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Jesse Ogoti

Poet, Songwriter, Medical student . Nairobi, Kenya

About Me

Hello writers. My name is Jesse but my poet tag is Jace. I am a dedicated writer with a passion for words and how much meaning they are able to convey. For words are an expression of thought, and as I think therefore I am.



Academic writing
Ad copy writing
Social media writing
Web content and blog writing

Experience / Education / Qualifications

I am currently a medical student undertaking a Bachelor’s course in Medicine and Surgery.

I graduated high-school attaining an A grade, with passing grades in both English, Biology, Chemistry and Math.

I serve as part of a host-team for a medical-student oriented podcast – Medmic.Ke.

I’m also beginning my journey as a recording artist. I’ve written countless poems that lay dormant in the vault and some that I have sold while in Highschool.

I’ve worked as a remote writer and virtual social media manager for a period o 3 months before joining college and gained experience in writing to a deadline across a range of topics such as health, medicine and empowerment.


Food and drink
Science and medicine

Contract Preferences

Contract Type: Freelance
Preferred Location: Remote
Preferred Rate: $15 / per article