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Should You Close Comments on Older Blog Posts?

Most bloggers agree that blog comments are actually much more complicated than they appear at first glance. When all is said and done, the comment section of a blog is truly full of decisions that a blog owner must make. You have to decide whether or not you have the time to moderate every comment, if you want to moderate only a user’s first comment, continually check to make sure you don’t have any spam in your comments, reply to comments, ask authors to reply to comments, and finally you must decide whether or not to close comments on older blog posts.

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Turn Your Old Blog Post Into… an Image

Image pinned on noticeboard

This post is the first part of the “Turn Your Old Blog Post into…” series where we share tips and advice on how to recycle old posts that you’ve written on your blog into someone better to increase your traffic.

Have you written a high-quality post before that, for some reason, did not drive blog traffic the way it should have? You’ve promoted it on social media and created backlinks for it from different sites, and yet, the supposed “high-quality” post isn’t living up to its name?

There are perhaps different factors involved here, but something that you should highly consider is turning your old post into an image. The reason here is the increasing importance of visual content as an effective way to reach out to your target audience. Judging from the statistics and data shared in this infographic, there’s no doubt that visual content can potentially help your post go viral, increase your subscribers and followers, and is easier to process compared to a written blog posts.

The problem now is how you can create a visual content compelling enough to achieve all the things above. Luckily for you, below is an easy-to-follow guide to turn your old post into something more visual.

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Sunday Morning SEO: Link Building With the Cold Call Guest Post Method

I’ve argued before that writing guest posts is the best SEO strategy for bloggers. But how can you implement a guest posting campaign that’s both efficient and effective?

In this post, I’ll share my favorite method of guest posting that’s given me a lot of link building success. I call it the “Cold Call Guest Post Method”.

It’s probably not the best name since cold calling has bad connotations. But the method has worked very well for me and the bloggers I targeted have been very happy with my guest posts.
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Turn Blog Post Into…a Slideshow


Early Work Ethic

This post is the first part of the “Turn Your Old Blog Post into…” series where we share tips and advice on how to recycle old posts that you’ve written on your blog into someone better to increase your traffic.

Did you know that you can drive more traffic to your old blog posts if you repurpose them into different types of content? We have covered how you can turn your posts into image files last week. This week, we will cover the process of turning them into a slideshow or slide deck file.

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How Do You Keep on Blogging?

I am currently going through some blogging burnout, and I was wondering what others do to combat this problem. How do you keep writing on your blog, day after day, month after month?

I have written thousands of blog posts over the past year, but find myself unable to do as much as I used to be able to, and thus, my personal site is suffering. My goal for my personal blog was to get to 1,000 posts by December 2006 (which is two years since the blog was “opened”), thusly increasing my exposure online and using my blog as a record of my life, endeavours, and whatnot, but the amount of posts I have been able to write on my blog has dwindled in recent months.

I used to be able to push out upwards of 50 posts a month on my personal site about work I have been doing, visits with friends, games I have been playing, movies I have been watching. For the most part writing for myself, my friends and my family, but since around April 2006, I have not been able to push out more than 35, and that number continues to drop.

I have tried to force myself to blog. I have tried to read old posts as inspiration, but I just can’t get myself out of this blogging rut, so I am asking all of you to write a blog post, explaining your tips on getting out of this rut, and trackback this post, so I can see your thoughts and ideas. I really need your help. How do you keep on blogging?

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WordPress Plugins: Calais Auto Tagger

On most of the blogs I write for, I usually forget about adding tags. I have always been a category user, not adding all of the tagging plugins that are currently out in the marketplace, and really not taking up tagging, even though it is now in the core of WordPress, but some new plugins by Calais might just rectify that issue for me by helping give tag suggestions automatically.

