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5 Powerful Reasons Your Company Needs a Blog

How can I increase traffic to my company’s
site? How can I win more loyal customers? When will I ever hit the number one mark in Google search results? Surely these are questions asked by many business owners who have decided to expand their boundaries online. It all seems like a daunting task to establish and maintain a successful online corporate presence especially when it comes to driving traffic; but the decision to launch and maintain a company blog can be one of the most rewarding choices you could make for your business online.

Here are 5 solid reasons your company will flourish through maintaining a blog. Read More

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Sunday Morning SEO: 3 Great SEO Articles For Beginners

I came across 3 great articles about SEO that are especially helpful if you’re new to the field.

Also, these articles are great if you’re confused about SEO. The search industry can be a confusing one because there are many spammers spouting off misinformation to get more sales. But the articles are solid and contain useful advice.

Another reason I like them is because they’re written by Brian Clark, who I consider to be one of the best writers in the blogging field. Brian has a lot of experience as a copywriter both offline and online. He’s able to take complex topics and explain them so that they’re easy to understand.

So, free up some time, grab a cup of coffee, and check out the following articles if you want to know the fundamentals of SEO including why it still matters.

Read More

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Sunday Morning SEO: 3 Reasons to Read Books About Your Niche

old-booksOne of the underrated strategies in SEO is reading good books in your niche. You don’t hear a lot about this tactic. Many SEO specialists will talk about keeping up with the top blogs in your niche, but there are great benefits to reading books. Here are three of the biggest ones.
Read More

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Performancing Reopens Marketplace

Performancing has recently announced the reopening of the Performancing Marketplace.

Prior to its brief hiatus (due to software migration) the Perf Marketplace had been an active portal for buying and selling of blogs, software, and related services. The new Marketplace aims to bring this back. With a free-flowing format (forum-based), Performancing hopes that users can have meaningful exchanges of information and fruitful trades of products and services.

Along with the recent free signup promo for the Hive and the reopening of the Jobs board, the Marketplace relaunch is just one of the efforts the Performancing team is doing to ensure a vibrant community of new media professionals. Sign up now for free, or browse the current listings.

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A review of PSD2HTML

One of the goals of operating a website or blog is to make them stand out among the sea of other sites and blogs on the internet. You want to be as unique as possible to enable recall and put your own mark of individuality. One of the best ways to do this is by producing code that is especially made for your website or blog. But producing code can be a herculean task especially if you know little more than a little HTML coding. What you need to do if you are looking to make code is to hire a company to do the code development for you. The challenge is to find the company that is best suited to meet your needs and have the skills and experience to deliver quality work. One company that has built a reputation for delivering high quality, professionally done code for websites is PSD2HTML.

PSD2HTML is a well respected company that specializes in converting web artwork to working code, like PSD to HTML. The company ensures that it comes out with quality output by hiring experienced web experts who produce codes that meet their clients’ specifications.

Using PSD2HTML’s services brings many benefits to a client. One of the biggest advantages is PSD2HTML’s commitment to customer service. The company values customers so much that it has implemented a 24 hour live chat option that allows clients to get instant feedback with regards to their project. A click on the live chat button will bring the client immediately to a PSD2HTML staff who can discuss the details of the project. Even though the live chat staff is available only on weekdays arrangements can be made to extend work on weekends if it is necessary.


Feedback can also be obtained by using the other contact options available to the clients. Clients can send messages through an online contact form or they can call PSD2HTML’s telephone number at +1 877 721 8040. This close collaboration with the client is PSD2HTML’s way of ensuring that the client will get exactly what he asked for.

Whatever the markup needs of the client, PSD2HTML can address them. The PSD2HTML website has recently undergone a welcome facelift that has made the site easier to navigate and find the information that clients need. Among the services that PSD2HTML offers are:

• Templates for WordPress, Blogger and other blog engines
• Dreamweaver templates
• Email templates
• Design to semantic code conversion

The number of services that are being offered is easily more than what are currently made available to developers and website owners. This wide array of services is what makes PSD2HTML so popular and a “go to” place for developers.

PSD2HTML has made using their services easy for its clients. IT has made the whole ordering process more streamlined and easy to follow. A client will gather the files that he will submit to PSD2HTML then fill out the order form. He specifies all of his requirements in the form like browser compatibility and certain compliance parameters. The comprehensive order page enables the client to truly “personalize” his requirements, ensuring that what he gets exactly fits his needs. PSD2HTML allows for an unprecedented level of personalization that few companies can provide. There is actually a space within the order form that lets clients include other details that are not included in the established categories. Any extra information that the client wants to provide can be included here.

The client then completes payment in order to end the ordering process. Payments to PSD2HTML is very convenient because of the number of payment options available. In addition to Paypal and Google Checkout options, the company has recently implemented a new Direct Payment option that will let clients pay using major credit cards. Knowing how much the client will pay is also made easy by PSD2HTML. Getting a final quote is not a problem because each option that the client chooses is priced accordingly and is immediately reflected in the final price. This allows the client to add or delete options on the fly to see which configuration would fit both his needs and his budget.

After the whole process has been completed, PSD2HTML will provide the client with instructions on how the files will be received after it has been converted. The deadline set by the company is guaranteed, which is a big plus for any client since they will know exactly when to expect the final product.

