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Top 11 Customer Experience Blogs to Understand Your Audience Better

Looking for the best customer experience blogs to help you with your business? 💼

We get it. Running a business is hard work. While focusing on marketing, sales, profits, and losses, it is easy to overlook the importance of customer experience.

Customer experience (CX) is crucial for the success of any business, and this growing field has plenty of information available. Renowned experts offer knowledge that can help educate you on how to connect with your audience and build a loyal customer base.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 11 customer experience blogs that you can start 🎬 reading right now to improve your business. Let’s have a look!

📚 Table of contents:

  1. Customer Bliss
  2. MyCustomer
  3. Adrian Swinscoe
  4. CustomerThink
  5. Shep Hyken
  6. CX Journey Blog
  7. Beyond Philosophy Blog
  8. The Michelli Experience
  9. Steven van Belleghem Blog
  10. Customer Service Life
  11. Customer Attuned Blog

Best customer experience blogs in 2024

1. Customer Bliss

Jeanne Bliss is perhaps the best-known writer when it comes to the world of customer experience blogs. With 35 years of experience helping companies improve their CX, you can be sure that Customer Bliss has the expertise to guide you.

Customer Bliss homepage.

Bliss’ approach helps you gain and retain valuable customers by building a brand of trust. With prestigious clients including Microsoft, Lands’ End, Coldwell Banker, and Allstate, you can be confident in the quality of content available on Customer Bliss.

2. MyCustomer

MyCustomer is a UK-based company that describes itself as “the leading online resource for customer service and customer experience professionals”. Its blog hosts tons of articles full of valuable information, but the content doesn’t stop there.

MyCustomer homepage.

In addition to articles, you will find videos, podcasts, and webinars created by expert contributors. This content is full of news, case studies, and advice to help you on your customer experience journey.

3. Adrian Swinscoe

Adrian Swinscoe is a keynote speaker, author, and advisor on customer experience. With over 25 years of wisdom, his blog posts are definitely worth a read.

Adrian Swinscoe is one of the best customer experience blogs to follow.

Swinscoe’s philosophy advocates for simplicity, humanity, and the use of technology to deliver the best experience for your customers. You can also check out his books and podcast for more ways to learn.

4. CustomerThink

CustomerThink is a global community of business leaders who have come together to share their knowledge. Subjects include customer experience, engagement, leadership, and technology.

CustomerThink hompeage.

On CustomerThink you will find a plethora of articles across multiple blogs, in addition to interviews and news. If you are looking to improve your customer experience and general business knowledge, there are few places on the web that collect so much experience.

5. Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken is a best-selling author and blogger with a focus on customer experience. On his blog you will find a roundup of the top five customer services articles of the week, as well as Hyken’s famous comic strips!

Shep Hyken has one of the best customer experience blogs for advice and tips.

Hyken also offers training, seminars, and news, all from his website. For more in-depth information, you can check out the many books on his store page.

6. CX Journey Blog

Annette Franz shares her 30 years of experience on the CX Journey Blog. CX Journey is a customer experience strategy consulting firm that shares information via its blog, books, consulting, and seminars.

CX Journey customer experience blog.

You can sign up for the CX Journey email list to receive new blog posts straight to your inbox every week. This is a great way to continue to learn and improve your CX abilities.

7. Beyond Philosophy Blog

In 2002, Beyond Philosophy was founded by Colin Shaw as a consultancy and training company. Over the 20 years since, Beyond Philosophy has become one of the best management consultancies across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Beyond Philosophy customer experience blog.

In addition to the Beyond Philosophy blog, you will find a podcast and training services that can help you improve your customer experience. One of the main focuses of Beyond Philosophy is to identify hidden, unmet needs among your customers.

8. The Michelli Experience

Joseph Michelli, PHD is a best-selling author in the customer experience arena. He has worked with many businesses including Starbucks, UCLA Health Systems, and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.

Michelli customer experience blog.

His blog is full of valuable tips and data revolving around CX, but that’s not all. Michelli has written a host of best-selling books, and offers consulting services for companies that want to take their customer experience to the next level.

9. Steven van Belleghem Blog

Steven van Belleghem is another best-selling author and keynote speaker in the field of customer experience. Belleghem’s philosophy looks to the future and focuses on common sense, humanity, and new technology to enhance CX.

Belleghem customer experience blog.

His blog has more of a digital focus than some of the others on this list, embracing technology as a necessary way to improve the future of CX. In addition to the blog, you can find books and speeches by Belleghem to bolster your knowledge.

10. Customer Service Life

Customer Service Life is run by the dynamic duo of Jenny Dempsey and Jeremy Watkin, two veterans in the field of CX. Their combined knowledge culminates in an episodic series of educational videos available on their blog.

Customer Service Life homepage.

Their real-world experience and stories mean you will learn tips that you can start applying right away. Each of these experts also produces other content such as podcasts, interviews, and book recommendations for further learning.

11. Customer Attuned Blog

On the Customer Attuned Blog, you have access to decades worth of combined wisdom in the realm of customer experience. You will find varied resources from articles to news to webcasts.

Customer Attuned blog.

The Customer Attuned Blog is also a great place to find out about about events, seminars, and publications for further learning. For an in-depth look at how the pros manage CX, Customer Attuned has you covered.

Conclusion 🧐

Improving your customer experience is not a quick or easy process, but the rewards are worth it. Building a loyal customer base that feels valued and heard is more important for growing your business than SEO or a new promotion.

👉 Add some of these customer experience blogs to your favorites, and keep improving your relationship with your target market:

  1. Customer Bliss is one of the most established and prestigious customer experience resources available, and a great place to dive in.
  2. offers a plethora of resources where you can always learn something new.
  3. Adrian Swinscoe is an expert with clear goals, who can help you get in the right mindset when it comes to customer experience.
  4. CustomerThink is another treasure trove of resources from a variety of business leaders who can keep you up to date on the latest trends.

Hope you got some great inspiration from these customer experience blogs. You might also enjoy our roundup of unique blog post ideas to skyrocket your traffic or our article on the best blogging practices to increase your chances of success.

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