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The Difference Between Single and Double Opt in for Gated Content

Editor’s note: This post was written by Barrett Dastrup, a writer in the tech and business space. When he’s not writing you’ll find him listening to podcasts, reading up on digital marketing blogs, or learning how to cook. You can also connect with him on Twitter: @barrettdastrup.

gated content

The idea is simple. You want to increase marketing leads for your business, which means you need information, names, emails etc. And in order to get that information, you offer some form of useful content that visitors to your site would like to have. The only thing they need to do is fill out a form that asks for this information, click submit, and voila, the content is theirs. This concept is not new, and many posts have already been written about gated content. A recent post right here on BloggingPro even mentioned a WordPress Plugin, MailPoet, that helps you do just this. Read More

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Turn Your Old Blog Post Into…an Audio Podcast


This post is the third part of the “Turn Your Old Blog Post into…” series where we share tips and advice on how to recycle old posts that you’ve written on your blog into someone better to increase your traffic.

Podcasting is a great way to establish your authority within your niche as a subject matter expert by discussing news, trends, and tips to your target audience. While podcasting shares the same goals with blogging, the advantage of a podcast over a blog post are as follows:

  • Easy-to-digest form of content. Instead of reading the content as with a post, users can simply grab the file and play it while doing something else. This is especially true with audio podcasts, where users can listen to the track on their smartphones while traveling to and from work or doing menial tasks.
  • Better way to communicate your ideas. If you are a non-writer, you may find it difficult to show your enthusiasm about the topic you’re discussing in the blog post. This may reflect poorly on your communication skills, which makes it harder for you to achieve your blogging goals. However, if you feel much more comfortable in talking than writing, then podcasting is the ideal platform for you.

Given the reasons above, you should recreate your old blog posts that weren’t able to generate traffic and engagement from your audience as expected into an audio podcast!

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BloggingPro Job Board Highlights, December 29, 2014

Job board highlightsIt’s the last week of the year, and I hope that you’re looking forward to next 12 months. Before we end 2014, let’s look at the last of the job board highlights.

See you on the other side!


As a free community news source in San Benito County — just south of the San Francisco Bay Area — the BenitoLink website gathers content from a growing cast of volunteer citizen journalists. Specifically, they are seeking resumes and professional writing and/or photography samples from journalists looking to join their team on an assignment-by-assignment basis.
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Email Marketing: How to Leverage the Ever-Evolving Gmail to Your Advantage

Editor’s note: This post was written by Francois Bondiguel, who works for Vend, a point-of-sale, inventory, and customer loyalty software that helps over 12,000 retailers manage and grow their business. Connect with Francois on Google+ and LinkedIn.

email marketing

Email marketing hasn’t changed since 2005 – not in principle. You craft a message you think your audience will love, you affix an attention-grabbing headline, and then you wait, and wait, and wait some more.

The basic problem with this approach is that, while it’s faster than waiting for snail-mail, it can still be slow-going. But, that might all be changing now with Google’s updates to its Gmail service. Read More

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Premium Content Marketing Tools to Boost Engagement with Your Blog This 2015

Content is the king message on blue background

Content marketing is a buzzword no longer. Due to its effectiveness of attracting your target audience using the content you produce, this marketing tactic has become part of an online marketer’s lexicon. In fact, businesses are taking notice as well – 71% of marketers have more budget to spend on content marketing.

As more premium is placed in marketing your content, it’s also high time that you should use premium content marketing tools to help give your blog a head start, especially getting your target audience engaged with your blog. While free tools used by content marketers prove to be just as effective when used the right way, the advantage you possess against your competitors will dwindle once they soon find out how to correctly use these tools.

Therefore, if you are one of those marketers who received additional compensation to aid their content marketing efforts, you might want to try out these highly touted tools.

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Turn Blog Post Into…a Slideshow

Early Work Ethic

This post is the second part of the “Turn Your Old Blog Post into…” series where we share tips and advice on how to recycle old posts that you’ve written on your blog into someone better to increase your traffic.

Did you know that you can drive more traffic to your old blog posts if you repurpose them into different types of content? We have covered how you can turn your posts into image files last week. This week, we will cover the process of turning them into a slideshow or slide deck file.

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BloggingPro Job Board Highlights, December 22, 2014

Job board highlightsHere are the job board highlights to start the week off.

Freelance Social Media Editor is seeking an experienced and enthusiastic candidate for a freelance position. Candidates must be familiar with social media platforms, general social media strategy, social scheduling tools such as Sprout Social and Curalate, and have a strong interest in health and fitness.
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The Difference between Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting


One of the most frequently asked questions concerning about the virtual private server is the difference between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. Therefore, our editors have carried out a comprehensive comparison between the two options with a detailed explanation about them, with which you can choose the most suited one according to your explicit requirements and knowledge.

Affordability – Managed Wins

In common cases, the managed hosting is undoubtedly more expensive than the unmanaged one if you compare them with the same allocation of disk space, monthly data transfer, CPU, RAM, and dedicated IP addresses. After all, hosting providers have to do all the basic configurations, installations, updates, and many more for you, so they charge more for these services.

As for the unmanaged one, you can enjoy a relatively low rate in the very beginning. However, once you get stuck with your site or account, the unmanaged hosts may charge you highly while the managed service providers can help you resolve the problems without any cost.

Frankly, if you have no confidence on resolving all the hosting issues that may happen in the future, choosing a budget-friendly managed VPS from this award page is a better option for you. Read More

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How Blogging Retailers Can Improve Online Video SEO

Television production concept. TV movie panels

Video content is a great way for online retailers to promote their products and get them across their target market. Unlike static content such as text and images, videos present the products in a more dynamic fashion to help potential buyers decide much quicker whether or not to purchase from you. Not to mention, online videos are a great way to boost organic traffic and lead nurturing by 300%.

Sadly, among online retailers, only a handful are correctly incorporating online video into their marketing strategy. A research study launched by Conductor and Invodo called “The Marketer’s Guide to Video SEO” reveals that, out of the top 100 retailers in the 2014 Internet Retailer 500 list, only 16 have more than 10,000 videos on their site.

If you are a retailer who uses blogging as a platform to sell your products and goods, then it’s high time that you learn the ins and outs of online video SEO to maximize the chances of ranking for your content, as well as convert those visitors into actual buyers. Below is a list of ways on how to optimize your online videos.

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Turn Your Old Blog Post Into… an Image

Image pinned on noticeboard

This post is the first part of the “Turn Your Old Blog Post into…” series where we share tips and advice on how to recycle old posts that you’ve written on your blog into someone better to increase your traffic.

Have you written a high-quality post before that, for some reason, did not drive blog traffic the way it should have? You’ve promoted it on social media and created backlinks for it from different sites, and yet, the supposed “high-quality” post isn’t living up to its name?

There are perhaps different factors involved here, but something that you should highly consider is turning your old post into an image. The reason here is the increasing importance of visual content as an effective way to reach out to your target audience. Judging from the statistics and data shared in this infographic, there’s no doubt that visual content can potentially help your post go viral, increase your subscribers and followers, and is easier to process compared to a written blog posts.

The problem now is how you can create a visual content compelling enough to achieve all the things above. Luckily for you, below is an easy-to-follow guide to turn your old post into something more visual.

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