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Khudair Ahmed Shaikh

Professional content writer Hyderabad, Pakistan

About Me

My name is Khudair Ahmed Shaikh, and I am a full-time content writer with 5 years of experience, specializing in this field for the past 2 years. I have worked as a senior content writer at the VFMSEO marketing agency on a contract basis. Recently, I had a contract with RAK Building Maintenance. Additionally, I have a reputable freelancing career.



Ad copy writing
Business writing
Case study writing
Content strategy
Email copywriting
Grant writing
Instructional writing

Experience / Education / Qualifications

I’ve worked as a Senior Content Writer at VFMSEO, spending over five years perfecting my writing skills. I can handle various types of content, like persuasive copywriting, engaging web content, and articles optimized for SEO. I graduated in Business administration (Hons) in 2021 From the University of Sindh

I’m currently on a contract with RAK Building Maintenance, a reputable company based in Dubai. In addition, I am the proud owner of two successful blogging sites, and, which further demonstrate my practical experience in the field.

I’m passionate about content creation and ready to explore new opportunities and make a meaningful impact in the world of writing. The idea of this exciting journey is too appealing to pass up. Why not take a chance and see where my creativity can lead me?


Beauty & Fashion
Business and enterpreneurship
Digital marketing
Environment and sustainability
Fitness and exercise

Notable clients

Alexandr Ochkin, Andriy Nurzhynskyy, Vadi Efe, Budver com, Kirill Stepanenko, Matthew Anderson, Дмитрий Гайдамака, Vlad Syd, Stas Matoshnyuk, Dmytro Riabkov...

Contract Preferences

Contract Type: Freelance
Preferred Location: Remote
Preferred Rate: $600 / per month