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How to Build an Email Marketing Strategy for Your Blog

Even if you’re not selling anything on your blog, you still need an email marketing strategy to grow your readership. According to Quicksprout, your blog content is 3.9 times more likely to be shared on social media by email subscribers. Statistics also reveal that emails also have solid click-through rates across all industries – beating any other channel in traffic generation efficiency.

With emails, you can communicate with your audience on an almost personal level. Thanks to mobile technology, their inbox can be kept right in their pockets.

Below are the steps that can help you develop your email marketing strategy from the ground up.

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5 Fast Ways to Boost Landing Page Loading Speed

Your landing page is perfectly optimized with SEO to drive traffic. You also have employed the right techniques to drive traffic. But, no matter what you have done, your visitors are going back as soon as they click on the link. Your bounce rate is killing your business.

There’s a simple explanation: site speed. The rate at which the landing page loads has a bigger impact on traffic and conversions than you think. According to Google, a web page that is delayed by 0.5 second loses 20% of traffic. Market research shows that an e-commerce web page that does not load in under 3 seconds loses close to 50% of incoming traffic!

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Now That the Smoke Has Cleared, What Should You Know About the Google Mobilegeddon?


In April 21, Google released another algorithm update geared towards improving the search rankings of mobile-friendly sites. A lot of hype was put on the algorithm update, referred to as “Mobilegeddon,” as it was reported to have an even bigger impact in search results compared to Panda and Penguin.

While Google is still possibly rolling out the algorithm update slowly and surely, there are websites that have been affected by Google Mobilegeddon.

In a data collected by Searchmetrics, websites such as and were able to grow their mobile search engine presence due to having a responsive and mobile-friendly design. On the other hand, websites not known for providing a seamless viewing experience on smaller devices (, did not score well on Mobile Visibility trends.

Given all the ruckus caused by Google Mobilegeddon that had webmasters and marketers at the edge of their seats, below are some takeaways that you need to know about this particular algorithm update.

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Marry SEO and Social Media to Generate More Blog Traffic

Over the years, search engine optimization has lost its monopoly in digital marketing. No longer are online businesses relying solely on SEO to meet their goals.

Since the Panda update, websites have become more deliberate with the SEO tactics they use to hike up their search ranking for their target keywords. They have also used other methods like content marketing and email marketing to get more organic traffic to their business pages.

To meet your business goals faster with your website, you will have to diversify your strategy to include other marketing tactics. This way, you increase your traffic sources and not depend on the volatile algorithm of search engines that constantly change.

Are you saying I shouldn’t use SEO anymore?

Not at all. In fact, SEO has become more important than ever, especially when combined with other traffic generating techniques.

Just like self-storage aggregators, you can generate leads and sales from customers if you rank high enough on search results for your target keywords.

If you are running a blog, a way of getting the most out of your SEO efforts is to combine it with social media promotions. This way, you are able to maximize the search ranking factors of your blog posts, as well as share your content to your followers and target audience in social media.

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How Profitable a Job is SEO?

Desk with Notes About SEO

Digital marketing is a relatively new industry. There is a growing need for businesses to reach out to their target market online.

Among the many ways of doing this, search engine optimization (SEO) is an affordable way to get found by your audience. By observing the best SEO practices, their businesses can rank up the first page of search results for their keyword phrase and get clicked on by people.

Given the demand for this specific service, how much do US businesses compensate SEO specialists?

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Now’s the Time to Move Away from Facebook and Use Google+ for Your Business


Facebook has been active in updating its algorithm ever since. Some of the changes have brought good (less spam and ads, showing fewer hoaxes).

Others have cost the livelihood of some businesses.

The social networking site slashed organic reach of Pages to 1-2%.

If you have 100 fans on your Facebook Page, only two of them will see your updates on their News Feed.

This is a blow to businesses who use Facebook Page to share their posts and communicate with their audience. They can still reach out to all followers, but only through the site’s paid ads.

Because of the algorithm change, industry experts like Copyblogger denounced Facebook from their marketing strategy. (For perspective, Jon Loomer explains why Copyblogger’s Facebook Page wasn’t doing well in the first place and what it could have done to make its Page better.)

Many have provided guides on how to combat the change in organic reach and continue to deliver content to fans.

But instead of pulling hair for solutions to a problem that’s here to say, why not think outside the box?

Why not Google+?

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Website Traffic: SEO Objective or Means to an End?

Website Traffic: SEO Objective or Means to an End?

Web presence management provider Conductor, in partnership with research firm Ascend2, releases an SEO research study “Inside Enterprise SEO: SEO Survey Benchmarks for Large Companies.” The survey consists of valuable data for marketers about how SEO has performed for clients in terms of meeting their business goals.

One of the most interesting statistics uncovered by the study is the perceived importance of increasing website traffic by marketing, sales, and business professionals:

Inside Enterprise SEO: SEO Survey Benchmarks for Large Companies

Image source

According to the survey, increasing website traffic is the second most important objective, behind increasing lead generation.

Well, I’m here to tell you that website traffic should never be an exclusive objective of your SEO strategy.

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How to Successfully Implement a Content Marketing Strategy for a Startup

Editor’s Note: This post was written by David Carreras, teacher at National Technological University, online programmer, and Co-founder of PrecioSeguro, specialized in marketing and passionate about mobile technology.

Developing content for startups is totally different from developing it in any other context. When establishing a startup, there are two characteristics that will strongly define our strategy.

content marketing strategy

Image source

In the first place, an entrepreneurship has highly scarce resources; that is to say, that the possibility of hiring an agency or a third party to develop our content is not feasible. We, as founders, should be the ones who implement this strategy.

Additionally, we should profit from our competitive advantage at all times, as the famous American entrepreneur and investor Paul Graham says: “The best founders are the ones created by founders who are passionate about their projects.” That’s the key to make the content that we offer be excellent, and we should profit from that factor.

Based on this unique context that a startup builds on the two pillars I’ve just mentioned, I will share what we did on our online project and how it was implemented at the content strategy level.Read More »How to Successfully Implement a Content Marketing Strategy for a Startup