the other stuff. This WordPress hack and tutorial shows you how to focus your front page to feature the good stuff, but not loose all the other stuff too.

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WordPress Hack: Sidebar Login

WordPress sidebar login form hack adds a login form in the sidebar and once you’re logged in, will display your user name and user controls.

r0x0rz has modified the hack to work with the Blix theme.

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WordPress Hack: Search Meta

Search Meta is a WordPress 1.5 hack that makes search queries look at custom field values in addition to post content. It is compatible with the authors Search Pages plugin. Please note that this requires you to edit core WordPress files.

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Create WordPress Stats Page

GaMerZ has quite a few plugins/hacks/mods for WordPress version 1.5. I’m currently using WordPress 1.5 Stats and you can see it in action here. The stats mod is not a plugin but a stand alone script that you drop into your WordPress root. I wanted the script linked from my list of pages so I created a blank Page and then altered my .htaccess file to redirect the newly created Page of to which is the stats script. There may be an easier way to do it but this is all I could think of.

WordPress 1.5 Stats does not display visitor stats but rather your WordPress statistics.

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WordPress Trackback Spam Patch

Trackback Patch (1.22) by Elliott Back prevents botnets from placing trackback onto your blog. The code checks the trackback for any URLs, and makes sure that at least one of them matches the IP address of the sender. This is a hack and requires changes to a core WordPress file.

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WordPress Hack: Comment Bubble

Comment Bubble is a cool way to show how many comments a post has. Check it out.

Bubble preview

Thanks Weblog Tools Collection

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