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9 Best Podcasts for Bloggers and Solopreneurs

If written content is not always your cup of tea, BloggingPro has compiled the best podcasts for bloggers and aspiring solopreneurs.

In fact, we had already covered quite a few podcasts in the past (with one of them highlighted again below, to emphasize its usefulness).

The following podcasts are voiced by industry veterans and cover everything from growing a blog, expanding your brand, multiplying your income, maximizing your marketing strategies, and much more.

You can freely enjoy them via a web browser or through your favorite podcast app.

Let’s have a listen!

The Smart Passive Income Podcast

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If you missed out from our previous article, allow me to re-introduce you: Pat Flynn is a self-made millionaire who found success strictly through blogging and publishing guides online. While most people have done the same with varying degrees of success, Pat has stood out due to his uncanny marketing strategies and superb storytelling ability.

Now his Smart Passive Income podcast aims to teach everything he has learned over the years along with advice from some of the most talented minds in business blogging.

For bloggers: Many of his podcast episodes cover general topics which you may have already heard or read about. However, there is always something innovative to steal for your own success. After all, wouldn’t you want to learn from someone who consistently makes well over $150,000 per month?

Just Keep Blogging

Here’s what makes Just Keep Blogging especially relatable: We all want to give up blogging sooner or later. Getting a blog off the ground can be incredibly tough and requires long-term commitment, and that’s where most of us fail.

Kim Anderson created an excellent podcast dedicated to keep you moving forward, especially when you’re tired of it all. For example, she covers topics like staying motivated when things aren’t going your way, as well as the importance of having even a small following.

For bloggers: This podcast is useful for beginners and veterans alike. Even established bloggers feel immense pressure and occasionally doubt their long-term success. This is where Kim comes in to help.

Thrive Blogger

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While many of the episodes don’t necessarily stand out from other podcasts, this one covers a wide range of issues to fit bloggers from all walks of life.

Moreover, Thrive Blogger deeply explores hard-to-tackle ideas such as pitching your services to brands, the importance of attending conferences, and using TikTok successfully as a blogging platform. You can otherwise find a huge list of conventional topics ranging from email marketing to social media strategies.

For bloggers: Breana, who started blogging in 2011, has done an amazing job at retaining and steadily growing her audience. If any new bloggers wonder who to start following for diverse topics and issues, she’s the one. This is simply an amazing podcast about business and self-employment in general.

Blogging, Unscripted

Danielle Gervino is a hidden gem that more aspiring bloggers and solopreneurs should be aware of. Her main passion is marketing, design, and lifestyle, which makes for some truly unique subjects that are often overlooked by bloggers.

For bloggers: Danielle doesn’t publish new podcasts very often — and yet, her audience is immensely loyal. Whether you wish to grow your own podcast or stick to traditional blogging, you can have an engaged audience even if you only post once per month. The key here is consistency and communicating your schedule with your audience.

Entrepreneur On Fire

This podcaster really doesn’t play games, as you can see from his monthly $100,000+ paychecks. John Lee Dumas interviews successful influencers, bloggers and entrepreneurs almost every single day of the year, and somehow each episode manages to deliver something fresh without fail.

Don’t be surprised to hear the voices of Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Gary Vee, and other people who are much more famous than the ones I mentioned.

For bloggers: There’s no better way to learn than by tapping into the minds of those who have already accomplished great things. You’ll learn the many struggles these people have endured, along with methods to persevere and break through seemingly impossible odds.

The GaryVee Audio Experience

gary vee podcast

Gary Vaynerchuk is a bit of a household name at this point, being widely recognized not only as an established blogger, but also as a long-term investor, author, and public speaker.

His podcast tackles subjects that many blogs don’t typically cover. While traditional websites focus largely on content promotion, Vee focuses on more complex topics that truly make you think outside the box. This may include topics on embracing adversity, understanding the digital economy, dealing with diverse consumer expectations, how to keep evolving as a blogger, and much more.

For bloggers: Embracing Gary’s unapologetic episodes can only lead to success…as long as you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone.

Honorable Mentions

The above podcasts cover more than enough topics for bloggers, but I’d like to highlight some other amazing people in the industry:

I Love Marketing podcast: Dean Jackson and Joe Polish cover everything from lead generation, smart investing, elevating your brand, and much more.

Being Boss podcast: A podcast about side hustle and escaping your day job to build the business of your dream. Perfect for traditional bloggers and those who wish to grow a home business in general.

Blogging with Leslie podcast: Leslie Samuels covers everything you might expect from the industry. His high authority has landed him on various television segments, so you know the man means business.

Best Podcast Apps Currently Available

As mentioned earlier, you may listen to these podcasts on your favorite smartphone device or even through the desktop, depending on the app (and podcaster) in question.

Simply install any of the following, log in if necessary, then look up your favorite podcast by typing its name or the blogger’s name.

  • Castbox (Android & iOS)
  • RadioPublic (Android & iOS)
  • PocketCasts (Android & iOS)
  • Spotify (Android & iOS)
  • Overcast (iOS)
  • Podcast Republic (Android)
  • Podbean (Android & iOS)
  • TuneIn Radio (Android & iOS)

Your Turn

Embracing two or more of these podcasts will undoubtedly open your eyes in ways never thought possible.

My personal suggestion: Listen to them in your car, before bed, first thing in the morning, while exercising, or whenever you see fit. All in all, don’t neglect them if you’re truly looking to take your blogging journey to new heights.