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3 Solid Ways Bloggers Can Build a Professional Persona to Achieve More & Stand Out

“Your brand name is only as good as your reputation” – Richard Branson. Your blogging brand and reputation goes hand in hand and success in this age will be somewhat limited if your effort will solely be on generating traffic or some other key performance indicator. Due to the nature of blogging and content marketing in general, the reputation and persona you create and build online can amplify your work or cause it to be ignored. Taking note of some of the most successful bloggers, you’ll notice that they spend a great deal of time managing their reputation while focusing on doing something better than everyone else – that one thing that makes them stand out. Whether it’s focusing on mastering a particular niche or subject area, building on a killer unique blog design, or executing with a beautiful spin that’s not seen elsewhere; it’s no use trying to be a master of everything.


There are a few things bloggers and businesses online in general can do to stand out and grow. Rather than just blogging for blogging sake it’s important to identify something of which you can add your own unique style or value that cannot be found elsewhere or easily replicated. That’s how bloggers and their content go viral and produce meaningful long-term results. Here are 3 simple ideas for building the foundation of that strong reputation. Read More

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Let’s Give Thanks to 5 Things that Happened in 2014 to Online Marketing

Let’s Give Thanks to These 5 Things that Happened in 2014 to Online Marketing

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner! However, before you gobble down that succulent stuffed turkey with friends and loved ones, take time to list down the things you’re grateful for this year.

If you’re an online marketer, celebrate the year that was with these key events that took place within the industry.

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Looking For A Blogging Job? Job Board Updates – Monday 17th November


Here’s the highlights from the Bloggingpro jobs board for this week!

Seeking authors and bloggers on popular sites

We are an online media and publishing company working for several NGOs, we are looking for bloggers who currently write for mainstream news publications in a variety of niches who would be willing to write and publish content for us.

We can pay *excellent* rates depending on the site you can publish on, the more famous the publication the higher the rates we can pay and we are looking to work with as many bloggers and authors as possible.

Staff Writer (Various) –

The following vacancies are available to be filled immediately. All candidates applying for writing positions will be required to submit at least one article a week, unless stated otherwise. Read More

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6 Ways to Make Your Content Gold

Office Table with SEO Concept

Content creation is key to attracting online traffic, everyone says. So you do the difficult work of learning blog technologies and content management systems, and you think about what audience or market you’re going for, and then it’s time to create content.

But how do you make your content worth reading? Here are six ways to make your content into gold. Read More

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14 Signs You’re Not Ready to Blog


Blogging is easy, you can make millions, and if Perez Hilton can do it you can too, right? Not necessarily. It’s actually just about as easy to make millions blogging as it is to make millions do anything other type of entrepreneurial pursuit. While some people rely on their expertise, others on their sheer writing skills, and still others on their charisma and personality to create successful blogs, those are the lucky few. For most, they’re fortunate if they can create a blog that drums up any revenue at all.

However, if you dream of having your own blog, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions to address first. Remember than an abandoned blog is worse than a non-existent one, so make sure you’re ready before you pick your WordPress theme. Here are the biggest signs you’re not ready to blog and how you can address them: Read More

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The Basic Pillars of Effective App Store Optimization

The Basic Pillars of Effective App Store Optimization

Mobile app development has become a great way to market your businesses. In fact, more than half of businesses have created a mobile app to promote their products and services, if not increase their sales.

In order to encourage your target audience to download your app, you need to point them to your app store. With majority of businesses having developed an app, however, competition will be fierce at this point on.

You need to make sure that your app store contains information that will inspire visitors to successfully download the app. If done incorrectly, visitors will jump ship to your competitors and download their app instead.

To prevent this from happening, you need to perform app store optimization (ASO). The principles of ASO is similar to its counterpart, search engine optimization (SEO). Whether it’s a video game app or productivity app, ASO will take your app store  – if not your business – to the next level.

Read: Top 8 SEO Blogs You Should be Reading

Below are ASO factors that you need to work on to maximize the potential of your app store.

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Unconventional Ways of Finding Great Writers for Your Blog

Unconventional Ways of Finding Great Writers for Your Blog

Conventional wisdom will lead you to hire writers from sites like oDesk, Elance, and for your blog. However, to even find a writer that fits your needs from these online work platforms, you will have go through a rigorous and time-consuming process of trial and error. You will be stuck filtering out hundreds of applicants and trying them out with written exams. This may take weeks or months to finish. And even then, considering the ratio of great writers to the not-so-great ones, there is no guarantee that you will find the writer you’re looking for.

This practice ultimately proves ineffective especially if you’re looking to hire a blogger immediately. Therefore, if you want a world-class writer to include as part of your team while cutting through the nitty gritty process to save you time, then you need to follow alternative ways on how to hire great writers listed below.

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Tiered Link Building: Good or Bad for SEO?

Lifting the Shadow off Tiered Link Building

Due to the competitive nature of SEO, you – as marketer – will find yourself using different link building strategies to outrank your competitors. Some tactics are highly acceptable and even add value to your site, while others are outright spammy and only does harm to your site in the long run.

However, there are tactics that lie in the middle – not bad enough to get your site penalized, but not good enough to be used without reservations. One of these tactics is tiered link building.

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BloggingPro Job Board Highlights, November 10, 2014

Job board highlightsGood morning! Here are your job board highlights. I hope you all have a good week.

Blogger wanted for Insurance and Personal Finance for Australian Market

This is a freelance opportunity for personal finance writers and bloggers to provide a minimum of 15 articles per month on personal finance, banking, personal insurance and business insurance topics.
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A Guide to Google Helpouts

When was the last time you did a search on Google for a solution to a problem and got results from Yahoo Answers? I don’t know about you, but I know that I don’t really like clicking on those results as I usually get answers that are not useful.

guide to google helpouts

Of course, Google had to create something similar, and being Google, they took things to the next level.

Enter Google Helpouts. Read More

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