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Did India Block Blogger?

There are reports coming in that Blogger (aka BlogSpot) is unavailable for numerous India users without the assistance of a proxy.

Users are already sounding off upon the official Blogger forums, although one user is suspecting that the block is not due to technical difficulties (which is my first assumption) but rather due to “big brother.”

Blogspot Blogs are increasingly becoming non-accessible in India. Surprisingly, if a person uses a proxy, she can have access to her blog. This logically means that Indian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are blocking access to Blogspot Blogs in India.

Why this step has been taken is still not known. Even at Google’s Help Forum this question has been put for further discussion and diagnosis of the problem. But even at the Forum the possibility of Blogspot being Blocked/Censored has not been ruled out. (CJNEWS India)

This isn’t the first time India has blocked Blogger, although right now neither the Indian government or Google have issued any public statements regarding why numerous users can not log into Blogger or  view their blogs online.

While the optimist in me is hoping that this is nothing but a technical difficulty with an ISP, hopefully this isn’t yet another attempt at government censorship.

Note: For those of you in India, can you confirm or deny this report?

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Blogger Courts Android, Is iPhone Next?

After watching rivals like WordPress reap the rewards of creating mobile apps, Google has finally decided to court the mobile universe by creating an official Blogger app upon Android.

While launching an Android app first wasn’t surprising, the Blogger team is apparently working on other mobile OS’s which means we might see an iOS Blogger app in the near future.

We are excited to announce our first version of the Blogger Android App. Using the app you can easily compose a post, attach a photo that you just took with your phone, and either save it as a local draft for later or immediately publish it to your blog. If you are an Android user, you can start using the Blogger app today by downloading it for free from the Android Market. […]

Note: this app is available only on Android devices but we are working toward supporting other smartphone platforms to allow more of our users to easily post to Blogger on the go. (Blogger Buzz)

Note: Emphasis mine. Read More

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Should WordPress Bloggers Use Blogger As A Backup?

No, I’m not referring to using Blogger (aka Blog*Spot) as your backup, as you should already be using a dedicated service designed to backup your blog.

Rather I am referring to using Blogger to host a replica of your site online (technically referred to as a mirror site by professional geeks) just in case your blog site goes under due to heavy traffic, hackers or (worse) a renegade plugin that is not up to date.

While the idea of using Blogger as an online backup may not suite everyone (as you will see from the reasons below), certain bloggers sporting WordPress users may need to consider creating a subdomain (or even leaving the “.blogspot” on) if your site falls underneath these criteria. Read More

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Problogging On Blogger (The Sequel): BlogSpot Lovers Take Note

Last time we discussed Problogging on Blogger (aka BlogSpot) in June, we discussed how Blogger fans could improve their sites by simply following 8 simple steps.

Fortunately for BlogSpot fans Google has added (or improved) a few notable features since then, although unfortunately many BlogSpot users are not taking full advantage of those features (which could drastically improve their blog).

While not every feature Blogger utilizes should be embraced by BlogSpot warriors (as the second tip below highlights), every individual who chooses Blogger over rivals should follow these steps (especially blogging pro’s who blog for fun as well as for profit). Read More

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Should Probloggers Choose Service Hosting Over Self Hosting?

A long time ago at the beginning of geek time there were two types of bloggers. Those who blogged for fun (or passion), and those who earned a profit from blogging (the latter who were often referred to as “pro bloggers”).

Back then it was easy to tell the difference between the two as more often than not pro bloggers chose to self host their sites while the masses opted for the free version.

Fast forward towards today and many blog platforms allow users to pro blog on the cheap.

In fact by purchasing a domain one can turn a site like Blogger, Tumblr, or even OnSugar (for you Drupal fans) into a professional site for the price of the domain (which for most is $10/year).

Faced with those expenses, should a person even consider service hosting their blog instead of self hosting?

For those wondering whether self hosting is the best option for them, here are the pluses and minuses for service hosting one’s blog. Read More

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Is “Blogger” a Good Enough Job Title?

What you call yourself is a big part of personal branding. Pick a broad job title and people might be concerned you are not an expert; choose something too refined and the depth of your knowledge can be doubted.

Plumbers have it easy; the world understands what a plumber does. Maybe not every detail, but enough to get the gist.

These days most people know what a blogger is, but do they really understand what a blogger does? Not every writer can be a blogger and vice versa. Read More

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4 WordPress Tools Every BlogSpot Lover Needs

You’re probably thinking “Why would a BlogSpot disciple even consider using tools from their nemesis? Isn’t Blogger already a professional service?”

While it’s true that one can easily pro blog upon Google’s favorite child, WordPress does offer BlogSpot devotees 4 incredible tools to aid their quest at becoming a blogging pro.

Although none of these tools require Blogger guru’s to embrace the WP brand, ignoring them could spell the difference between success and failure. Read More

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Problogging On Blogger: 8 Tips For BlogSpot Lovers

Despite the massive amount of attention that WordPress receives in the media, the fact of the matter is that Blogger (also known as Blogspot) is still the number one platform in the blogosphere.

According to both Quantcast and, Blogger receives three times as much traffic as its WordPress rival, despite the fact that the latter allows users to use their platform upon their own server.

While there are serious financial advantages of using Blogger over WordPress, most BlogSpot fans do not utilize these assets to the fullest (which might explain why there are so few blogging pro’s using the platform).

So for those of you who choose the orange and white “B” over the blue and white “W,” here is a how to guide on how to make the most of your BlogSpot experience without having to exit the world of Google. Read More

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3 Ways To Make Spammers Cry (On WordPress And Blogger)

If there is anything I hate more than content thieves, it’s spammers!

Unlike the former who simply steal your content and claim it as their own, spammers attempt to destroy your site by linking to either “enhancements,” products or their own sad blog.

Since many bloggers power their weblogs with Blogger (aka BlogSpot) or WordPress (both and, here are 3 tips to help keep your blog free from spammers (and perhaps make them cry). Read More

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Blogger Embraces Change, Makes BlogSpot Beautiful Again (Themes And Design)

After offering users the same stale templates for months on end (if not years), it looks like Google has finally added some decent themes for blogspot fans, as well as making it easier for non-geeks to redesign the layout of their blogs.

(Blogger Buzz) We’re thrilled to announce that the Blogger Template Designer has launched toBlogger in Draft, our experimental playground where users can try out Blogger’s latest features. The Template Designer brings a new level of customization to your blog. […]

We worked with iStockphoto, the leading microstock image marketplace, to put together a great collection of beautiful images and patterns to use as backgrounds on your blogs. The photos are stunning, and are free to use on your Blogger blog.

Google is also teaming up with the Blogger theme designers in order to have their creations featured within the new theme store, which should help make BlogSpot blogs slightly more attractive (as not everyone is gifted in web design). Read More

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