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BloggingPro Job Board Highlights, February 9, 2015

Job board highlightsGood Monday morning to you all.

Here are the job board highlights from which you can choose the best jobs to apply for. Have a great week ahead!

Freelance Copy Editor

Yoffie Life seeks an experienced freelance copy editor for 10-15 short health and wellness articles (400 words/article) and miscellaneous promotional copy every week.

Long-term, flexible, and consistent work — 5-10 hours per week
Work remotely
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Everybody’s Live Blogging, Should You Too?


Super Bowl is more than just a sporting event. Its halftime shows and commercials have drawn millions of viewers to the spectacle.

Super Bowl 49 is no different. The game between the Seattle Jawhawks and New England Patriots was a close battle that was ultimately determined by ‘The Call.’

But everybody was just as excited at the current batch of ads to air throughout the game. Excited enough that websites like Marketing Land and Mashable did a live blog sharing their opinions about the commercials.

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Lovely Blogging Tips from Long-Lasting Relationships

Happy Senior Couple Looking To Sea on A Tropical Beach

Quick question: what’s the longest marriage on record this year in the country?

This distinction goes to Dale and Alice Rockey of Olathe, Kansas upon winning this year’s title for the Longest Married Couple Project.

The couple was married on December 29, 1933. That’s a mind-boggling 81 years together.

This annual event was sponsored by Worldwide Marriage Encourage (WWME), one of the first faith-based enrichment programs in the US.

The project aims to show that it is possible to have a long-lasting marriage. Difficult, but possible.

It’s no secret that marriage takes hard work, patience, perseverance, and lots of love. That’s what retirees shared about their happy marriage to their respective spouses conducted by gerontologist Karl Pillemer upon conducting the Marriage Advice Project.

Below are the insights he gathered:

  • Follow your heart when choosing a spouse
  • Use your head
  • Look for someone with similar values
  • Talk, talk, talk
  • Tread carefully when discussing difficult topics
  • Put your relationship first
  • Lighten up on in-law relationships
  • Stay out of debt
  • Focus on small things to keep spark alive
  • Enjoy intimacy
  • Respect each other

Using these points above, we can apply the same thing between bloggers and their readers.

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BloggingPro Job Board Highlights, February 2, 2015

Job board highlightsHow are you faring after Super Bowl Sunday? Win or lose, I hope you’re all set for the week.

Here are some ads to look at – the job board highlights.

BloggingPro Job Board Highlights

TV/Film Writer for Geek Binge

Do you wake up in the middle of the night, screaming lines from your favorite movies into the dark? Do you spend every waking moment of your life thinking about video games, or breaking down the respective qualities of your favorite television shows?

No, no you don’t. No one does that. But if you DO like any of these three entertainment forms and have a knack for writing, Geek Binge wants you. They’re currently hiring a select group of writers to help out on their coverage on everything movies, TV, and video games. Read More

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An Idiot’s Guide to Building Relationships with Customers Using Social Media


The success of an ecommerce site does not end with converting visitors into customers. In fact, making a sale is just the beginning.

You want to keep first-time customers in the buying cycle so they will keep purchasing from your website. Doing this will not only make them long-term clients, but also brand advocates. Their unwavering belief in your products and services can influence others into becoming your customers, thus helping you make more money in the long run.

These can be achieved by running a relationship-building campaign on social media.

This online channel has become a source of revenue. A study by J.D. Power & Associates reveals that 87 percent of customers were “positively impacted” by their online interaction with the brand. This goes to show how your social media activity can dictate the chances of leads and potential customers to purchase from your site.

If you have yet to tap the power of social media to leverage relationships with your target market into more sales, here are a few things to get you started.

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Forget What Google Thinks and Write for Actual Humans

Editor’s note: This post was written by Mickie E. Kennedy, founder of eReleases Press Releases Distribution based in Baltimore, MD.

write for humans

  • Keyword tool? Check.
  • Long tail keyword? Check.
  • Keywords at no more than 2.5% of total content? Check.

Congratulations. You’ve officially just set yourself up to write for a search engine. Read More

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30-Point Checklist to Optimize Your Blog Content Creation

Content is king message concept

As a blogger, creating content is a priority.

Blog content creation involves a sophisticated process that lets you:

  • Produce high-quality content that will engage your target audience
  • Increase your reach by sharing content to the right online channels
  • Plan your future content based on how your current content has performed

By following the process above, you will be able to develop a reader base that you can monetize and convert into your customers later on!

In order to successfully execute the process above, below is a checklist of things that you ought to do.

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Tips to Increasing Security of Your Personal Info in Social Media


Internet security is a funny thing. But not too funny for these industries that were hit by data breaches this past year.

Despite the extra precautions taken by these companies, their security were no match against the cyber criminals who passed through the cracks to steal personal information.

Big or small, your online business is a target to such threats.

According to IBM, there were 1.5 million monitored cyber attacks in the U.S. in 2013. From a business standpoint, security breaches cause 29% reputation and brand damage, 21% lost productivity, and 19% lost revenue.

Part of the lost revenue may come from your social media activity. Considering that social media is bound to unlock $1.3 trillion in value over the coming years, this channel must be included in your marketing plan.

But just like any online account, there’s a risk in getting hacked on social media. Just ask Burger King. Or Donald Trump.

As an online user, you need to keep your social media security tight to prevent data breaches from occurring. Here are some tips to keep your accounts safe.

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BloggingPro Job Board Highlights, January 26, 2015

Job board highlightsGood morning, job seekers.

Here are the BloggingPro job board highlights to start the week. Wishing you the best of luck!

BloggingPro job board highlights

Freelance Reporters

The Real Deal is looking for freelance reporters to help us expand our award-winning coverage of the New York City real estate industry. Experience in business journalism is a must, as is the ability to write clean copy with flair and on deadline.
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Now’s the Time to Move Away from Facebook and Use Google+ for Your Business


Facebook has been active in updating its algorithm ever since. Some of the changes have brought good (less spam and ads, showing fewer hoaxes).

Others have cost the livelihood of some businesses.

The social networking site slashed organic reach of Pages to 1-2%.

If you have 100 fans on your Facebook Page, only two of them will see your updates on their News Feed.

This is a blow to businesses who use Facebook Page to share their posts and communicate with their audience. They can still reach out to all followers, but only through the site’s paid ads.

Because of the algorithm change, industry experts like Copyblogger denounced Facebook from their marketing strategy. (For perspective, Jon Loomer explains why Copyblogger’s Facebook Page wasn’t doing well in the first place and what it could have done to make its Page better.)

Many have provided guides on how to combat the change in organic reach and continue to deliver content to fans.

But instead of pulling hair for solutions to a problem that’s here to say, why not think outside the box?

Why not Google+?

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