Found thanks to ReadWriteWeb:

Grossman’s plugins, which are available as an auto tagger and an archive tagger (to go back and tag old posts), received over 500 downloads in the first two days. The plugins work by sending post text to Calais and retrieving a list of suggested tags. The plugins rely on an Open Calais PHP class, also written by Grossman. Eventually, the plugins will be released under a Creative Commons license. Grossman tells us he’s waiting until the next Calais feature update, scheduled for May 1st, before adding any more features to his plugins.

Not only can you install the WP Calais Auto Tagger to help you tag your posts from now on, but they have also developed the WP Calais Archive Tagger which will go back through your posts and tag them based on a semantic examination of your posts.

For those worried about tags they have already added, the Archive Tagger will not overwrite those tags, but instead add to them.

The plugins require PHP 5, and the cURL library which many hosts have, but not all, and so check with your host before installing these plugins.

Read more about them on the WordPress Plugins library under WP Calais Auto Tagger and WP Calais Archive Tagger.

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What Makes a Great Site Map?

Lorelle chimes in on an article by Jim Westergren who has created a tutorial on the various ways of making a site map for your blog. We are not talking about the XML sitemaps, but instead a list of posts and pages throughout the site.

Jim lists the benefits (which I have included below) as well as giving a quick rundown of how to install and use three different site map plugins for WordPress.

The benefits:

  • The user can quickly find a specific post he wants anytime he wants.
  • The user can quickly see and get an idea how big the blog is get an overview on what the person is writing about.
  • All your posts are linked to from a single page to make sure they are not forgotten by the search engines. Basically PageRank is passed to all of them and they are not buried deep down in the archive. If there are no links to your old posts Google will put them in the supplemental index which is not good at all.

A great read both from Lorelle and Jim.

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Annoying Sports Cliches Applied to Blogging

Bloggers and athletes have a lot in common. Aside from the fact that we are both physical specimens and adored by ladies worldwide, we also have been known to lean on a cliche or two.

Anyone who watches sports on a regular basis is familiar with athletes spouting out generic cliches, making for a boring (but safe) sound byte for the evening news.

“We’re taking it one game at a time.”

When you blog, you want to blog like a Buddhist; you’re not worried about yesterday or looking ahead – you are living in the present. Old posts and new posts should not be on your mind when you write today’s post.
WHY IT’S TRUE: What have you done for me lately?
WHY IT’S FALSE: Yesterday’s posts teach you lessons for today. They also give you links to include. Read More

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Blogging Pitfalls: 5 Steps to Recapture Your Love for Blogging

Running a blog is a lot like a relationship. It requires a high level of commitment, honesty and and work to keep it going strong.

However, one of the most important elements of both our human and our blog relationships is keeping the spark alive and keeping ourselves “in love” with our partners.

This isn’t an easy task. As the saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt and though one might not actually hate their site, they may not have quite the same passion for it that they once did. However, a lack of passion can easily kill a good site, not only is it one the “Three Ps” of a successful blog, but it is something that makes your blog and its writing much better when you have it.

So, in order to keep moving forward with your site, you need to find a way to make sure you are just as passionate about what you’re doing today as you were yesterday and the day before. But as the newness and excitement wears off, that can be more and more difficult, resulting in Read More

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ProBlogger Group Writing Project – ‘How To…’

If you want a shot at winning a one week complimentary stay (for up to 4 people) at a beach front apartment in Estepona on the Costa del Sol Spain, you should check out Darren Rowse’s He has a new group writing project up that is sure to receive many responses as the topic is “how to”.

Your task is to write a new ‘how to…. post’ (please don’t submit old posts you’ve written before today).

By ‘How To….’ I mean some sort of a post that gives advice, tips or a tutorial on how to do something. What it’s about is totally up to you. I’ve chosen this topic because it’s adaptable to most topics and should be something you could do on almost any blog. It need not be titled as a ‘how to…’ post but in content it should be this type of post. I’m looking forward to seeing the wide array of topics that you all choose to cover.

Good luck to all those that enter.

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