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15 Tips on Getting Faster Results From Blogging

Starting a blog is a popular way to make money online. You can write about topics that interest you, and monetize your content with affiliate links and ads. However, it can take a while to see results.

Fortunately, there are several strategies that can help you increase conversions quickly. By optimizing your content and finding new ways to connect with your audience, you can expand your reach and generate more traffic to your site.

In this post, we’ll share some tips to help you get faster results from blogging. ✍️ Let’s get started!

1. Improve your SEO 🔎

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital to your site’s success. It increases your visibility in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), which can result in more clicks to your pages. You can use a tool such as Google’s Keyword Planner to find the right keywords for every blog post:

Google Keyword Planner.

You’ll want to feature these keywords in your content, including the post title, meta description, and image alt text. A plugin such as Yoast SEO can also help you optimize your content for search engines.

2. Set up a social media strategy 📱

You can also grow your readership by sharing content on different social media platforms. For instance, you can create graphics for your posts and share them on Instagram:

New blog post announcement on social media.

You could also set up a Facebook page for your blog and write engaging posts with links to your site. However, it’s important to ensure that you post regularly and consistently.

3. Start an email list 📧

Another way to get faster results from blogging is through email marketing. That’s because starting an email list is an effective way to build a base of loyal readers. You can use emails to send updates, share new posts, and promote affiliate products and offers. Plus, it’s likely easier than you think. You can simply use a platform such as Sendinblue to design engaging newsletters and schedule them in advance.

Brevo Sendinblue homepage.

4. Optimize your website ⚙️

While you probably designed your blog on a desktop device, a large percentage of users will be viewing your site on their mobile phones. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that it’s optimized for smaller screens. You can start by choosing a responsive WordPress theme and testing your site on a mobile phone.

5. Participate in collaborative posts 📝

Building backlinks can help improve your rankings and lead to more traffic. One effective way to do this is to participate in collaborative posts. If you join a Facebook group for bloggers in your niche, you may come across a lot of potential partnerships. You could contribute a tip or share your experience, and include a link to a relevant post on your blog.

6. Host giveaways and contests 💻️

There are many benefits to hosting giveaways. They can help you gain more followers, increase brand awareness, and promote a product:

Instagram giveaway.

You can also partner with your favorite brands to run competitions on your site or social media page.

7. Interact with your followers 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Blogging isn’t just about writing posts and promoting affiliate products. It also involves engaging with your followers on a regular basis. For instance, you might interact with followers on social media, answer any queries you receive through email, and do a live broadcast. This can be a powerful way to nurture a loyal following.

8. Be transparent with your audience 👨‍💻

You’ll also want to be honest and transparent with your audience. This is particularly important if you use affiliate links on your blog:

An example of an affiliate disclosure.

Letting readers know that you make a profit from their purchases is not only ethical, but it can also build trust. This may in turn help you generate more sales.

9. Reach out to brands you mention 💡

You don’t need to invest money in advertising to broaden your following. A simple way to get your blog in front of new audiences is to reach out to brands that you mention in your posts. For example, if you write a guide about your hometown and recommend your favorite shops and restaurants, these outlets might be happy to share your post with their own followers.

10. Build internal links 🏗️

Internal links can reduce bounce rates and encourage users to spend more time on your website. Therefore, every time you publish a new post, you’ll want to make sure that it includes links to relevant content on your site.

11. Repurpose your content 🧑‍💻

Repurposing content, can be a cost-effective way to boost your traffic. For example, you can produce a video for a tutorial that you published last year, and post it on YouTube:

A blogger's YouTube channel.

You might even turn your posts into an email series or an online course.

12. Address your audience’s pain points 🐦

If you want to retain followers, publishing content that provides value is key. That means it’s important to identify your audience’s interests and pain points. This way, you can write posts that help answer their questions and resolve their problems.

13. Create infographics and videos 📺

In today’s fast-paced world, not everyone has the time to read a lengthy post from start to finish. To keep your followers engaged, you might want to create infographics and short videos to complement your posts. You could also share this interactive content on social media.

14. Leverage user-generated content ⌛

Another way to interact with your audience and get fasters results from blogging is to use User-Generated Content (UGC) on your website:

A cooking blog's comments section.

For instance, you might enable comments on your blog or accept guest posts by other writers.

15. Post fresh content on a regular basis 🚧

Perhaps the most important strategy for getting results fast is posting consistently. Try creating an editorial calendar and aim for at least one blog post per week. Publishing fresh content on a regular basis can help you rank higher and establish authority in your niche.

Conclusion 🧐

Making money online isn’t always as easy as it may sound. It might take a while to start generating a profit from your blog. However, there are plenty of tactics that can help you get faster results from blogging.

For instance, you’ll want to make sure that you publish consistently, optimize posts, and interact with your followers. You can also collaborate with other bloggers and brands to increase your visibility.

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