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Company Name ResuMAYDAY
Location Remote, **
Date Posted 16, Thursday 2012
Category Copywriter
Listing Type Per Post Fee


Resume Experts Needed!

DO NOT CONTACT US unless you can say, "I am a professional resume writer. When I write a resume, I am paid in United States currency for my work. This is not a hobby; this is how I make my living."

...Still with us? Great.
YOU are a top-tier and confident resume writer with at least 5 YEARS of professional experience (again, not as a hobby) in executive resume creation with the following talents:
Flexibility - You expertly work with mostly amazing but sometimes demanding clients with good cheer.
Initiative -- You don't hesitate to be creative and on the cutting edge, particularly when it's in the best interest of the client.
Resourceful -- You know how to research jobs and titles that suit our clients, because you know that not every client has a cookie-cutter background.
The chops -- You'll put your resumes up against any other, because you're great at what you do and want to get paid for it!
Experience -- We won't compromise a client's career search while you "learn on the job". If you aren't ready to hit the ground running with executive-level clients, then please get trained on some other company's dime and call us in a few years. It sounds tough, but our clients hire us based on our excellent reputation. We're the best of the best and we pay more than other resume services because of it. If you're selected, you've earned bragging rights!

We are ResuMAYDAY, a career management services company that started as a 1-person shop in 2001, now with worldwide clients. We cater to management and C-level clients, and career transition clients. The founder, Lauren Milligan, built a company that generates a ton of referrals and repeat business...and we're looking forward to continuing that trend. Currently, we have six resume experts on our team and need to add a few more. For more information about the company, please see the following sites:

Interested? Email your resume, cover letter and at least three examples of client work. For peace of mind at this stage of the process, remove or revise any identifying information on the client to secure their anonymity. References will be collected from those candidates who get to the interview stage of our recruiting process.

Candidates who do not submit their own resume, cover letter and 3 resumes written for prior clients will NOT be considered and probably won't hear from us because like any company, we don't have time to coddle candidates who don't follow directions.

If you're our next star we can't wait to hear from you!
-The ResuMAYDAY Team

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