And when it comes to quality, clients should never worry. PSD2HTML has built a reputation for making quality work. In fact, it has recently garnered an ISO 9001 : 2000 certification that proves it adheres to international quality standards.

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Blogging on the Go

This is a guest post by Brad Leclerc. Brad is a writer for Cogniview, the leading producer of PDF to excel conversion tools.

No need to stay stuck to that desk these days.Traditionally writing was something people did while tied down to a desk. Whether using paper, a typewriter, or a computer, if you were writing, you were most likely at your desk. If you were away from that desk when you thought of a great idea, you’d have to take notes and reconstruct them into an article/story/etc later once you got back to that desk.

Thankfully that’s getting to be less and less of a problem, which is extremely important with the explosion of blogging.

There are many ways to get some writing done from wherever you happen to be when you feel the need or desire to write. There are many ways to blog (or write anything really) instantly, from wherever you are. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages compared to going and sitting at that desktop system. Let’s look at the three major ways people blog on the go… Read More

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Three eBooks for Branding David Members

Most of you don’t know that I have a consultancy, it is part of how I got the job of writing back on here again. Today, I released three e-books, one of which is available freely, and the other two are available to people that sign up for my private forum.

Someone recently asked me if I intend on selling these e-books seperately, and my response is simple: I hope people sign up to the forum, with the intention of just getting the e-books and end up staying once they see the posts inside the forum.

The three e-books are all about blogging, and the one I am giving away is called Social Media Promotion.

If you’d like to get the other two books, or learn more about all three e-books, please check out my post on Branding David.

I hope you’ll all check it out, and let me know if it was of any help to you.

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Performancing Ads Launches has launched its advertising network, Performancing Ads. I’ve been playing around with the system for much of the latter part of development, and I can say I’m impressed. It’s simple and intuitive enough for anyone to easily use and understand, and yet you have the essentials of a good ad server, network and marketplace.


You can check out Ryan Caldwell’s Performancing post on 10 reasons why you should try Performancing Ads. A recent post by Darren Rowse on threshes out some details, and David Peralty gives his opinion on the upsides and downsides of Perf Ads on XFEP. Jeff Chandler has a collection of links and reviews over at

Personally I really like the fact that you can book your own ads into your own sites. This means you can practically use Perf Ads as your ad server, or at least to fill in for those times when ad sales are slow.

Perf ads supports both image ads and text links, so you have the best of both worlds: image ads for brand marketing, and links for search optimization and to get a message across. Performancing also promises early, synchronized payout, and will pay out 60% of revenues. Perf Ads also has an affiliate program, where members can earn $10 credit from every successful referral, and 5% residual commissions from each sale by referrals.

Disclosure: Blogging Pro and Performancing are both owned by Splashpress Media

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A revival : Theme Directory

I remember visiting one central resource for WordPress themes, the ThemeViewer. Since December 11, 2007 things literally stopped.  No new theme uploads… with the latest count being 1,618 themes and 4,190,494 themes downloaded.  Very impressive numbers and I guess it would have multiplied many hundreds of thousands over if it continued.  According to the latest post, that site was up for an upgrade… for its code backoffice, indexing, theme upload, theme integrity, seach and download processes.  Well, I’ve waited and waited… until finally this news from .

It’s been a long time since stopped accepting new themes. Since then most theme authors have been distributing their themes from their own sites, without a good centralized place for people to browse, search, comment on, and rate themes. With the success of the plugins directory, we’ve wanted to have those same benefits in a theme directory. Today is the day we start making that happen, with the introduction of

Yeehaaa!  Now something for me to check where I know the code would be clean and right.  Love the new skin the site dresses up now,  actually it’s dressed like the WordPress plugins site.  Which I thought was cool and generally useful.  I visited the new page and saw that currently there are 3 themes uploaded… and check this out… 772 downloads so far.  I tried to see how downloads move, hey it jumped from 667 to 772 in 15 minutes.  Not bad at all.

So anyway, is this goodbye to my usual WordPress theme spots?  Maybe not as quickly as I’d like.  I’ll continue the old routes until I see a substantial amount of themes at  Hoping that it will be sooner than I think.


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BuzzLogic Promises $2 CPM with Ad Network Beta

BuzzLogic has recently launched its advertising network in Beta, with a promise of $2 CPM (cost per thousand impressions) to bloggers. That rate seems very lucrative, but of course it’s just for a limited period. BuzzLogic’s guarantee is as follows:

  • Guaranteed $2 CPM, up to $200 per month, during beta period(June 18 – July 18)
  • Get in on the ground floor of a new kind of network based on influence
  • Access to great brands and advertisers eager to work with you

According to BuzzLogic, their main purpose for this high payout is to get enough interest of bloggers. They expect the beta users to be able to help the BuzzLogicCommunity Team to get feedback the performance of the ads–what’s working, what’s not. BuzzLogic will eventually develop other blogger tools based on influence to help bloggers not only understand their own influence but to leverage that influence to get higher CPMs for ad inventory.

Some limitations of the program, though, are that only traffic from the US will be counted as eligible impressions, and that the beta program will end on July 18th. Still, $2 CPM is an interesting proposition, particularly for blogs that have high traffic.

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