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3 Easy Ways To Integrate Facebook Into Your WordPress Based Website

Facebook WordPress LogoIf you plan to integrate Facebook into your WordPress setup there are some easy plugins and template hooks you can implement to achieve that goal. Whether you’re looking for an “upload and activate” plugin or embed friendly code there are plenty of options to choose from.

In this section we examine Facebook Comments for Wordress (plugin), Facebook Like Box (embed code) and Simple Facebook Connect (entire plugin framework).

If you want a simple commenting system check out our first option, if you want to build your fan page for your Facebook page try option two and if you want to integrate Facebook with your login platform, like boxes and other options check out the Simple Facebook Connect option.

In any case you’ll likely find a plugin or code base to serve your Facebook needs. Read More

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11 WordPress Plugins For Travel Bloggers

For many of us traveling the world is a dream that we take in steps. A city here, a country there, and it is a craving that keeps taking us further and further from home. Some keep track of it in pictures or memories, or in stories told to those closest to them or strangers they meet. But more and more travelers are opening up their own blogs to share their experiences and inspire others to join them in seeing this great planet where we live.

In addition to this trend, using WordPress (though Tumblr is on the rise!) to write about those travels is a popular option. Clean looking and easy to use, it can provide the average blogger with the tools that professional graphic designers might use to create their own website. Since it is fully customizable it is a great way to get the exact look and format you want. It is also useful because of the many plugins available to make the task a little easier.

Here are 11 awesome plugins that the travel blogger can use for their own blog. Read More

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Add Your Google+ Profile to WordPress with GoogleCards Widget

GoogleCards Widget: Add Your Google+ Profile to WordPressJohn Henson of PlusDevs developed a handy widget to display your Google+ profile to your WordPress site.

The widget is as simple as WordPress widgets come and only requires you to add your Google+ ID. Sadly there is no option in the GoogleCards to add someone to your Google+ Circles without leaving the site but we hope that this will be integrated to GoogleCards once the Google+ is launched officially and the Google+ API will be released.

Visit PlusDevs to download the plugin here

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No Joke: Why Blog Hosting Companies Need 23Press

Honestly there is nothing more fun than downloading your blog content, plugins, themes, and media files (videos, images and audio) from your server, then uploading all of those files via FTP during the midnight hour.

Joking aside, moving your blog off a server can be a frustrating task, especially if one is attempting to leave the confines of a bad host.

While there are some hosting companies (usually specialized hosts) that will handle all of the moving for you, most usually leave the migration details to the user who has to delve into the world of geek or hire one on the cheap.

Fortunately this tedious affair might be a thing in the past thanks to Move That Blog by 23Press (a company started by Terry Smith) which allows bloggers to easily migrate between servers without putting a hole in your pocket. Read More

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WordPress To Release bbPress As A Plugin?

After many months (if not years) of neglect, it looks like bbPress fans will in the not so distant future be able to easily create a forum for their WordPress blog without having to muck around with FTP settings.

If you haven’t been keeping up with our progress over the past few months, you’re in for a treat. bbPress 1.0.3 is due out any day, as is 1.1 Release Candidate 1 which includes new features like email notification on follow-up posts and anonymous posting. There’s also a lot going on under the hood of the new WordPress plugin version of bbPress, and in an effort to get more people involved we’re bringing back the bi-monthly development chats in #bbpress on the freenode network on IRC. (Official bbPress Blog)

Note: Emphasis mine.

Although sometimes considered a relic tool in the age of social networking, forums are still utilized by numerous blogs as a way to have more organized discussions around specific topics.

With the exception of a few plugins like Mingle Forum and WP Forum Server, many “5 minute install” forum options are not only sorely outdated, but also incompatible with the latest version of WordPress.

With bbPress joining the plugin route, it should help give some much needed TLC to forums in general (at least within the WordPress community) and perhaps encourage bloggers to create their own communities instead of outsourcing everything to Facebook.

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Cleeng Helping WordPress Fans Make Money Beyond Ads?

Cleeng (which we reviewed in December) has recently exited their private beta and is now available for the WordPress masses to try out.

Perhaps best described as an “iTunes for blog content” service, Cleeng allows bloggers to hide part of their content online which users can unlock by paying an inexpensive fee (between $0.15 USD and $0.99 USD per article).

Although similar in many ways to a traditional pay wall, Cleeng allows bloggers to monetize their content without sacrificing ad revenue, providing WordPress fans with another alternative to monetize their sites (as explained in the video below). Read More

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WP Quick Deploy, The Ultimate WordPress Setup Plugin

Many of us tend to install blog after blog and every time have to upload a series of WordPress plugins every time or browse through the plugin installer. A tedious and long task, especially for those of you who love running 60 plugins on every single blog.

Vladimir Prelovac, serial plugin developer, has created WP Quick Deploy, a plugin which will soon become your favourite WordPress install assistant.

WordPress Quick Deploy by Vladimir Prelovac

The plugin lets you browse a well curated selection of WordPress plugins which then can be installed all at once. Check the plugin page for more information.

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Premium WordPress Plugins: Questions To Ask Before Buying

When it comes to installing WordPress premium plugins, there are a few extra questions users should ask beyond the “Is this plugin secure?” or “Can I trust this developer/company?”

While there is are greater expectations regarding premium plugins (mainly due to the fact that you’re paying them), not every premium WordPress plugin is worth their weight in code (regardless of which features they promise to deliver).

Regardless of whether you discovered the premium plugin upon the WordPress plugin directory or via a quick Google search, here are several questions you should ask before hitting the buy button. Read More

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Multi-colored Titles Plugin by PixoPoint

Add Span Tags to Tiles: a rather interesting plugin by Ryan Hellyer of PixoPoint. The plugin does little but what it does might be useful designers and fans of technicolor sites. Read More

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Why WordPress Bloggers Need To Choose Premium Plugins Over Free

When it comes to investing in your WordPress blog, there are many users who are willing to spend the cash in order to gain access to premium themes, quality hosting or (for the guru’s out there) a CDN service in order to ensure that your site loads quickly regardless of where your readers live.

However when it comes to WordPress plugins, many users not only expect that these remain free, but also demand that plugins be actively supported as well as compatible with the latest WordPress update.

Since the idea of spending money for plugins is probably a foreign (if not ridiculous) option to most WordPress lovers, here are a few points why you should always choose premium plugins over free (within reason of course). Read More

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