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Best Relationship Blogs to Read If You Want to Enter the Niche

best relationship blogs

Interested in real-life, personal topics to blog about? Want to focus on a blog that people will turn to for advice?

One timeless – and lucrative – niche is relationship blogging. We’re social creatures and most of us crave for things that only relationships can offer. Even though a significant number of married couples turn to divorce lawyers at some point in their lives, divorce hasn’t stopped people from remarrying.

Here are some statistics according to the US Census Bureau.

  • In 1996, 43 percent of marriages in the year prior to the survey involved at least one spouse who was remarrying.
  • Between 1996 and 2008-2012, the adults who married more than once increased only for ages 50 and older (women), and ages 60 and older (men).
  • Age is a factor in terms of remarriage. The proportion between men and women aged 50 to 69, who married twice, were 20 percent higher than any other age group.

So yes, there will always be an audience for relationship blogs, whether people get married or not.

If you’re looking at this niche, it is best to learn from the best – the best relationship blogs. There are quite a lot, so you have to understand from the get-go that you’ll be going up against tough competitors, but that shouldn’t stop you. If writing about relationships is what you’re good at, and you know you can bring something to the table, go for it!

Do take a look at some of the best relationship blogs first, though. Do your homework so that you have a solid foundation to build on.

Elephant Journal

The Elephant Journal is one of our favorite sites for various topics. It is not just a relationship blog, but it covers spirituality and mindfulness, among others. Its section, Love, Loneliness & Relationships, however, is an excellent example for aspiring relationship bloggers.

From relationship advice to poetry to relationship stories (of a very personal nature), the articles always give you food for thought; and if you’re experiencing a specific issue, you’re certain to find it here. More so, the blog offers perspectives from both sexes, making it interesting for everyone. Oh, and this blog exudes passion like no other.

Love and Life Toolbox

Lisa Brookes Kift, a therapist and founder of the Love and Life Toolbox, offers resources and various tools to help not only your relationships and marriages, but also your emotional health. While the content of the blog mainly comes from Lisa, she has other people who are also in the counseling or coaching professions write for the blog.

If you’re planning on creating a relationship blog that is science-based, specifically applying psychological concepts in order to improve your relationships and emotional health, the Love and Life Toolbox is definitely a blog to follow. Moreover, the way she writes her blog posts are very easy to understand and not intimidating to read.

Modern Love Long Distance

One of the more common causes of why couples break up is long distance. When you hear about a couple who are currently in a long-distance relationship, you’d usually think it wouldn’t last long. However, some people do survive the long-distance “curse”. Such is the case of Lisa and Mike, the founders of the Modern Love Long Distance blog. They’re a happily married couple who lived 7000 miles apart. Lisa was in Los Angeles, while Mike was in Papua New Guinea.

What we love about their blog is that they not only provide advice for LDR couples, but they also give you suggestions for activities to keep the relationship strong. They also discuss better communication, building a family, resolving conflict, and even gift ideas! This is a great blog that tries to cover the various love languages of people, and maintaining healthy relationships despite the distance.

Love in 90 Days

Seriously? 90 days? Then again, some have experienced love at first sight, so why not 90 days?

The person behind this blog is Dr. Diana Kirschner, a PBS Love expert, psychologist, and bestselling author. While many relationship blogs tend to focus on partners/couples, this blog has a heavy emphasis on finding love by first making sure you are ready for it.

These are some of the best posts to read and get inspiration from:

The Gottman Relationship

The Gottman Relationship is the blog of the Gottman Institute, and they describe their blog as, “A research-based approach to relationships”.  The institute is an organization that is, “committed to an ongoing program of research that increases the understanding of relationships and adds to the development of interventions that have been carefully evaluated.”

When you visit their website, you will notice that their posts are not just about couples and dating. They also tackle the subjects of families, children, professional relationships, and even becoming stepparents. Starting relationship bloggers should definitely look into Gottman Institute’s blog for a wide variety of content.


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