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How to Get White Hat Backlinks for Your Blog

Your blog won’t get that far if you don’t build backlinks to it

This is a way to inform search spiders that people can trust your site.

By building lots of links from well-respected websites related to your niche, your site gains authority and high SERP rankings for your keyword. You will need a SERP rank tracker to monitor your position on Google and see if your link building campaign is working.

However, you need to make sure you’re building Google-compliant links so you won’t get burned later when the search engine undergoes core algorithm updates later.

Therefore, below are ways on how to get white hat backlinks to generate more organic traffic.

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5 Best SEO Blogs Jampacked with Actionable Tips

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SEO is easy to understand on a cognitive level. However, if you want to use search engine optimization as part of your marketing strategy, then you need to learn from the best resources out there.

Far too many resources out there claim to have the silver bullet when it comes to ranking on top of organic search. But only few deliver the goods to their readers.

Below are arguably the best SEO blogs you’ll need to help you grow your organic traffic.

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5 Ways to Gain Links to Your Blog Without “Building” Them

Blogging isn’t a one-man-show. It’s not just about writing content and publishing it on your blog. It’s about letting the people see it. Isn’t getting more traffic one of the primary purposes of blogging? Yes, it might be an outlet for your thoughts. But you surely don’t want to miss the opportunity of monetizing your blog.

So, how to earn from your blog? Well, through link building! But the tricky part here is that launching a link building campaign isn’t the only answer.

While you can choose from over different link building strategies for your campaign, there’s an easier way for it.

And that is by passively acquiring links from authoritative sites to your blog. You’ll surely breathe a sigh-of-relief in knowing these best ways to gain links to your blog.

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