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WordPress Plugin: Better Feed

This new WordPress plugin has some sweet new features for your feed.

  • Add “Read more” links
    On your site, you can split post on two parts, teaser and body, using the tag <!–more–>. Why not have a “Read more” link as well in your feed, for longer posts, or when you want to tease and keep the surprise off the feed ?

    (By the way, while I’m at it : “summary” feeds truncated after 40 words just suck big time. Read more)

  • Add “Next page” links
    Similarly, you can split posts in pages, with <!–nextpage–>. By default, feeds only show the first page and give no link for the rest. Why not have the same “Read more” link within your feed ?
  • Add the number of comments
    When you find an interesting post via your feed reader, you often have to check the website for new comments, or to subscribe to the comment feed. Why not add, at the end of every RSS item, something like “13 comments”, just like in your blog frontpage ?
  • Add a copyright notice
    Concerned with content stealers reproducing your posts automatically somewhere without giving you credit ? Why not add something like “© Joe – 2005″ and a link to some neat Creative Commons License ?
  • Add a list of related posts

    Improve connectivity between your feed and your site : why not add, at the end of each RSS item, a list of related posts your readers may have missed ?

  • Add a link for Technorati’s Cosmos
    Why not add a handy link to quickly check who’s linking to your post ?
  • Add a “Add to” link
    Let your readers bookmark your entries right from within their RSS reader
  • Add anything
    There’s so many stuff you could think of that I just can’t list them all :)
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