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How to Succeed as a Blogger – 4 Tips Everyone Should Know

There are as many reasons to get into blogging as there are people with blogs.  Heck, some folks (myself included) try to maintain more than one blog for various niches and specializations.

Regardless of what inspired you to start blogging, chances are you’ve considered monetization and long-term earning potential as reasons to maintain active updates.

Earning money through blogging is a fantastic way to allow your hobby to pay for itself, perhaps even building into a lucrative income.

Before you hop on the monetization bandwagon,however, there are a few things you should know about the rules, regulations, and guidelines in place to protect consumers and bloggers alike.  Essentially it all boils down to being completely transparent about any sources of income connected to your blog. Whether your opinion on a topic could result in commission to you if a sale is made, or if you’re just raving about something you’ve purchased because you love it and want the whole world to know, you must inform your audience. Read More

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How to Create Quality, Attractive Blog Content

If you’ve been beating your head against the wall trying to lower your bounce rate for your blog without any guidance or direction, don’t start to feel like you’re the only one.  Most people that are struggling to keep their readers engaged, give up and move away from blogging. However, to truly figure out how to keep the attention of your readers, you must learn how to make your content “sing”; so to speak. Until you learn this, your fight for attention will be never ending. Read More

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How Many Times Per Week Should You Publish New Posts


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This is a common question among bloggers and online business owners. If you’re a blogger then publishing new posts is essentially what you do. For an online business owner it’s a side task, but it’s still crucial for achieving any kind of success.


No matter what you’re using your site for, publishing new posts/entries/articles is what keeps the site up-to-date. Visitors like content that’s up-to-date, Google likes content that’s up-to-date, your business partners like to see that your content is, again, up-to-date. Essentially, having up-to-date content is what makes you seem professional. By the way, how many times can you use “up-to-date” in a single paragraph?


However, there’s always one question that arises whenever the topic of blogging gets mentioned: How often should you post? Read More

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Overcoming Hurdles in Your Content Curation Process

Many bloggers these days are turning to content curation as a tactic to add to their repertoire of blogging tools.  As they do so they are finding that content curation can be hard work.  Maybe not as hard as content creation, but it does have its own hurdles and can be very time consuming to do well.

The biggest hurdle to content curation is also why it is valuable to your blog’s community – there is so much information to read through and digest out on the internet.  To do well at curation, you need to process 20, 50 maybe 100 articles and posts per day to find great information to curate.  Just skimming a bunch of titles from your RSS feed and posting them without comment just doesn’t cut it these days. Read More

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How to Make Money from Your Blog Without Cramping Its Style

You want your blog to earn you an income, right?

Most bloggers want that. But you don’t want to cramp your blog’s style by plastering it with a bunch of flashing, in-your-face advertising. You don’t want to add affiliate links to every paragraph. And you don’t like the idea of running sponsored (in other words, paid for) posts on your blog.

It just feels… not right. Not your style. Not what you wanted for your blog.

That’s cool. I’m going to share with you how you can make more money blogging a different way. Read More

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5 Essential SEO WordPress Plug Ins For Beginners

For anyone just starting out in SEO or even existing SEO professionals, there’s arguably no quicker or easier way to experiment and learn than by running your own blog. In fact, I’m of the opinion that ALL SEO professionals should have their own side projects. If you don’t, you spend your entire full time job just keeping up with competition and never eclipsing them. Running your own site gives you more freedom and exposure to techniques you wouldn’t use on client sites. So don’t wait, it takes just minutes to set up a WordPress site and here are the first plug ins you should add to kick off your SEO campaign: Read More

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How to Craft the Perfect “About” Page for Your Blog

If a reader checks out your about page, it usually means one of two things. They either like your blogging and want to learn more about who you are or they are seeing if you are interesting enough to start reading in the first place.

Regardless of which motive brought them to the page, you want to be sure to do a killer job of talking about how awesome you are and why they should keep coming back to read your blog posts. If you only spend five minutes and throw up a paragraph of text and an email address, you are costing yourself readers, traffic and much more.

The most important message to convey through an about page is communicating who you are. It sounds simple, but properly telling your story requires a bit of work. Don’t write a few boring paragraphs about your background in whatever industry you blog about. People want to know interesting things about you. What is your day job? What’s your favorite drink? What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? Put some personality into the page and let people know you are a living, breathing person. Read More

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Rookie Mistakes That Could Be Turning Readers Away From Your Blog

Your blog is up and running, and you have written several posts that touch on what you feel are meaningful topics. So why is your traffic counter stagnating and why do none of your posts have any comments from visitors? If you are experiencing these issues, you could be committing some rookie mistakes that could be turning readers away from your blog.

1. Your advertisements of your blog did not generate interest, but rather disgust. Commenting on blog posts of others is a great way to bring attention to your blog. However, if you have been shamelessly promoting your blog through your comments and not adding anything of value to the conversation, then you could actually be deterring people from visiting your site. Shameless promotion includes not commenting on what the blog author has to say and instead only leaving a link demanding that others visit your blog. Read More

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Does Your Blog Need a Homepage?

Years ago, when I worked for a major retailer, one of the perks was getting free magazines. Once a periodical was considered outdated, an associate would be tasked with ripping off the covers and adding the “naked” magazines to a pile. Staff members were allowed to rummage through this stack.

I took my fair share magazines, but it was never easy figuring out which ones I wanted. Without the cover, it takes quite a bit of sifting to figure out if there’s an article that you want to read. Can the same be said for blogs? Do we need a “cover?”

Think about your favorite magazine. It’s those attractive pictures and pithy problem-solving questions that get you to crack open the publication. Without a cover, determining whether or not a magazine is worth our time becomes a laborious task. OK, so it’s not hard to leaf through several pages. But we already know that reading physical publications is much different than perusing electronic content. So the question I’d like to pose today…because I don’t know the answer…is whether or not your blog should have a homepage. Read More

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Multitasking: The Death of Blogging?

Suddenly, we all can juggle. But if you took the time to sit down a clown (highly recommended!) and ask him how he does it, you will likely get a story that involves hundreds of hours of practice. And some of us, no matter how hard we try, will never be able to toss – and catch – simultaneous balls in the air.

The majority of bloggers do not have the good fortune to blog full-time. That means there’s the likelihood that when we blog, we are doing other things at the same time. Bad move. It’s time to usher in the era of unitasking! Read More

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