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Tips for Building High Quality Backlinks

With the arrival of Google’s search algorithm update known as Penguin, there was a panic among small businesses and bloggers that their SEO work may fail them, sending them plunging down the results page and into online obscurity. The damage to their profits could be tremendous.

Building high quality backlinks  naturally isn’t a secretive process. It’s something anyone can do if you commit to the right strategy and the hard work it requires. Here are a few tips for building high quality backlinks that will last: Read More

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Is Integrating with Facebook Really a Good Idea?

Facebook Plugin SamplesYesterday, Facebook announced the launch of a new WordPress plugin that makes it easier than ever to integrate Facebook into your site.

Though integration has always been possible, it’s been a bit of a headache requiring a mashup of plugins and/or coding to integrate with Facebook’s notoriously verbose and complex API.

The new plugin makes integration easy. With a few minutes of setup and no coding, WordPress users can now add a social publisher that blasts their posts out over their feeds and fan pages, replace their WordPress comments with Facebook’s alternative, add a recommendations bar that finds related posts and also add like, subscribe and send buttons.

The plugin is both so powerful and useful that Samuel “Otto” Wood, the creator of the popular Simple Facebook Connect plugin, will eventually stop supporting it in favor of the official plugin.

But is integrating your site so tightly with Facebook really a good idea? The answer isn’t simple and it depends heavily on your site and the best way to decide is to look at the pros and cons while making the decision for yourself. Read More

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True Facebook Personalization with Insta-Cover

Facebook recently introduced a massive change for its members’ personal profiles through Facebook Timeline. According to Facebook, Timeline allows people to tell their “life story” in a more streamlined, easy to read manner by allowing users to highlight certain memorable posts and share their musings, photos and the various events in their lives to their friends.

Probably the most conspicuous addition to Facebook Timeline is the Cover, that huge space at the top of your personal profile where you can put a photo. Facebook says that you can put an image that best represents you as a person. This means that it is a place that you can personalize to your heart’s content. Read More

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Website Marketing for Startups

A question which is asked quite often is: ‘When my website goes live, how do I market it?’ As we all know, getting visitors to your website within the first 3 – 6 months can be an uphill battle with very little reward.

We are going to talk through the steps needed to get your website seen by the most relevant audience, from offline marketing, all the way through to search engine optimisation (SEO). Read More

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Understanding The Importance Of Facebook Fan Page Engagement

Facebook Engagement

When I first started using Facebook fan pages on my various websites I immediately began to think of those pages as an extension of Twitter. On Twitter I simply dump every story I write directly into my Twitter profile and allow my users to pick and choose what they read. However I soon realized that not only do Facebook users begin to ignore a fan page when their are too many posts popping up in their news feed, it can also cause Facebook to turn away from your pages, displaying them to less fans.

To better understand Facebook fan page engagement and why it’s important let’s take a look at what engagement does for a fan page.

1. Post Engagement Leads To Exposure

Many Facebook users don’t realize that the less engagement they receive on their fan page posts, the less future posts are shown to fan page subscribers. For example, if I setup a Facebook post on my page and of my100 page followers 5 people leave a comment I have a 5% engagement rank for that post. Because anything over 1.5% is typically seen as a high engagement score Facebook is more likely to show my next fan page post to all or most of my subscribers. If my engagement score falls below 1.5% however there’s a chance that only a fraction of my fan base will be shown my next posts in their news feed. Hence, post engagement leads to more website exposure. Read More

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3 Easy Ways To Integrate Facebook Into Your WordPress Based Website

Facebook WordPress LogoIf you plan to integrate Facebook into your WordPress setup there are some easy plugins and template hooks you can implement to achieve that goal. Whether you’re looking for an “upload and activate” plugin or embed friendly code there are plenty of options to choose from.

In this section we examine Facebook Comments for Wordress (plugin), Facebook Like Box (embed code) and Simple Facebook Connect (entire plugin framework).

If you want a simple commenting system check out our first option, if you want to build your fan page for your Facebook page try option two and if you want to integrate Facebook with your login platform, like boxes and other options check out the Simple Facebook Connect option.

In any case you’ll likely find a plugin or code base to serve your Facebook needs. Read More

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WordPress Embraces Social Commenting, Are Google Accounts Next?

Lovers of can finally allow readers to comment using their Facebook and Twitter credentials without having to install IntenseDebate.

As an important touch, we let you stay logged in to multiple services. This means you can stay logged in to Facebook for convenience, but still leave a comment through Twitter or your account. Just click whichever identity you’d like to use, and the selected one will be associated with your comment when it is published. You’re in control of your identity, as you should be. (Official Blog)

Automattic (the company behind is planning on porting this feature for self hosted blogs via JetPack, which should help fill a gap for bloggers who want social commenting without having to embrace third party options like Disqus or Facebook.

Currently there is no option to post a comment using your Google account, although the team may consider the search engine giant in the not so distant future (depending upon demand of course).

For those of you powering your blogs via, have you activated social commenting upon your sites? Also what other services (aside from Google) would you like to see added?

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Would You Ditch Your Blog For Facebook Notes?

Believe it or not the worlds largest social network actually boasts a blog utility to it (which in retrospect isn’t surprising as Facebook is heavily courting bloggers nowadays).

Simply dubbed Notes, this Facebook utility allows users to easily create lengthy posts (beyond the 420 character status limit), as well as easily format texts and insert media.

Although it’s not surprising to see Facebook boast a blog utility within its domain, it is surprising to see how popular Notes has become (at least among many of my friends), especially in light of more powerful options such as WordPress and Blogger.

For those of you seriously considering using Notes as your main blog platform, here are a few reasons why you may love (as well as hate) powering your blog via Facebook. Read More

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Facebook Comments Vs Disqus: Which Is Better?

In one corner, weighing in at 600 million plus users is the social behemoth known as Facebook, a Jedi Master when it comes to all things social, but a novice when it comes to the commenting arena.

In the other corner is Disqus, weighing in at 35 million active users, and who currently sits as king of third party commenting systems.

Although there are other commenting systems such as Echo and IntenseDebate (the latter which is owned by Automattic), I’m coming across more sites and blogs adopting either Disqus or Facebook comments so for now I’ll focus on these two titans.

Since both services have advantages as well as disadvantages against each other, we’ve decided to put each through 7 rounds to see which service is more suitable for your site. Read More

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Facebook To Bloggers: All Your Comments Now Belong To You

After receiving criticism over their commenting system, Facebook has refreshed their commenting system in a bid to appeal to bloggers resistant to outsourcing their communities.

Aside from adding permalinks (via the timestamps) and making comments SEO friendly, Facebook is also launching one feature that may appeal to bloggers.

We are introducing a modified Comments Box News Feed story to feature more social context. Simply include the og:image, og:title, og:url, og:description, and og:site_name in the Open Graph meta tags on your site to generate the following larger story:

Optimizing the News Feed story increases the click-through-rate (CTR) back to your site and encourages people on Facebook to contribute to the discussion. To verify the image, title, and description Open Graph meta tags, visit the URL Linter. (Facebook Developers Blog)

As an additional bonus, Facebook is now allows bloggers to export their comment via the Facebook Graph API, which should help ease fears of having blog communities “locked in” without an exit strategy.

With Facebook comments boasting  social analytics and troll unfriendly technology, we may see even more bloggers and web domains outsource their communities to Facebook now that they have addressed most (if not all) of the objections.

Self hosting WordPress fans can install Facebook comments via a plugin while BlogSpot fans will need to dive into the code (or ask a geek to implement if for you).

For those of you who allow users to comment upon your sites, will you now consider outsourcing your comment section to Facebook? If not, why?

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